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    YAYAYAYAAAAAAA!!! Congratulations! Quartermaster Logistics has shipped your order on behalf of Cephalofair Games for the Founders of Gloomhaven Kickstarter! Your shipment contains the following items: 1x Founders of Gloomhaven
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    Posting this to share with a curious customer! ? VID_20180720_094115752.mp4
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    Sleeping in a barn? How dare the innkeeper turn them out. Mossbloom was upset but hid it smoothly. She gave Gnarly a smile. "Yes, a soft bed of hay will be most welcoming. Keeps my purse from getting lighter." She grabbed her knapsack which was under a table. "I'm ready to go. This inn's service is as delightful as its food. I will remember to mention that to any who ask about the Sapphire Stag."
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    Heck ya...can't take it with me and I know you would appreciate it more than anyone else. Consider yourself in the will. Now, if you could convince DMG to make you a Chechen Dragon tray with at least bit of sapwood in it I'd trade ya strait up...for real! I love my Dragon tray but you know my love for chechen and I know your love of BORO. I think that's the only way I'd part with it while I'm still breathing. Otherwise gun to my head, I'm still hanging on tight. ?
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