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    It's Wednesday and that means it's time for another shot of Dog Might News! At Dog Might we love to Raid and Invade and we've turned our sights onto the green fields of the Tabletop World. We've made it our mission to collaborate with our favorite companies in the industry and make gear for the coolest games. You may see us popping up in some awesome and unexpected places soon, so keep your eyes peeled and your wallets chained closed ? Check out our current Raids! Kraken Dice Box and GM Screen Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden Infected: Carrier Dog Might is hiring! Dog Might is looking to add to their Viking Tribe with an Operations Assistant! The position is still open so if you think you've got what it takes to organize shipping data and wield an axe in a tank top check out the position here The Artifact Dice Pledge Manager is Live! You can now confirm your pledge for Artifact Dice! Backers should have received an email but you can message @Zoe if you have any issues or questions. If you missed out on one of our most fun (funnest?) projects ever you can still jump in here https://dogmight.pledgemanager.com/projects/artifact-dice/participate/
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    Tons of gaming over memorial day weekend for me. We played keyflower, Gaia project, Voyages of Marco Polo, Lords of waterdeep, code names, and more. ?
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    Actually, given what I'm seeing - I'm familiar with this game -- as I have the original game it was based on. Given that, I'll think I'll pass - but I thank you for the offer.
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    you...you abandoned me???!?!?!?! I'm a weeping willow over here......
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    The Nexus Game Fair in Milwaukee starts tomorrow. I'm going to give my first convention/fair a shot. I'm interested to see how this goes, but already am going to cut it a bit short because new windows start going into the house this Saturday morning. Everything always happens at the same time.
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    Jamey Stegmaier just backed Kodama Duo. "An inTREEguing two player version of Kodama: The tree spirits."
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    Haven't been able to take any pictures but we used ours for Lords of waterdeep, terraforming Mars, and Voyages of Marco Polo. They worked great for every game. I especially like them for terraforming Mars though.
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    Yah, it's early but the little bastards are out there already. I feel your pain. Mom and dad's rear property line is a medium sized river, with a marshy flood plain across on the other bank. We had MOSQUITOES growing up. Where Mrs. Zoxe and I live now, we don't get mosquitoes all that bad - we get deer flies instead. They're far sneakier than the average mosquito... bloodthirsty little ninjas. They'll leave a welt the size of a quarter that will get infected and nasty at the center. Our first summer here, I went out all nonchalant to clear some brush in the middle of the day - didn't see a mosquito the entire time, but the deer fly welts appeared an hour after I came inside, and a day or two later the poison ivy started. I was miserable and ended up at the doctor to get an assist. If I am outside for longer than it takes to walk to our detached garage, I'm doused in deep woods OFF, and to avoid poison ivy, I wear long sleeves if working in brush (even when it's 90+) and I have a special basket where all the poison ivy infected clothes go when I come inside (we infected our entire laundry supply once... not pretty). When the flies are bad, a cloud of them will follow me around when I mow, and I can hear them bounce off my earmuff hearing protection. Creepy. People get all confused when I say I prefer fall and winter. I just roll my eyes.
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    The absolute worst mosquitoes I've seen was in Texas. In August of 2009, arrived there for work a day or three after a tropical storm came ashore at Corpus Christi, with lots of standing water visible from the airplane as we came in to land. We arrived at the facility the next morning at 5 and noticed the air was shimmering between the rental car and the building... and we were working outside all week. It was 95+ and high humidity, brutal conditions even in the shade, and I had a cloud of mosquitoes looking for a way to get through the multiple layers of OFF that I was wearing. At one point I went to the men's room, washed my hands (of course), and had welts on the back of my hands within a few minutes because that one little patch of skin was unexposed. At another point, I needed to call back to the home office, got on the cell phone and started walking to look for a good signal. It was high noon, blistering heat, in the middle of an empty parking lot (pavement for a hundred yards in all directions). And I was getting divebombed.
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