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    Another long overdue set of pics. I may have gone overboard, with more on the way... Left is African Blackwood, top Pau Rosa, right Chacate Preto, center Osage Orange. Bottom two are a Cocobolo and Pau Rosa D20 Another shot of the Pau Rosa and Chacate Preto
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    Okay, long overdue photo shoot for my new prototype Bubinga GM System. Having no sculpts lets the Draco engraving really shine; it has a fun message if you translate the text. The Bubinga is gorgeous for a larger piece like this. The rolling tray pieces have nice straight grains and the screens lovely waves with a beautiful sheen.
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    Creative use of playing cards.
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    Looks great. I hope the violent, Viking Birthday message wasn't too over the top!
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    Alright, I figure the best way for me to finally clear the hurdle of going to a convention since it will probably be on my own is to just force the issue. I bought my pass for the Nexus Game Fair in May, so I will check it out and share my findings.
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    Wish she don't received her game like this other backer But he said that the game was alright Pictures from BGG facebook.
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    Was eating dinner with my sister who kept saying throughout the meal, "Get the dino games. Get both." As we were cleaning up, she reminded me, "Tell Barb you are in." Ah, peer pressure. I was so trying to be "responsible" and save my money. So, Barb, I will be messaging you about the details.