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    I'm slacking a bit, but I did receive a magical Ziricote hero sleeve last Friday. I have not had a chance to get pics of it yet, but I plan to do so soon and get them up here. I have a few wooden D6s, but now looking for the perfect set to live in this great looking piece.
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    The Pinkwood tree video is cute (just now saw it). It was minutes of my life well spent and now I have a much clearer picture of the lengths the Mikes will go through to get the right wood for the shop...
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    They are made for meeples, but the twinples looks like the horse are running fast.
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    Saloon Tycoon: Learning the rules on a simulated 4 players. Some mistakes at the beginning, but the rulebooks are easy to understand and the reference cards are usefull. Nice mechanic to buid your saloon and your ranch. Each step give points and they have some for unfinish tile. Cardstands are usefull too
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    Poly pau/d6pau sets and then a lone chakte viga. The chakte did not want to photograph true so it took some effort.
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