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    Intrigue! Also sawdust looked so adorably anxious when you squeaked the toy.
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    Cool the small dragon lol
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    Whoops, yep it's Black Walnut (I couldn't remember the name). Can't figure out how to edit the post so I'm just replying.
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    Fair enough, @Barb Bliss . At least it balances out from year to year. Mother Nature’s payback in California tends to take a decidedly burnier approach.
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    There is no normal anymore. When I first moved here, this wouldn't be unusual. That's why they built "The Dump" for the Twins to play in. When other places had April showers bring May flowers, we had May showers bring June flowers. In gardening terms, we used to be zone 3 (and now we are zone 4). Global warming has changed that. But I can say that within the last decade we've had snow falls in May.
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    Yeah I will definitely post pictures. I agree on the squid sculpt... I'm not much of a squid person but I took a look at the sculpts and those two really looked good from all of the examples I saw. Kuddos to Mike on the cool designs. I also got word that my card stands and Coco's will be put in the mail within a week. Lots of pictures coming...