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    Sparty On! Top row: Chechen. Middle Row: Canary and Benge. Bottom row needs no introduction. Drop the mic.
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    Coco cochew Mrs Robinson. Jesus love BoCo more than you will know. Wow! Wow! Wow!
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    So Mini Box and BoRo Skirmish Box both arrived this week (and no problems with the packaging). The Mini Box is cool, but the Skirmish Box is just amazing, and larger than I thought. So happy I caved in and picked it up. Pictures will come later this week/weekend. I'm now thinking I need another skirmish box though .. ughh.. I really need to slow down after these two though. So probably not going in on the GM System, just the backer sheath because.. well backer sheath!
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    And a mouth full of peanuts. Don't think I'll be able to trumpet "Pink Drunk Trunk Tile" in those circumstances. But I'll charge ahead none the less.
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    I was thinking that the pink elephant would come out if Barb's playing ability is compromised by gin. When the pink elephant is in play, then I get a respite from being picked on.
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    @Serge Darveau @Barb Bliss @Thomas Browne Forgot to mention, Serge's box arrived totally undamaged which has done a little to restore my lost faith in USPS. Although, I am guessing that the overly nice Canadian Postal Service being involved had a lot to do with it.
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    More Coco (chechen lovers will need to wait until tonight...). Somehow I turned on that stupid date time thing, and can't figure out how to turn it off! Aaaaarrrrgggg! Who doesn't like a pink elephant? Canary: Benge:
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    I knew you were going to love that thing. When I got my Boro Dragon tray it blew me away. I ALMOST bought that skirmish box based on looks alone but reality set in that I would use it as much as someone else would.I
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    Oh oh, nice delivery My new rolling tray Ready for my monsters dices DMG collection is growing up slowly but for a long time
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    This is now my favorite photograph of all time.
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    If I prepare meals for my daughter on these, will she sprout a beard and develop Viking tendencies?
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    Thanks @Zenithsplendor I do believe everyone was asked, but I got tired of adding @ and spelling out everyone's name. No one was intentionally excluded from spending my money
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    Just no Choco-cocobolo. @Konas is allergic
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    Just got home, but still pumped from the game. So I thought I'd peek at my precious. Simply glorious.
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    I searched for an image to tempt you, though this is White Ash with Ebony Finish. Unless you play RPG games you don't really need a GM screen. Then again do we ever really NEED any of these awesome products we keep buying? We just love them. Maybe I should not point out to you that the GM system can actually store your dice with or without the slim dragon sheaths. You can also store scratch paper, pencils, and other supplies in it if you skip the sheaths. Useful, even if not playing a RPG. Great, now I'm talking myself into buying one. Thanks a lot, Tgpumkin. You may have just cost me a few hundred dollars after I told myself not to do any big Kickstarters this year. (Still trying to recover from 7th Continent and Box Thrones.)
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    I like him too! Though I'm a sucker for metallic robots and machinery in general. I think the silver turned out well, the brassy yellow is a great color choice, and the shading makes for a great weathering effect.
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    Ok so since @Thomas Browne @Barb Bliss @LuckyIke @Serge Darveau @RomyCat and others have been enthusiastic wanting to spend my money and ripping me for stalling on the castle tray I figured I’d give you all a chance to provide deep, insightful feedback of what I should do that’s just short of giving any of you my credit card information. heres the deal....tg is going to buy some form of rolling tray from these canine strong peeps. It’s definitive....just a matter of timing. The question is this.... ....do I buy a fancy wood dragon/castle tray that I’ve been wanting (fancy being wenge) or ....do I buy a fiery game master system. the answer of both is not permitted . I really can’t swing the mythic wood game system at this time. Upside is more functionality to gm and it definitely serves as a rolling tray :). The downside to the gm is I don’t rpg so I may not use its full use. Upside to rolling tray is getting a nicer wood and fancy shmancy art as I roll my dice. The downside to a rolling tray is that’s all it does (but looks damn sexy doing it) unless I’m mathing wrong both are similar in price. Gm might be a tad more if I get a wood sculpt. so.....go ahead and spend my money. Sending gin to @Barb Bliss is also prohibited as an answer
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    I also love the couple of lines of sapwood in the slats used for the base of it. It really is beautiful. But I still hold you partially responsible @Zoe!
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    Admittedly that one was a bit of a groaner. But saying Pink Drunk Trunk Tile with too much Gin in you will be fun.
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    Barb your BoRo is gorgeous!!!! Loook at your dragon!!! What a pretty tile. oooh that benge looks goooooooood and yes canary is lovely(is that a bit of pink on the back of that one canary tile????) Your pink elephant is hilarious! I hope some house rules will somehow be incorporated for it.
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    Possibly. When a bird slammed into their front picture window, I offered to put some Sparty decals on it. That didn't go over well. They were struggling against IU (football game) at the time, so that may have been a factor in his reaction.
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    I know I was not asked but oh well, will give my opinion anyway I would go with the dice tray unless you plan to DM in the near future. But I do have to admit, the GM systems looks really amazing.
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    @RomyCat glad that in the process about asking how to spend my money I have effectively spent yours thanks for the feedback! im right there with ya in 7th continent and boxthrone. Speaking of boxthrone I need to finish my pm
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    Those look cool, Barb. I must admit, that robot grabs my attention. Makes me want to paint a bot but I don't have one.
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    @tgpumpkin thank you for finally coming to your senses and crowd sourcing advice from the enthusiastic masses! I too say go for the Wenge castle Dragon Tray. Search your feelings, you know it’s what you really want. Don’t let FOMO over the GM System keep you from getting your precious. I also have a hybrid suggestion that is not “both”. You could pick up just the screens for the GM System in Wenge for 100, call it 150 so you can get some sweet engraving. Forgo the sculpts and let the sinister Wenge shine. This could be done in the pledgemanager later to spread the hurt across a separate month from your castle. With this setup, you could set your awesome castle behind the screens when DM-ing. Sure it wouldn’t all click together, but it seems like most of the daily utility will be with the rolling tray as it is.
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    Definitely get the castle/dragon tray in Wenge! It’s a purchase you’ve had a lot longer to contemplate and one you will fully utilize. Plus how awesome is the concept of rolling dice in your own castle. Also if dragon was actually an option for you dragon. I love mine and it’s amazing. DMG has made it clear the GM screens are going to be on site and since you were contemplating a fiery in that anyway you won’t be losing out in terms of a limited to campaign wood choice. Waiting on potentially getting this item gives you time to think about what you’d really want and also to save to afford whatever that would be. Also waiting gives you the chance to start an RPG(there are so many good ones) and see if maybe you would like to fully utilize it.
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    Barbbbbb!!!! Release the cocos...
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    It amuses me you continue to use the $ sign for OSU when I believe msu has had its own problems to deal with..... fat lady isn’t singing and I know it’s not over so the chickens have not yet been inventoried . I’m plenty happy with our 8 ranking. Very much looking forward to March madness
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    I considered it....but I’m trying to stick to my resolution that i will be selective on what I back this year
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    Troglodyte mob. I would pick the one with some green slopped on his knee that I forgot to touch up. smh Weretiger. I had a lot of fun with this guy. I was going to put the tiger stripes on him, but was afraid I would dork him up. Iron Golem - boring compared to the tiger. Dantonio photo bomb in 2nd picture
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    Where in the world is CoCo San Diego??
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    I super appreciate you editing those out. I'm about to start season 1 soon!
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    We are the most illiterate Vikings I know haha @Zoe is the only one that can clean up our hand words mess.
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    It took one month to simulate a 6 players game, probably play in a full week-end. For the winter base game, I've added more than 20 mini-expansions.
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    It's easier than cutting 3000 tiles for carcassonne.
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