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    I haven't gotten the camera out, but my hero sleeves and pumpkin dice box have arrived safely. That dice box is even cuter than I expected. Dare I say super cool. I LOVE the orange stain. It needs to be come a standard stain choice, I think. You could call it @tgpumpkin orange. The chechen sleeve is well chechen. The canary wood came with some sexy wood grain. Thanks @Konas!
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    He'd probably let you carve out a niche. Doubt he'd try to squash your efforts.
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    Another picture that shows that wonderful orange stain.
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    Hah. I will have to check and see if we have some Haitian Gourdes laying around....
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    I don't know if we could handle the licensing fees for a @tgpumpkin named Orange. How many gourds per box would we be looking at?
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    The weather is kicking my tail. Every bone I've ever broken is singing. When it's like this, all I want to do is curl up into a ball and sleep. Pretty much did just that after work last night. Maybe I'll pull out the camera today. Last night at the time of DMG arrival, the radar looked like this: At 6:30 am, the radar looked like this. This snow storm is still squatting like a toad over Minnesota and spinning counter clockwise. Another 12 hours of snow predicted above and beyond the 7-8" we got last night.
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    Wow, that mini looks awesome. Yes, you have to show off your finished version.
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    @Barb Bliss clearly orange would elevate their sales by 50 percent if orange fire colors were in their offerings. They’re just waiting to get caught up on their projects so they don’t overwhelm the shop. congrats on the pumpkin dice box. Make sure to play the lottery this week to take advantage the fortune owning a pumpkin box brings you @Serge Darveau nice boco. I’m sure mines not too far behind. i have to take some updated pics with all the cocos in action. These things are amazing
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    Also apply on DMG products
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    5 days for an internationnal delivery coooool. My BoCo hero sleeve at home. My DMG collection:
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    Remember that feeling because when it turns hot and muggy, I'll be feeling what you are feeling now. :-)