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    Okay here’s my Ziri in direct sunlight for A brief moment!
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    My yard is starting to wake up, and neighbors have been stopping by for a drink.
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    ...but they're gone today so we partied a little with Puzz's new grill. We've got a couple new apprentices in this photo, while Jeremiah and Annie are out on vacation.
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    He looks so CUTE! Please by all means continue to share silly sawdust photos.
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    The roundabouts are getting more popular because they are cheaper for the cities than the traffic signals. If people know how to actually use one, they wouldn't be nearly the problem they are.
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    See, I'll take my Pennsylvania and New York drivers any day over the drivers here in Michigan. At least PA & NY are predictable and let me know when they're about to be aggressive and I can kindly get out of the way. I dunno what the heck anybody's trying to do here in Michigan, and I don't think they want anybody to know, either. If they even know themselves.
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    Well, One could argue once Cam, Puzz, Lindsey, and Zoe were gone, there would be less to have to watch over. ?
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    For Table Top Game day, I entered this mini painting contest at a local gaming store. Had several weeks to work on it. Not bad for an amateur... & out of a group of 25 entries... Thanks to the blessings of Odin... he placed 4th!
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    There, I fixed that for you.
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    As promised, some pictures. I was going to give this away as a gift, but geez it looks so good in my kitchen...
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    Some snow for me this morning, probably the last time before summer lol
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    Daughter saw paint kit last night and the following exchange happened: Her: "Whose is this"? Me: "It's mine...I am going to try to start painting miniatures" Her: "WHHHHHOOOOAAAAAAAA you're in my world now. YOURE painting?!?!?!?!?! Me: "Uhhhhh.......yeah I'm going to try to" Her: "That's awesome, can I do it with you? This can be our thing together then" Me: *heart silently melts*
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    Name: Manon Dis Aster the Matador of Death Race: Tabaxi Class: Bard (College of Glamour) Best Known Skill: Convincing others to do her bidding Famous For: Death defying stunts/luck in every situation particularly those she puts herself in that could be very harmful Most Ashamed of: Her inability to blend in with her foster siblings
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    I suppose I should prepare for something like this though
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    It's not extortion. It's his just due.
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    I gave High Society a go last night. It’s an auction game by Reiner Knizia where the players are all competing to be the fanciest member of the social circle. The art has a fun French Art Nouveau look to it. The mechanics are simple but enjoyable. I lost both times, because while I had amassed the fanciest cool stuff, the player with the least amount of money at the end is disqualified, because now they are poor and no one wants to go to their parties. Hmmm, as I look at my dragon’s hoard of DMG gear, I’m understanding why I was bad at this game..
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    They think they are being polite. Four way stops are brutal. It's my turn but you go first or I don't know who's supposed to go, so I'll just sit here until someone else goes. Parallel traffic doesn't collide people!!! It's ironic. "Minnesota Nice" is really a slur (nice to your face, but that's it, what with all the Germans and Swedes that live here), but most now think it's a complement, and many try to drive like we still all have model T's. I can easily tell which neighbors are native to MN and who grew up in Michigan or Wisconsin
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    If you don't like Michigan drivers, you will absolutely hate driving in Minnesota. They are predictable, but in a bad way. Most (those that have learned how to drive in other states are exempt) have no clue how to merge. I've seen people stop at the end of the entrance ramp, turn their head around, and watch traffic that's going at least 60 mph for an opening. I've seen drivers on the highway either slow down (as the guy entering is also slowing down so they both keep slowing down) or speed up so you can't merge in front of them. Then my big bugaboo, slow drivers parking themselves in the left lane so no one can get around them. Then aggressive people doing whatever they feel they must to get around the slow guys. Tailgating, cutting over when there is barely 1 car length separation. Uh oh, a gentle curve so I better go 10-15 mph slower just in case. Then there are the immigrants from Africa or where ever they've never seen snow in person. Uh oh, a snow flake, so I better go 35 mph on the freeway. Whoops someone cut me off so I better slow down to 30. Whoops someone cut me off again so I better slow down to 25. smh
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    Nice. Glad to see someone can be a master of gravity. Now when I trip, I just go down like a sack of wet flour.
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    Here's my game room. I run a lot of horror games and really like to be thematic.
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    Here, they run too fast.. and have less lol
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