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    Rise of Tribes Rise of Tribes came in a couple of days ago. @RomyCat and I enjoyed it so much that we played it five times in a row. Players get to pick a tribe, use one of its special abilities to gather resources, make villages, and fight with other tribes over land. @RomyCat wanted to make sure I included a picture of the Saber Tooth Tiger CoCo.
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    I meant to post this a long time ago. This is my Broken Token player board for Terraforming Mars. I stain it then painted the symbols in it to match the original player mats. They hold all your cubes and can stack on each other, keeping the cubes on each tray. Excellent for the game. I don't have to worry about the cat walking across and messing up our game now. For Christmas last year I did my sister her this Broken Token for TM. Then I had to put it together for her a few weeks later. I didn't mine. To me, the process was fun.
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    Love my leopardwood Saber-tooth tiger CoCo. Awesome to finally be able to use it with the game that inspired the design. I can say that Rise of Tribes was well worth the wait. Great game. The events really spice up each game, changing each "story" as you play. One time we had a major drought that suddenly sprung up, leading to war on three hexes that had previously been a peace. Sometimes you have a volcano near your home which, at any moment could erupt. Then a mammoth may show up. Will you hunt it for food or tame it with food? And of course, there is the saber-tooth that you could send to eat your foes....but watch out as it may turn on you too.
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