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    So I’m finally home and I had one DMG box waiting with the shelves I’d purchased when they went on sale. I think I’m going to wait until my beloved gm screen gets home before I photograph the Limba though. There will be a pic of the fiery one soonish because that’s a gift soon to be headed to my friend who’s birthday is today!
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    Just got the email and I'm super stoked! Those look gorgeous! Hopefully they continue the tradition of high quality at an affordable price!
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    Right now in our adventure the Heroes have decided to hang out in Neverwinter for awhile. In our campaign Neverwinter is the Portland of the Sword Coast, so everything is a hipster version of itself. The crew discovered that the local teenagers are doing this new drug called Glow and that it's causing some to die (especially tieflings) from vomiting up rainbow colors and eventually blood. The Heroes have decided to go check out the drug for themselves at the insanely popular nightclub, called the Ruins, with a few local teens they found Glitter, Tree, Toast, and Star Unicorn.
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    That would be preferable to all the scrap ending up on my computer desk for some reason.
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    I once declared that I didn't like Euro games but then we played Alien Frontier and Viticulture next and I had to immediately declare that I was an idiot.