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    Wow that looks great! Is that white ash with natural finish? I've got two sheets coming my way In a few weeks. Benge with a stag sculpt and Celtic knot. Also, Bubinga with Squid sculpt and Celtic knot.
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    Have not thought about the Hydra before. I have taught Hercules to my student when teaching mythical. Loved showing the movie version with the Rock in it. They really enjoyed the movie. So the hydra is a fun symbol to me.
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    Nova was clearly the best team this year. Each game they won this year, they won by double digits. The games they lost was when several of their starters were injured. They got a great coach and a group of talented kids and have been able to keep them together for several years. So Kudos to them. And it was refreshing to see how much parity there was this year below them though. But for me, it just points out how much NCAA basketball has gone down hill in the last 15 years or so. I may be old fashioned, but I enjoy getting to know the kids like Draymond Green, Denzel Valentine, and that Walton kid last year, and watch them develop over 3-4 years. The B1G, across the board, seems to have institutional restraint/integrity (sans the fab five fiasco), which is great, but it's also caused the league to not have a NC since MSU did it in 2000. Creeping up on two decades ago. There's obviously something wrong when over 60% of the "one and one" end up on about 2% of the teams. I hope the NCAA and the NBA can clean up their mess, and we can sort of get back to the way it used to be. It also really bugs me to think some kids won't be going to college who really wanted to go to college, but couldn't afford it, while other guys are being forced to spend a year in college, and have no desire to be there.
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    So now that I have 3 DMG things, I thought I'd finally post them to show them off! Photo Dump GO! First of all, my Adventure Case in dark walnut. I went with the flaming sword because I thought it would look great closed or set up as the GM screen because it doesn't matter if it's upside down! I attend a medieval LARP, and my character runs a gaming table in the tavern as a business, so naturally I intend to bring my adventure case as a cool box to hold games in, rather than keep it at home holding dice. Here it is with 6 full microgames and pieces for a couple of others stored inside, ready to display at Teridan's Gaming Table! Continuing the flames theme, I got a Dragon Sheath also in walnut, which holds my fire themed dice. Here's my Hero Sleeve in benge wood with Galaxy Dice too. Didn't need a full Bone Box and (at the time) didn't know I'd be getting the wonderful gifted discount that lead to the Adv Case and Sheath. But I'm happy to have it for a more compact dice transport, and I may use it at LARP as well to hold wooden dice in the future. Thank you Dog Might for this wonderful stuff! The case has become the centerpiece of my gaming display at home, with the other two also in attendance. I'm excited to get the Travel Dice Tower and my CoCos to join them.
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