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    I kept telling myself for months I will post pictures of one of my gaming shelves. Finally getting around to it. I have several gaming shelves, but they look boring. Then I have this one. Yes, that is a Tardis sitting on top of a Ikea shelf. I actually bought the bottom shelf very cheap at Dirt Cheap. It has a hole in the wood near the bottom, which gave it a heavy discount (which I was very okay with). The Tardis I picked up at a cool store called Home....uh....something. Zenith will remember. The Tardis has three shelves inside which I use to keep my many gaming accessories.
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    Plastic Putty is neat stuff. It's like applying elmer's glue. Very sticky and very thick. Dries white. Cleans up with water and is thinnable like paint. It shrinks a little so sometimes it takes two dabs. I use it to fill seams between mating parts and a little bit of sculpting: Get your brush wet, then grab a dollup of Putty (unthinned) into the area. Try not to make a mess. Then clean your brush with water, dry it off slightly, and then feather the edges where the putty merges to the part to hide the seam. If you don't feather the edge, you'll get "ponding" marks as it dries. You can also build texture with Plastic Putty if you dab it and then pull it - like meringue on a pie. I use the Vallejo Varnish to fill minor voids in the same way. Often I use them together: Plastic putty first, it will shrink and not completely fill, then build up a layer or three of the varnish to completely hide the seam. For really big voids and gaps I use milliput, which is a whole 'nother post. Here's my KDM Phoenix - before filling. In this picture, the yellow filler is Milliput, the white is Plastic Putty. After the first coat of paint for comparison. The seams vanished - very happy.
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    Quebec Flag cutting board looks like I just found your next DMG custom order, ready just in time for a barbecue in that balmy weather.
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    Home now. We opened the box. Ah, the four CoCo's are sooooo gorgeous. Will have to take pictures soon. Now to play games using the new CoCo's.
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    I am so happy. The CoCos have arrived. They are still in the box unopened cause @RomyCat is still at work. We ordered ours in a set together so I feel it would be unfair to open it before she gets here.....but it is soooooo hard to wait. Every time I walk through the kitchen(Which is a lot cause I have to walk through the kitchen to get from my bedroom to the living room) I see the box setting there. I need Romy to come home now ?
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    Forgot to mention - their stream is at 8pm Eastern tonight for people who are interested. I'll definitely link it afterwards though.
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    Youtube is much cheaper.
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    Yep, got my eye immediately. Zenith and I love holiday theme games.
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    Plastic Putty???? I've got to get some. Sometimes the injection points are left with a crappy divot.
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    First real shelfie
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    Love it, need a set of six, someday lol
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    Meet Teridan Cerydian, Master of Games and Entertainment! I play in a boffer medieval fantasy LARP (Live Action RolePlaying game). I decided that rather then make a heroic hero of heroism, I was going to essentially create a town personality character. In most RPG video games these days, like Fable or The Witcher, there is a unique minigame to that world for the player to play or gamble in. As an avid board gamer, I decided to create just that. Someone usually has a chess board or a deck of standard playing cards at a LARP. I wanted to bring something truly unique, and insert some of our favorite games into a fantasy world as if they belonged there. This is the setup I am really proud of. All of the games i bring to LARP are either made of wood, or can pass as "close enough" to an authentic material. My criteria is that 1) Can be played in 20 minutes or less, 2) I can teach in 5 minutes or less, and 3) aesthetically fit in our world. I have brought this character to 2 LARPs and 1 Dagorhir event, and everyone who has seen it goes "this is the most unique idea I've seen in years, and we WANT IT." As you can see, the reason I backed the CoCos (and now a Dice Sleeve) is because it enhances my LARP setup, making it even more amazing then it already is.
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    Take a picture of the box and send it to romy to encourage her to get home faster!
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    So with all these recommendations I’m wondering if I should start a new thread entitled “fill up tgs Amazon cart”.
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    You learn in one of the kits how to make a wash with any paint. Just water down you color a lot--black, of course, is used a lot. Washing has become my favorite stage of painting. I love how it takes a plain figure and makes it more lifelike with shadow and depth.