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    Got some pics of the latest table in process. Still needs about 8 more coats of varnish. Gorgeous figure in the knotty areas of this piece of Black Walnut. We stabilized the cracks with black dyed resin before sanding and finishing.
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    Because some people, apparently, don't like 'figured' woods - but want the wood to be as consistent as possible. I don't quite get that myself - but to each their own.
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    There was none of that in the game. I considered a giant flaw and inaccuracy.
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    I think Leopardwood is a great choice. Its a beautiful pattern. On my dice tower, it makes the church building carving look like it has natural brick. Great effect. I love showing off my tower at my Pathfinder meetings.
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    That's weird. They shipped the same day. They must be rushing on the table because it's probably a pain in the butt to keep in the trucks.
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    I have returned from a quick weekend getaway to Milwaukee with the family which included some time spent at the Nexus Game Fair. It was a good experience, albeit a bit of a learning one, but I'm glad I went, and I will definitely go back again. The next time though I will have a bit more of a game plan. I definitely will want to make sure I get registered for some games the next time, and I plan on staying in the loop via Facebook throughout the year as a way to perhaps build some relationships to help in breaking the ice. However, one of the games I did play was Vikings Gone Wild. It was a fun and light deck builder and I had a good time with it. Anyway, hopefully my experience will grow a bit next year.
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    Who wants chocolate? @Barb Bliss
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    My affordable (sort of) favorites are your favorites only in reverse order. BoCo first then Chechen. I have an XL CoCo, hero sleeve, and that boulder in Chechen. My real favorite, Gibbon Ebony, is too expensive except for a small splurge like that D20. Seems like the Canarywood is better for bigger pieces like a skirmish box or dice box. Or maybe a dining room table???
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    Loving that canarywood piece! Wowzaz. I have noticed that with my canarywood pieces either it looks incredibly stunning and colorful or incredibly drab and dull. When you get a good piece like that though it makes up for some of the other pieces. My Chechen coco that I received this week really solidified that chechen is my favorite wood so far (Bolivian Rosewood is second). I'll have to get some pictures up. However, they are almost all great in their own ways.
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    As promised, Drew's Christmas present. Sorry about the sun glare. It looks much richer and cooler in person. How this stayed on the site as long as it did still puzzles me. Kind of like that BoCo XL sheath. Note: that Gibbon Ebony was worth every penny. The chechen boulder ain't bad either 🙂
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    Ding Dong! DMG package on the stoop! Delivered in one of only a few breaks in the rain today. I'll get pictures later, but suffice it to say you guys snoozed on that phoenix rolling tray. It's gorgeous! Of course the BoRo XL sheath is luxurious. So silky it just demanded a cheek rub.
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    Cody Miller of Far Off Games had his dad make him a gaming table that he could use standing up while play-testing his own games. Cody is the creator of Xia, one of my favorite thematic games. When I first saw his pictures in his latest newsletter, I got excited. Leopardwood table!!!!! Then I began reading and it said Lacewood. Still it looks almost like leopardwood. I'm jealous of his table.
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    So does the game Vikings Gone Wild feature any Vikings named Mike? And do they visit a wood shop at any time?
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    There are plenty of times I almost beat my sister. Then there are the devastating losses where I'm embarrassed to even admit the score was mine. So what are some of your worst defeats you dare to admit? My Cooperative Disaster Story I played Codenames Duet for the first time today. Thirteen games later, my sister and I had only won once. Stupid assassins. They can be anywhere, even a snowman. At this rate, we will never reach our second city (you can play the game as a campaign). I must admit, despite us losing so much, we had a blast. This is my favorite version of Codenames so far. We are determined to win more scenarios, hopefully before we have gray hair.
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    Just to be clear you never had me on the ropes. I just didn't want to make you have a terrible first experience by crushing you...