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    At long last, I've finally put some paint on the Dropfleet Army. I have an event at GenCon and an entire fleet to paint! Over the holiday, I managed to get about half the fleet primed and did enough of a test piece to know that my colors are going to work together. 1. I built up my pair of Battleships. These are the BIG boys on the field. More details on the build-up and a few more pictures HERE. 2. I built up a pair of GenCon Exclusive ships (no pictures yet). These are limited edition ships only available at shows - for those in the U.S., that means GenCon. They share stats with other cruisers, so there's no gaming advantage - just an alternate sculpt and different name. 3. I primed and started airbrushing the 2-player starter pack. The ship that's shaded isn't done - it's just "done enough" to know that I can catch up the other ships to this state of done-ness and then work on the details. HOPEFULLY I can replicate the process. (I tried to take notes and pictures, but ... yikes, it was a busy day!)
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    I don’t have my coco’s yet, but here is our zombicide romp from tonight
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    Two pictures of the event (not taken by me). One is from the butte looking at the park where we were and the other is a cool picture of the fireworks off the butte.
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    The weather delayed the parade, and it was less populated than normal, including the statue of liberty. Here are some pics in case you are interested. Mother loon and her baby sitting on her back. World War II planes flew overhead. Linda. We were the 4th boat in the parade. The pelican took this fourth off. Does DMG have a branch office in St Paul?
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    Echidna Shuffle components! Much like the sneaky snacky squirrel, I have no idea how to actually play it. It’s a pick up and deliver game with echidnas hauling various colored bugs around. It’s perfect for a little one who likes to sort things.
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    Threshing Eve had arrived in Elmsford. The last of the wheat was finally stocked away in the town stores, and most of the farmers felt a comforting, if not entirely not comfortable, weight in their purses. Elmsford wasn’t exactly bustling most of the year, but Threshing Eve had a way of pulling folks into town, even the farmers from the the east bank of the Rhill. In the corner of Elmsford’s only inn, a Storyseller sat in waiting. His once-red cloak was road-worn to a brown, and his soft boots looked in need of a cobbler’s love. Times were tight, but Threshing Eve offered the promise of a few extra coins, or at least rounds of drinks and a warm meal. As the farmers and townsfolk wandered into the inn in twos and threes, he twirled his talefeather deftly in his left hand. He glanced up with a sudden sparkle in his chestnut eyes, and began to speak, seemingly to no one in particular, but with a strong voice audible from across the room. “You all heard the one of the Wickersneak? Aye, yes, that’s an old one, worn thin like a cheap halfpenny. Let’s see, I caught wind of a piece of a tale down near Higginsford. But that one’s still half-baked at best. Maybe with seasoning and another sprinkle of rumors, it'll be ready in a fortnight or so.” The Storyseller leaned back in his creaky oak chair and looked out the window, his eyes momentarily lost in thought. “Ah, I think I have a tale for you all. Mayhap you’ve heard it, as it’s an old one, but mayhap not. Let’s wait a spell and when the light dims it’ll be ripe for a-tellin. Maybe some more folk will come in and fancy a listen. Now, I will say, a tale such as this is liable to leave a fellow a bit parched, I’m just sayin’.” The Storyseller drained his ale, wiped his mouth with a grimy sleeve, and looked around expectantly. “Do you all know how this inn got its name?” Bill Sunderland chimed in, “Aye, Kamrin’s Papa’s Papa’s named it. Old Man Khanas fashioned the sign, and it’s held up mighty fine, despite being a bit worn. I heard they brought the board all the way down the Rhill from up past Ledford.” The Storyseller chuckled mirthlessly as he eyed his now-empty wooden mug, “Well with a story as fine as that, perhaps I should hang up my travel sack and pass my talefeather off to you lad. No, not the story of the naming. What I’ve got for you lot is the story behind the naming. I tell you what, once folks have a chance to knock some of the dust off their boots and whet their appetite for a proper tale, gather round and hear of the Sapphire Stag.” (OOC): Come join in for a little narrative-driven adventure. I'll post once per day, in the evening (Pacific Time). Please keep your posts in-character, add (OOC) if you need to. It'll just be a fun little one-off tale, and we'll see where the adventure takes us. I haven't run an forum post RPG before, so it'll be a new experience for me as well. Now let's see who else might be in the Sapphire Stag on this Threshing Eve in a small nowhere town along the bank of the Rhill...
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    A long time ago, my ex and I were sitting by the river to watch the boat races. Not far from us, some guys started stringing up "do not cross" yellow tape. Let's stay here, and see what happens. What could possible go wrong? Turns out it they were setting up a fireworks launching pad. My guess is that we could have never gotten that close now. We decided to stay because when could we ever get this close again, and wanted to see what was involved. When they were shooting them off, bits and pieces of burned and exploded cardboard rocket cases were falling all around us, and we could feel the concussive blasts against our bodies. Stupid to be that close, but it was awesome.
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    The more you do it, the better you get at it.
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    The wind blew all day yesterday, making for fun vending. We taped everything down. The wind died down right at sunset, allowing for the fireworks show to go on. Not that we stayed that late, we tore down the display and tent at sunset and went home by the time fireworks started. Apparently, despite burning grasses around the butte where the fireworks take place, a small fire started (and was luckily immediately put out).
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    We kept it quiet for the 4th this year. Saving it for vacation in 2 weeks. We went for a trail run and then played 2 scenarios of Arkham Horror LCG. Have I mentioned before that this game is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oooh, I am loving these!!! Give us more painted minis, Zoxe!!! I love the design you did for these. Did you use tape to get the stripes? How did you do that so perfectly?
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    OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS I NEED THIS THIS IS TOO FREAKING CUTE I'M LOSING MY MIND OMG suddenly wishing my boyfriend's siblings were as young as when I first met them, I think they may all be too old for this now his nephew might be into this, though
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    “Thank you kindly for the ale.” The Storyseller took stock of the half-filled room. ”I think we will give any stragglers a chance to settle in before I start proper. The only thing worse than missing out on a story is only hearing the ending. For example, I still don’t know what role that mule had to do with Baron Scalest’s daughter running off and joining a band of troupers.”
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