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    I’ll get my castle and dragon rolling tray someday. I’m still waiting for my white whale perfect tg drop to fall in my lap. Maybe it’s super spalty or super pumpkiny......someday I’ll really kick that football
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    As my gaming group says: Some girls collect shoes, some collect dice.
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    But it just 'cause I'm backer #1, so the first of the 10 rainbow dice tower. Nice choice Tg.
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    Picture this with padauk pumpkin patch sculpts.
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    We don't regularly have orange felt but I had Puzz track down teal felt for one customer - I can certainly have us track some orange felt down for you, too. I'm thinkin' of pushin' the wenge + padauk look come October... Although, personally, I always say every day but the winter holidays is Halloween. This is me all of the time forever (but I think @tgpumpkin probably beats me by default):
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    Don’t be sorry! Tg can always order one custom! It’s the limited stuff we swipe from him we apologize for. ? Enjoy your tray man! Send us photos.
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    @Konas I do want to point out that you made 3 and sold those quickly. I know you say there a pain in the ass to make but they sell.
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    Happy 4th of July to you all. I'll be thinking of you while partaking in the parade. I hope all you Canadians enjoyed Canada Day on Sunday.
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    I love wenge. I tend to be drawn more to contrast and activity in grain like boco and spalty tamarind, but the chocolateness of wenge sure looks delicious. I should try to lick my wenge hero sleeve to see if it tastes like chocolate .... .... .... it doesnt.
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    Like my US flag tattoo?! Totally real, totally legit, just like my other tattoo. Very high quality.
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    I’d like to point out @Serge Darveau is not the only person getting a rainbow tower in here @Konas
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    Things don't change, just a different way, the gamer's way lol
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    Honestly a padauk castle with the black dragon hide might look awesome. But a wenge castle with orange felt could also be cool. Either way could be perfect. On the other hand Annie has been messing with all her cool concoctions and they did make your pumpkin coco.
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    Congrats of your grab! Seriously I love the style. Even the new glitter is super pretty. I entirely blame my love for you guys for my new addiction to dice via DMC btw! Joining that page opened up a whole new world of dice. The shelf I got from you guys is very full of dice now. And I absolutely needed the dice chest you recommended to me.
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    Seems legit. I love the picture of Zoe. ; )
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    Yeah, those are not the fun kind of thunderstorms. Don't like the dry ones either. We need the rain with the thunderstorms out here, otherwise we end up with half the state on fire.
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    I like thunder storms. My dad and I would sit in the garage and watch them go past. My mom would hide in the basement. She thought we were nuts, and we thought she was nuts.
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    It's natural. I looked it up. "Caño Cristales (English: Crystal Channel) is a Colombian river located in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta. It's a tributary of the Guayabero River. The river is commonly called the "River of Five Colors" or the "Liquid Rainbow," and is even referred to as the most beautiful river in the world due to its striking colors. The bed of the river from the end of July through November is variously colored yellow, green, blue, black, and especially red, the last caused by Macarenia clavigera plants (family Podostemaceae) on the bottom of the river."
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    I meant to post this a long time ago. This is my Broken Token player board for Terraforming Mars. I stain it then painted the symbols in it to match the original player mats. They hold all your cubes and can stack on each other, keeping the cubes on each tray. Excellent for the game. I don't have to worry about the cat walking across and messing up our game now. For Christmas last year I did my sister her this Broken Token for TM. Then I had to put it together for her a few weeks later. I didn't mine. To me, the process was fun.
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    Lol went to Cheesecake Factory last night...one slice averages 1300 calories. I still ate it all.
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    I never knew where Abraham Lincoln got his nickname Honest Abe from, but seeing his quote stating that everyone deserves a Dog Might Dragon Sheath, the mystery has been solved.
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    That was a humerus meme Ever since that padauk/wenge combo I've locked in on it. I'm not sure what DMG items could be made to do the 2 tone combo (outside sheaths of course). And I will never fault you for talking about the awesomeness that is Halloween at any time of year. That fat bastard clothed in crimson keeps creeping in on other people's holidays. He needs to back the hell off and leave Thanksgiving and Halloween alone. I think all those cookies he keeps getting are inflating his ego (as well as his waistline).
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    I guess you won't be becoming a CIA spy anytime soon.
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    What @ElysianPeace said. It’s all good!!!!! I’m not upset about it @yatescory. Seriously You got it fair and square . I’m never upset about missing a drop. I’ve only been a little annoyed once or twice. And it’s happened a hundred times now lol. It’s just funny that a drop always happens when I’m not around. I don’t know what I would do if I was around for a drop. I’d probably ask @Barb Bliss for advice and in the meantime watch 3 of the things I’m considering slip away ?
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    My little finger tell me that they will have more of this kind of castle
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