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    Sawdust trying out a look for his new D&D character. He's playing an exiled prince from a distant desert kingdom known for its fabled emerald tombs.
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    In progress Tortle mini for my new 5E campaign! Tried a new technique for a worn leather look and I'm really happy with how it turned out.
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    Yessir, they turned out fantastic! It was my first foray into the fiery finishes and I am very impressed. They’ll be destined for some other fine folks in the coming months. How did the premium tier ones you got turn out?
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    This is my first Dog Might product. A sapphire dragon sheath. Been traveling with me for the entirety of the dice kickstarter.
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    We have a supervisor cat that must approve all purchases as well.
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    We are cat and dog friendly here. Romycat settled this earlier, remember.
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    Just drew another dragon for a custom sculpt we are doing. Hopefully we can make it available.
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    Daughter saw paint kit last night and the following exchange happened: Her: "Whose is this"? Me: "It's mine...I am going to try to start painting miniatures" Her: "WHHHHHOOOOAAAAAAAA you're in my world now. YOURE painting?!?!?!?!?! Me: "Uhhhhh.......yeah I'm going to try to" Her: "That's awesome, can I do it with you? This can be our thing together then" Me: *heart silently melts*
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    Her li'l shell shield in particular is my favorite part, I think. It looks awesome.
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    Wow those do look fantastic! Especially the Phoenix! They said they are finishing up my two along with my Chechen XL, a wenge, and canarywood card stand. I am anxiously waiting, let's just say that.
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    @Zoe and I take a bunch of pictures of Sawdust doing silly things in the office and I need a place to share them with the world.
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    It's a tricky video, the blade isn't rolling, looks more like using Neet for the leg...
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    Close! Kingdom Death wave 2. Consisted of all the add-on expansions that were available before the 1.5 KS. There is another wave pending with all the new expansions that were developed with the 1.5 KS funds. Here are more pics. https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2018/03/unboxing-kdm-wave-2.html?m=1
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    Wash/soft brush/rinse them and then compare them to these pictures.
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    Ordered Sunday and it arrived today. The victims and the loot....cat was not included
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    Holy shit reaper sells this as a miniature!!!!!
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    I had a massively large package arrive last week, finally got around to photographing the haul. I have a dragon’s hoard worth of DMG stuff, the wife’s side-eye grows ever fiercer. The Redheart skirmish box is large and in charge. This thing is stunning in person, with a great luster. Now hopefully I’ll start finding more time for some mini painting. One of a kind mixed wood dragon sheath. Both sides are different, which I quite like: Redheart dice: My long-awaited ziricote tray arrived, and completes the CoCo frenzy: Favorite ziricote tile:
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    In terms of sculpts they’ve got a pretty good variety. But looking from product to product there are some places that might be nice to have more options. Sheaths definitely have the most variety and I like that the main focus is to add those designs onto other products. It would just be nice to see more of those designs transferred over. For new additions: Unicorn A big cat of some sort I like the moon phases but another planetary/universe sculpt might be nice outside the cocos More theme box shapes particularly one that’s a bit more elegant. I love them running seasonal shapes, but they need at least one that’s a bit more giftable year round. I like the idea of seasonal new coco tile sales as well... or new coco tile releases seasonally and just keep em up year round.
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    When I was a kid, we had rubber boots that we put on our dog. Oh how she hated them... and we just stood around and laughed. We were horrible people.
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    Could be worse. It could be a tutu.
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    He looks so unhappy. "Why are you doing this to me?"
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    My supervisor cat loves to gently grab minis and run off with them. He has yet to damage any (he prefers Bones or my wizkids prepainted plastic ones).
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    72°F, sunny and strong winds, nice set up for the mother's day, butnot in my small town... Pictures from my house. Closer one... In from of my sister's house.. The house of my friends working with me, just close to my cousin's house 15 persons in the street, two corner destroyed for an uncontroled joy fire in the backyard, by youngs guys on drug.