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    I too have had the painting bug recently. Here are some shots of my latest ones from the Cthulhu Wars game. Really cool minis to paint. Plus they are pretty big, which helps my sawdust filled eyes. The yellow one is still a WIP.
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    I'm always bugging Mike to help me make plinths for my miniatures
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    We have officially launched our new cutting board product line and the response has been amazing! I'm so excited to see that all the awesome Barkers and Coconuts here are as excited about wooden nerdy kitchen gear as I am. We've been getting some questions about the durability of the cutting boards and their care. @Zoe is putting together loving instructions on how to clean and care for your cutting board that use words and are actually legible. So stay tuned for those coming soon! In the meantime I thought I would show off my Dog Might Cutting boards that are about 2 years old now. Like every product that we sell, the cutting board idea was tested for a long time in house to try and see how difficult the product is to use and care for. We found the cutting boards to be incredibly durable and continued to look amazing after years of heavy use. There's two things you should know about these old cutting boards; Like all my treasured Dog Might gear I abused the heck out of these. I used them almost every single day (usually multiple times) with extremely sharp knives and have probably washed them in hot water hundreds if not thousands of times. Although I never put them in a dishwasher and never let them sit in water, I wasn't exactly gentle with them. I cut every food known to man on their surface. Also I pulverized meat, shucked oysters, and took a cleaver to frozen whole chickens. I followed almost none of @Zoe rules and only gave them a rub down with mineral oil once a year. There's knife scratches all over these things! Unless you decide to use your cutting board as an amazing cheese platter (which is totally legit and you should invite me to your game nights), the wood is going to get scratched and visually change with the wear and tear of use. When I say change I mean it will transform into an incredibly personal tool that tells a story about you, much like a favorite axe in battle. I know it's hard seeing something beautiful get its first couple of scratches but I encourage everyone to use the heck out of these and take pride in the wood's appearance. The first cutting board is Chechen, Rosewood, and Wenge. The second cutting board is Wenge and Purple Heart.
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    WHAT THE HECK THOSE ARE AWESOME??? @Konas what are you eVEN DOIIIINNNGGG make her some!!!
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    She did! I saw her do it!! And Puzz came out of the CNC room after cleaning today looking like this... Displeased expression and all (but I suppose that's how he normally looks).
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    Somewhere in the deepest wilderness of Ohio, @tgpumpkin‘s ears are burning. He mutters his mantra under his breath, to ward off the evil eye, “One wood to rule them all. Bocote.”
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    Yes. It's not the most efficient way to blow off the sawdust but it is an ancient family technique.
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    Accurate depiction of the level of sawdust cleaned off products while shipping today...also I used the same technique
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    If you have a tough enough beard, it will fight the splinters away for you, via a natural sanding action by the time it hits your lips. I heard the shop wanted to use Puzz’s beard trimmings in lieu of their heaviest sander. But Puzz’s beard is untrimmable, so it’s a moot point.
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    I'm surprised @Lindsey supported Redheart over Chechen!! She's usually the Chechen fiend! @Thomas Browne knows what's up, though, of course... For me, it's #BubingaBualways. (Sidebar: I just got that thing about not being able to do any more reactions, too! So it's not just non-admins. Rude.)
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    Now you’ve sent me down the google rabbit hole, @Serge Darveau DMG, when you use up all the cutting board-sized scrap, maybe it’ll be time to use up the smaller pieces. Of course, you’ll need a lathe
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    @Zoe might want to have a word with you on that, Lindsey. I believe the word would be Bubinga!
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    While Serge is distracted testing the game I take my chance to swipe the dice holding dragon.
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    Banker's Holiday here in the US today. I couldn't sleep, so I was at the bench at 6:45 this morning with my favorite mug full of coffee and a brush in hand. At long last, the KDM Watcher is completed! He's been on the table quite awhile; had trouble mustering sufficient willpower to finish him out. I'll be taking a break from the KDM series until kickstarter wave 2 is in hand (sometime in March or April). I've been doing KDM since early November and am looking forward to something a little different. The Watcher is one of my favorite sculpts in the set, but turned into one of my least favorite to assemble and paint. The dangley lanterns underneath were a challenge (and bobbed around when airbrushed), and all the smooth surfaces really didn't lend itself to my dry brushing technique, but I kept going. I consider myself pretty new to the hobby - there's a lot of techniques thrown into this last model that I learned while tackling KDM: Airbrushing, of course. Filling (Milliput and Vallejo Matt Varnish). Pinning. This morning I tried 2-brush weathering on his cloak to give the dark recesses more definition.
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    Some of you may be on Isaac's newsletter, but just in case here is a relink for the Gloomhaven fans. Gloomhaven Celebration #1 was just announced!!! (see full text below). We'd already have signed up but already have a binding commitment that weekend. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gloomhaven-1-celebration-tickets-43260820278
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    And the world shudders as a dark shadow reaches out from that once fine state to envelop all.
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    These are such a great idea.
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    Dang, this is amazing! You talking about it like a battle axe makes me, someone who never cooks, actually want one...
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    You flung it all over yourself using your nose??
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    I spent all morning cleaning, packing up, and shipping out a ton of redheart XL CoCos so I've been momentarily hypnotized. They were all so beautiful
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    I wish I could make it out there. Oh well. Oooh - a DMG Gloomhaven Double Celebration! That would be cool @Lindsey!! Or did you just mean a DMG Celebration? That would be fun too!
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    Red heart was the right choice! Long live the mighty Red Heart!
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    That's pretty cool! I'd love to do something like that here...
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    They look great Zoxe. And I totally get why the Watcher was one of the worst ones for you to assemble (I haven't gotten to painting any of mine yet). For me the worst was the Gold Smoke Knight without question - he just did NOT want to fit together no matter what I did. I finally got it together fitting relatively well in most spots -- at the cost of having a HUGE gap in the back/cape. I'm hoping I can putty that up reasonably. Compared to that the Watcher went together smoothly, even if it took some careful/tricky handling. I don't have an airbrush, so I'm definitely still trying to figure out what I'm going to do for painting them.. but I have liked the sort of monochromatic / statuesque coloring that you (and some other sets I have seen) have done. I just need to figure out how to do something reasonable like that with brushes as a newbie.
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    I was struck by the fear this morning seeing the update on the dice tower KS that we only have 4 days left to confirm our specs. I was at the Demons Blood level, but something did not feel right. Since I'm getting it with the Coco magnets and my Coco sammich is Chechen and Redheart, I had to move to the Redheart dice tower. And speaking of Redheart, as I was typing this message I got an email that my cutting board shipped! Oh, and good morning all!
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    You could find this bowl for lizard in a pet shop
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    Lol I love any dog that may go into a barbaric horse rage. WHAT DID THE HORSES TAKE FROM YOU FRISKO?!
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    You don't want to get into this discussion with her. You're lucky she doesn't roam the forums or kickstarters like I do to engage in such conversations. DMG made a comment in one of their previous kickstarters about a wooden mead mug and since then my wife has been hovering over their facebook to see if such a thing comes to fruition. She hassled Cameron about it at GrandCon . Still, she'll like this cutting board I think.
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    About two years ago, I've begun to renew my games with Carcassonne, and with KickStarter, a lot of game have arrived with more to come. I will need some gameshelves for it. Since one year, I've received those games.
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    Ah yes the ears. They are curly and fluffy, and have an inbuilt stealth-function as it is nearly impossible to take a good picture of them.
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    Name: Frisko Race: Flatcoated Retriever Class: Guardian of the Garden Best Known Skill: Imitating a statue whilst trying to hypnotise an unsuspecting doggy treat Favourite Magic Spell: Summon Puddly of drool around one's self. Famous for: Disguising himself as a Labrador before outing himself as a Flatcoated Retriever Most Ashamed of: the fact that his beard is turning grey at the age of 3 Untill this moment it is uncertain where Frisko's exact allegiance lies. Known to bark at everyone and everything that passes by in order to scare them off(unless you are a horse... Frisko doens't cope well with dogs that are 2 meters high), he switches tactics as soon as someone or something enters the garden and starts to befriend them immediately (unless, once again, you are a horse... probably... we try to avoid this from happening).
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    The next turn, malva player won the game.
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    I wooden be at his place.
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    @Barb Bliss because you told me to do it, I bought "You've got Crabs". Thanks for being so considerate in spending my money. Should you have any other recommendations for my credit card, please do not hesitate to let me know.
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    You think I live in Ohio? While I have a great love for that fine state as my homeland I don’t call it home anymore.... ......I LIVE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!