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    Name: Frisko Race: Flatcoated Retriever Class: Guardian of the Garden Best Known Skill: Imitating a statue whilst trying to hypnotise an unsuspecting doggy treat Favourite Magic Spell: Summon Puddly of drool around one's self. Famous for: Disguising himself as a Labrador before outing himself as a Flatcoated Retriever Most Ashamed of: the fact that his beard is turning grey at the age of 3 Untill this moment it is uncertain where Frisko's exact allegiance lies. Known to bark at everyone and everything that passes by in order to scare them off(unless you are a horse... Frisko doens't cope well with dogs that are 2 meters high), he switches tactics as soon as someone or something enters the garden and starts to befriend them immediately (unless, once again, you are a horse... probably... we try to avoid this from happening).
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    My rolling tray arrived! It’s a bit wobly, but it just arrived after crossing the oceaan so maybe it still needs to settle a bit.
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    I left them all alone for you this time @Thomas Browne
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    This is my favorite one. Any Rick and Morty fans out there?
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    I LOVE this game. The economy is amazing. Also, Emerson is a fantastic person. One of the nicest people I have ever met.
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    It was for Greenbrier Games for their Kickstarter for Folklore: the Affliction. We made a large box for the game and smaller player boxes as well. The player boxes where very cool. They had a metal plate inside the lid, hidden, that the players prop up on the box and use magnetic markers to track their character's stats.
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    Love the tray! Also love the surface of your gaming table. Beautiful!
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    @Barb Bliss because you told me to do it, I bought "You've got Crabs". Thanks for being so considerate in spending my money. Should you have any other recommendations for my credit card, please do not hesitate to let me know.
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    @Zoe Yeah, I'm getting one in Bubinga, and once the pledge manager is up, going to make it a full system (but with metal customs instead of sculpts, since then it'll match my other Dog Might stuff).
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    My dream is to someday find a supplier for Flame Box Elder Wood!
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    Banker's Holiday here in the US today. I couldn't sleep, so I was at the bench at 6:45 this morning with my favorite mug full of coffee and a brush in hand. At long last, the KDM Watcher is completed! He's been on the table quite awhile; had trouble mustering sufficient willpower to finish him out. I'll be taking a break from the KDM series until kickstarter wave 2 is in hand (sometime in March or April). I've been doing KDM since early November and am looking forward to something a little different. The Watcher is one of my favorite sculpts in the set, but turned into one of my least favorite to assemble and paint. The dangley lanterns underneath were a challenge (and bobbed around when airbrushed), and all the smooth surfaces really didn't lend itself to my dry brushing technique, but I kept going. I consider myself pretty new to the hobby - there's a lot of techniques thrown into this last model that I learned while tackling KDM: Airbrushing, of course. Filling (Milliput and Vallejo Matt Varnish). Pinning. This morning I tried 2-brush weathering on his cloak to give the dark recesses more definition.
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    Ah yes the ears. They are curly and fluffy, and have an inbuilt stealth-function as it is nearly impossible to take a good picture of them.
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    Oh my gosh, I love his ears, @Laurent! A few of my friends have some early grey-ers, too.
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    Fun! I went and looked at the Kickstarter page. The use of bananas for scale was quite silly, but effective. Thanks for the info. I’m sure there are lots of examples of collaboration projects haunting the depths of the shop.
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    Now if only... if only... I could have a nice DMG Ale Tankard(TM) filled to the brim with some good Belgian beer to prove the point I'm making with the cutting board.
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    Yeah - I almost did that one last week. It did feel somewhat appropriate
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    That's what I thought on seeing it.. really nice contrasts in it.
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    Well they had plenty up this time. And now it's with custom quotes - which is even better
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    Picked one up - I'll have to get back to you on another quote. I'm sure it will be from my usual source.. just have to check up which ones I used for the bone box sleeves already
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    New Cut'N boards being added right now. http://dogmight.com/cuttingboard
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    Awesome shot! Thanks for posting. Bocote looks good on any table.
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    May want to check out the newest stretch goals and really reconsider!
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    The next turn, malva player won the game.
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    I wooden be at his place.
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    My cutting board arrived safely. The box looked like you wood hope it wood. The red wood is real smooth!
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    So I've backed this one https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/burntislandgames/endeavor-age-of-sail/description
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    I love the buckeye wood. I'd buy a castle tray for the right price. I think that it has a really unique color. I hope you guys will use it more often.