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    My sister and I played several games with our new CoCo's. It was so much fun. ? ❤️? Now I feel so organized. Here are some pictures of us playing Yokohama using them. I'm using the leapardwood (on right and bottom) and my sister is using benge (left and top). We also have two sets of chechen that is not pictured. I'll try to get more pictures soon.
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    Devil's Luck Gaming is a small group of friends, cosplayers, artists, geeks and gamers out of Long Island, New York. It has been my honor and pleasure to count a couple of the founders as friends (albeit long distance) for a number of years. I have known that they were interested in Dog Might gear for a while, but had never seen the right thing to pick up for them until recently. The Dog Might team was gracious and talented enough to customize the case with their logo - one of the most intricate pieces I've seen them do. To say that the Devils (and I) were excited and pleased with the results is an understatement. They had plenty of praise for both the case, and for Dog Might in general. I'm afraid the clip was not able to capture the whole thing. I will link to the full stream episode after it is done. But in the mean time - here's a clip of them showing it off during their weekly Warhammer-themed D&D game (yes they are in costume every episode). WARNING: This is an 18+ stream on Twitch, and so the language can be NSFW (esp. if you watch the whole stream) Link to full stream (jump to 00:23.00 to get to the box display):
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    Yes, totally. Including all the logos and words that hover around your mini. Those aren't photoshopped, first timers actually paint them in the air.
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    That was episode 13. And I admit I have not been able to catch all the episodes myself. And getting 4 hours to catch up per episode hasn't been in my ability either.
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    Yes I am "Auron Mistarrel" on twitch. And besides them being friends - they are all really creative and entertaining. It's why I do my best to support them in their way, just like I support DMG in theirs.
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    Really cool. lol just bought the same coins for a japanese cards game
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    Yes, the Marriott Downtown is connected to the conv ctr via a hamster tube / skywalk (I did some google kung foo to confirm). That's also where we're reserved for 2018. I'm a Hilton points guy, so I felt a little dirty about it ... but it'll be worth it for convenience. Omg the food there. Pretzels. Cheesesteaks. Yes, yes yes. On Saturday last year, we were trying to have a fast lunch and lines were long at the "philly" style foods. We found 2 stools at the Greek place near "the donut entrance" (as we started calling it) on the NW corner and I could have stayed all day there. We're taking a cooler with us this time to take some sausage and other goodies home.
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    I now have hotels booked for ReaperCon and PAX Unplugged. Haven't bought tickets for either one... but ... I think that means we intend to go. EDIT: Reapercon tix are now procured.
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    I kept telling myself for months I will post pictures of one of my gaming shelves. Finally getting around to it. I have several gaming shelves, but they look boring. Then I have this one. Yes, that is a Tardis sitting on top of a Ikea shelf. I actually bought the bottom shelf very cheap at Dirt Cheap. It has a hole in the wood near the bottom, which gave it a heavy discount (which I was very okay with). The Tardis I picked up at a cool store called Home....uh....something. Zenith will remember. The Tardis has three shelves inside which I use to keep my many gaming accessories.
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    That was a good stream! Kept me very entertained while putting together Tzeentch. Corruption is interesting!!! Also are you Auron?
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    Take a picture of the box and send it to romy to encourage her to get home faster!