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    The beautiful dice tower arrived today, and I couldn't be more pleased. I love the extra little cosmetic details y'all touched on between the prototype and this. Having the felt nicely lay in so that it's completely surrounded by a frame of wood all around makes it feel just that extra bit more premium. The carving and engraving are beautiful and defined perfectly, and I can definitely tell the entire piece is carved from one block of wood (either that or someone spent a good deal of time finding pieces with grain that matches perfectly. Also, it makes a wonderful backdrop for model pictures. Keep up the outstanding work Dog Might!
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    Since everyone is melting in the insane heat wave this week I've got some exciting Dog Might News to plunge into. A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES! On Monday a new Team Member will start here at Dog Might, bringing her expertise in shipping, industry know how, and sweet melee skills to our office. Who is this mysterious new Viking? You'll have to check in Monday to find out and say hi! Sentinel Boxes Are Live! Our newest design, the Sentinel, is now available for purchase! Originally designed as an alternative to the traditional deck box, the Sentinel has proven to be one of our most useful and popular products ever! It's been play tested and developed for LCGS, CCGs, RPGs, and Board Games. Check it out for yourself here http://dogmight.com/sentinel Dog Might Is Sponsoring A Game of Thrones North American National Championship! Dog Might is honored to be chosen as one of the sponsors this year for the AGOT North American National Championship. This amazing LCG is a beloved game often played after work in the offices. It's also one of the things that brought the original company founders together and drove them to create a tabletop company. We are excited to give back to the community that has given us so much by providing the championship prizes this year. Follow along at https://tabletop.events/conventions/agot-north-american-nationals-2018/updates
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    At long last, I've finally put some paint on the Dropfleet Army. I have an event at GenCon and an entire fleet to paint! Over the holiday, I managed to get about half the fleet primed and did enough of a test piece to know that my colors are going to work together. 1. I built up my pair of Battleships. These are the BIG boys on the field. More details on the build-up and a few more pictures HERE. 2. I built up a pair of GenCon Exclusive ships (no pictures yet). These are limited edition ships only available at shows - for those in the U.S., that means GenCon. They share stats with other cruisers, so there's no gaming advantage - just an alternate sculpt and different name. 3. I primed and started airbrushing the 2-player starter pack. The ship that's shaded isn't done - it's just "done enough" to know that I can catch up the other ships to this state of done-ness and then work on the details. HOPEFULLY I can replicate the process. (I tried to take notes and pictures, but ... yikes, it was a busy day!)
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    The sheen from the finish makes it hard to see in direct light, but there is definitely a slight holographic effect on it in dimmer, indirect light and it's gorgeous! I especially love the effect right around the engraved runes on the face giving it a slight "magical" look from certain angles.
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    With higher humidity, you guys have lower temperature thresholds for heat advisories than we do. In my neck of the woods, we have to have at least 3 days at or above 100 degrees to issue a Heat Advisory. I'll take my dry heat ; ). I do not envy you high humidity people.
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    Eyla was paying more attention to the crowd around the storyteller than to the dwarf who stumbled into her table. While she was not quick enough to stop the incident, she was quick enough to catch the edge of the table before it joined the dwarf on the floor. Her at-least-empty mug amd bowl however did join the dwarf to the floor. "Are you alright...?" She was about to add 'sir' but hesitated. Dwarves were always difficult to tell apart for her.
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    So I have to make some tough calls on which of the 4 games of interest I’m going to back. I’m locked in on base Cthulhu and deciding between island of el dorado or snowdonia. Any of you play either of these games (they were released previously) im out on eclipse . Like I said great game but I had hoped for a little more from Kickstarter. I also have the sentinel to get and the other special request DMG thing I’m asking @Konas assistance for. My wallet can only do so much speaking of Cthulhu....I keep thinking about how comical it would be if DMG made a skirmish box (correction CHeST) to accommodate that massive miniature. It would have to start at the low low price of $1000. There’s your new R and D development idea
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    Took forever to find him, but a last I did.
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    “A storyteller is always welcome in a dwarven stronghold... indeed many a night of drinking is improved by that lot.” A quick glance to the side gives a moments mischief to Padauk’s craggy face. “Certainly with the audience tonight an elven villain wouldn’t have been as wise as it is likely accurate. Feeling the itch to test the tales path?” With a malodorous belch he tosses some coins down for the ale and ambles a bit unsteadily toward the storyseller. In an unfortunate turn of events a bit of a lurch unbalances him and whirling to the side he topples the table of some other patrons(ooc up to you as to who guys) as he rights himself.
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    Not really news feeds, but you can get lost for hours in these kind of sites. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-releases-plan-outlining-next-steps-in-the-journey-to-mars http://www.powerelectronics.com/automotive/next-nasa-mars-rover-reaches-key-manufacturing-milestone If you google "news feeds for space" you can get sites for more press release like sites.
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    Be wary of this one! If you beat her she’ll try to convince @Lindsey to let sawdust use your merch as a chew toy. ? Thankfully the DMG valkyries are too principled for that!
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    <insert sexy tongue trill> Turn your head 90 degrees to your right shoulder. Thanks to the fine birds eyes, it kind of looks like the child between the emperor and Yoda...
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    Yeah - given it's already over $1 Million - I don't think they're really going to see this KS 'fail' over the way they did this. But I won't be surprised to see a considerable number of drops of pledges later once the fervor settles down / once more info is made available (or not made available).
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    Boulder (front and back and storage?
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    The Storyseller pulled his gaze from the fire, and took slowly took stock of the room. With a twinkle in his eye he remarked, "Ah, you never know what kind of crowd Threshing Eve will draw. It looks like it's not just farmers drawn to the Sapphire Stag tonight." He drained his ale, and gave an appreciative nod to Gnarly, then crossed his boots atop a low stool, his chair creaking as his weight shifted. To no one in particular, he began to speak. "Not many know of the Guardian of Khartoum around these parts. But as I heard it, that involved not two, but three tinker gnomes. As my gram's gram used to say, 'One gnome brings baubles, bits, and trinkets; two gnomes bring bubbling brews, whirlybirds, and news from afar; but three gnomes bring naught but mischief and an empty purse." But, nay, no time for the misadventures of the three tinkers and the Sultan's Golem. " The Storyseller thumped his mug upon the table at his elbow, once, twice, thrice. Then he held his talefeather aloft for all to see. It was a simple raven's feather, bound to a short wooden handle with a well-worn leather grip. From the grip dangled three beads on a short cord, one of wood, one of bone, and one of iron. Compared to the ornate talefeathers found in the King's court, rainbow-colored peacock feathers adorned with beads of gold and jewels, it was no sight to behold, but nonetheless it marked the Storyseller as no mere rumormonger, but a true passer of news and knower of many things. "Gather round, those who care to hear, and let me sell you a story of naming, of deceit, and of forgetting. Let me tell you, on this fine Threshing Eve, the story of the Sapphire Stag." "Thirty and three generations ago the world was younger, and brighter, and a little quieter. There was no Elmsford, no Ledford, no King as we know him now. The Rhill was there, but perhaps it ran a little faster and a little straighter, and had fewer snags to upset careless ferrymen. Nay, thirty and three generations ago, the Direwood Forest stretched over this whole region. From as far as Trent in the north, down past Donling in the south, the woods, not men, owned this land. Of course, there were knowers of things, even back then, and those among the men who knew things learned to tame the woods, to drive it back in fits and starts, to make way for their farms and hovels. They were beset upon by all manner of foul beast and daemons, and they grew to fear the Direwood and never strayed far in her depths at night. It came to pass that seven small towns grew slowly prosperous along the banks of the Rhill, and each Threshing Eve the seven chieftans would gather at the largest village to trade, swear pacts and oaths of protection and friendship. They swore oaths of blood and of tears and of ancestors long turned to dust. They slowly beat back the Direwood, grew bolder and stronger, and trade flourished up and down the river. Until one Threshing Eve only six chieftains arrived for their annual Feast of Oaths, as it had come to be known. Absent from among them was Dimnir the Curious. It was said that Dimnir had dwarf blood running in his veins, and it well may have been, for the people of his town were most renowned among the seven for their skill and artisan of all things iron and stone. Dimnir's town boasted the thickest wall and the longest spears of any of them, and the others regarded it as impregnable. Thus when Dimnir and his party did not arrive for the Feast of Oaths, the others at first suspected he had met with incident along the Rhill. They sent their swiftest scouts up either bank, to check for a capsized boat or a stranded group. The scouts returned from upriver without sight or trace of Dimnir or his clansmen. Thus, the six chieftains boarded their boats, and with a full complement of fighting oarsmen, traveled upriver to Dimnir's Hall. When they arrived, the gate stood locked, the walls vacant, and the air sat still and silent. They knocked, politely at first, then insistently, then attempting to batter down the door. But Dimnir's Hall was the sturdiest, and the gate would not acquiesce to their entreaties. Finally, one of their scouts managed to find an almost climbable portion of the wall, and with much difficulty slipped onto the battlement. He hurried down and opened the gate himself, for there was no one manning the gatehouse. A search revealed there was no one at all in Dimnir's Hall. The finest fortification along the Rhill lay abandoned seemingly overnight. The only trace of the Dimniran was a well-beaten path leading east into the Direwood. At dawn the next day, the six chieftains set out along the path, bound by blood and tears and ancestral ash to protect and help Dimnir the Curious and his Dimniran, wherever they might be. They marched until the sun reached its zenith, but still the path wound through the wide spaces between the ancient trees of the Direwood. They resolved to press on, knowing that each step took them one step further from return before sundown. They made camp and were beset by all manner of daemons, losing seven warriors in the night. At first light, they pressed on. At midday on the second day, the woods broke into a large clearing. In the center of the clearing was a large hill, evenly sloped and covered in thick verdant grass. As they entered the clearing, the keenest eye among them swore he saw a shape atop the hill for a brief moment. The party climbed the hill, remarking on its perfectly even slope. Atop the hill they discovered a circular stairwell descending down into the inky darkness of the hill. Resolving to help their kin, bound by the oaths, they entered a great and ancient barrow, deep in the Direwood. The chieftains and their warriors were surprised to find well-lit chambers and the whole of the Dimniran within the fay crypt. Dimnir the Curious greeted them with joyous exclamation, and invited them for a feast. The chieftains were perplexed, they had lost warriors seeking out the Dimniran, and they were seemingly safe and secure in this strange place deep in the Direwood. They remained cautious and suspicious, and kept their swords and spears close at hand, despite the jovial atmosphere and happy faces of Dimnir and his kin. Dimnir led them to a great hall deep in the belly of the barrow. It was as high as a dozen men, and was magnificently adorned with all manner of tapestry and finely woven rug, seemingly unaffected by age or rot. At the end of the hall sat a round table, surrounded by seven stone chairs. In front of each chair rested a small cushion with a glittering object resting atop it. Dimnir invited his perplexed guests in to sit. As they drew closer to the table they saw that each chair featured an intricate carving of a different animal, and upon each cushion rested a jeweled ring. There sat rings featuring: an Onyx Bear, a Ruby Lion, an Emerald Serpent, an Opal Wolf, a Sapphire Stag, a Diamond Eagle, and an Amethyst Hare, all so intricately carved they seemed to dancing and writhe in the shifting torchlight. Dimnir exclaimed with delight that these were gifts freely given; he himself reached out and placed the Amethyst Hare ring upon his finger. Each of the other chieftains warily put on a ring, and they felt power coursing through them. The power felt different to each, but in a scarcely describable way, much as the difference in the way love feels to different hearts. Invigorated, and feeling more comfortable and confident, the six chieftains sat down with Dimnir in the great barrow hall for a Feast, and deemed it to be a Feast of Oaths. They swore oaths of blood, of tears, and of ancestors long turned to dust. They promised to use their power to protect their towns and one another, and to prosper and beat back the daemons and the Direwood together. They drank and ate and fell into a deep slumber. It was in the midst of their slumber that Dimnir struck. He was Curious after all. Curious to see if he could consume the power of another ring wielded by a strong-willed man. He could, it seemed, after he felled the chieftain wearing the Opal Wolf. He felt the power course through him as he crushed the opal into the now-bloody floor. He moved swiftly, his Dimniran mobbing the rest of the groggy warriors, while Dimnir himself chased down the chieftains. One by one, he slayed them, crushed their rings, and absorbed their power as their lifeblood drained from their bodies and their eyes grew dim and sightless. Ruby Lion, Diamond Eagle, Onyx Bear, and Emerald Serpent all ground to fragments beneath his boot. However, in the midst of the din, one chieftain, who had remained a little more wary than the others, and had drank and ate a little less, and slept a little lighter, sprung off. Hare chased Stag through the depths of the ancient barrow. Dimnir's power had grown and the chieftain knew in his heart a fight would be futile. He made for the spiraling staircase, and ran up and up, until he could see the light of day, smell the sweet fresh air. He clawed at his hand and threw his ring backward, down into the depths. Dimnir stopped in his pursuit long enough to recover the Sapphire Stag, and then attempted to chase the chieftain into the daylight. However, while Dimnir's power had grown, it had also corrupted, and at the faintest kiss of sunlight his flesh began to burn and blister. Dimnir let out a pained shriek as the chieftain made his way quickly down the slope of the great barrow. The chieftain was the sole member of the group to return to the banks of the Rhill. The rest of his kin figured him half mad, but knew better than to chase off into the woods full of daemons and worse in an effort to find the rest of the lost party. The six villages eventually chose new chieftains, slowly grew, and together they beat back the Direwood in fits and starts. However, parts of that wood remain wild and unknowable to this day, and men dare not stray too far afield without sturdy iron at their side. Of the chieftain who had once held the Sapphire Stag, he spent the rest of his days a hermit in Dimnir's Hall, which slowly fell into disrepair and ruin. Of course, there is no town by the name Dimnir's Hall anymore, but the world does not easily forget such places. Some say that the banks of the Rhill have shifted over three and thirty generations, and the ruins must be off deep in the woods. Others claim that there used to be a ferry crossing called Neershall, several days' travel upriver. But I have been up and down the Rhill and have never encountered such a crossing myself. They say the chieftain remained convinced that as long as he stood safe outside the woods, no member of the Dimniran could catch him and bring him back to the barrow. That chieftain remained fleet-footed and sharp eyed well into his later years, and while his name is lost to the ages, he embodied the Stag he once held. That is why these days a stag of sapphire is said to watch over travelers, guests, and those in unfamiliar places. I reckon it's as good a name for an inn as any, but there are names and then there are the stories behind those names." The Storyseller sat his talefeather down upon the table and cleared his throat. "A story such as that is hard to come by, and leaves a fellow quite hungry and parched, if I do say so myself."
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    After 40 turns, the best players (avg attack and defense) 8- orange (aka pumpkin team) 58 7- green 61 6- purple 70 5- yellow 79 4- white 87 3- blue 92 2- red 112 1- black 129 But everybody has a chance, this is a dice game and with better stats, better are the chances
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    Gnarly's mirthful look flattens out a little as he knows Padauk spoke the truth. He was a little disappointed that the dwarf moved away without waiting for a response, but after seeing the dwarf topple onto some poor souls, he thought that maybe he had just dodged a bullet. "Definitely plowed." He did feel an itch though, and it wasn't just pollen. Gnarly aimlessly scratched his gruff beard, took a deep drink to finish is ale, and ordered another one. While he waited, a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts swirled through his head. Gnarly said under his breath "Gourd grief. I feel like that big headed kid. For once in your life Gnarly, make a decision man." Gnarly knew being a farmer was a tough (though boring) life, but the adventures that await could be an even tougher row to hoe. Finally one side of his brain won out, and he ordered a second ale. "I can combine two things I lack currently: companionship and adventure" he says to no one in particular. When he received his drinks, he carefully stepped over Padauk (who looked like an upside down turtle, what with all his arms and legs flailing to no avail), and headed over to the story teller's table.
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    They are unprincipled enough to laugh out loud when I suggested it. ?
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    Fine time you get yourself one. My other one is a rainbowed Chechen beauty. I tried to get a Redheart one earlier, but @ElysianPeace beat me out by a couple of seconds. I tried bribing @Konas, but alas, he's too honest.