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    and we are back...nothing hurt but our pride
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    Be careful Haren.. that is how they hook you in. "Look at the pretty over here.. wouldn't this go well with the LAST one you bought?" Speaking from personal experience here
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    We just got approved and will relaunch shortly....after we look over everything again. Evidently Viking Lumberjacks and computers don't mix well.
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    @Konas / @Lindsey / @Zoe The box arrived! One side is caved in, and the bottom was ravaged! The game got a little nicked on the cover. Nothing to be concerned about except for the fact that you can report to the PO that the contents were damaged. p.s. pictures of cocos to be shown later. when I have time to savor it. From a quick visual inspection, the wood is probably undamaged. More tomorrow or the day after...
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    @Barb Bliss the orange is outstanding. I love the cocos so much. The purple is very stunning in my opinion too. I think you’re going to be amazed when you get yours @Barb Bliss I can’t talk enough about these guys. I think it’s going to start to get awkward ... ......it is getting awkward now.....isn’t it.... *coughs*
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    Yes, he is amazing. I have a new avatar he should use for his KS profile:
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    And I've figured it out! @Serge Darveau's mole has to be Mike C! That's the only explanation for how he is constantly #1 when the kickstarters launch!
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    I love the video, Serge. I have a MIGHTY strong urge to show this to students in my tech classes I teach.
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    Troglodyte mob. I would pick the one with some green slopped on his knee that I forgot to touch up. smh Weretiger. I had a lot of fun with this guy. I was going to put the tiger stripes on him, but was afraid I would dork him up. Iron Golem - boring compared to the tiger. Dantonio photo bomb in 2nd picture
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    Ok so since @Thomas Browne @Barb Bliss @LuckyIke @Serge Darveau @RomyCat and others have been enthusiastic wanting to spend my money and ripping me for stalling on the castle tray I figured I’d give you all a chance to provide deep, insightful feedback of what I should do that’s just short of giving any of you my credit card information. heres the deal....tg is going to buy some form of rolling tray from these canine strong peeps. It’s definitive....just a matter of timing. The question is this.... ....do I buy a fancy wood dragon/castle tray that I’ve been wanting (fancy being wenge) or ....do I buy a fiery game master system. the answer of both is not permitted . I really can’t swing the mythic wood game system at this time. Upside is more functionality to gm and it definitely serves as a rolling tray :). The downside to the gm is I don’t rpg so I may not use its full use. Upside to rolling tray is getting a nicer wood and fancy shmancy art as I roll my dice. The downside to a rolling tray is that’s all it does (but looks damn sexy doing it) unless I’m mathing wrong both are similar in price. Gm might be a tad more if I get a wood sculpt. so.....go ahead and spend my money. Sending gin to @Barb Bliss is also prohibited as an answer
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    Definitely get the castle/dragon tray in Wenge! It’s a purchase you’ve had a lot longer to contemplate and one you will fully utilize. Plus how awesome is the concept of rolling dice in your own castle. Also if dragon was actually an option for you dragon. I love mine and it’s amazing. DMG has made it clear the GM screens are going to be on site and since you were contemplating a fiery in that anyway you won’t be losing out in terms of a limited to campaign wood choice. Waiting on potentially getting this item gives you time to think about what you’d really want and also to save to afford whatever that would be. Also waiting gives you the chance to start an RPG(there are so many good ones) and see if maybe you would like to fully utilize it.
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    They usually just harass me in messages about my low-balling on the initial pledge. I almost always end up at least doubling my pledge in the pledge manager though.
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    Personally I'd say get what you've been wanting - the wenge castle tray. It's not like the GM systems won't be a regular option going forward if you want that as well eventually. Similar to you, I don't play many RPGs so other than as a 'closable' rolling tray, I'm not sure that I'm going for the GM system either.
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    I missed a handful of posts on this thread on Friday! That orange is stunning looking. DMG, you already have demon's blood red as an option. You should consider adding a "the great pumpkin" option.
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    Thanks for the heads up! I saw my email and was very confused. Let us know when you are ready to relaunch please!
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    Damn Kickstarter rules. The KS editing program for our project added a month to our length for the project. We reached out to KS but they couldn't/ wouldn't fix it. We had to cancel the project but will relaunch soon. Just waiting for approval from them for the new project page...which is identical to the old page.
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    Ok, the Adventure Case will have to wait... new Kickstarter demands my money in return for Bubinga awesomeness!
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    Now let's see if it makes it to the correct house...
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    I guess you have a soft spot in your heart for men of steel. I think I spent more time on the tiger's cape than the entire golem...
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    Really? Huh. I actually like the "animal" minis best. Liz Taylor, were whatevers, etc.
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    Good luck with day one of the new campaign!
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    Done. I have put duct tape over his keyboard!
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    I'm hoping for some rematches in the B1G tourney. I guess I'll just have to warm myself with being #1 or #2 depending on the poll until then.
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    Very jealous of you rpg game masters out there getting to pledge on that bad boy. such a beautiful piece of work. Makes me wish I played rpgs let alone had a group so I could justify to buy and utilize that beast. It’s a beautiful system and I’m sure you guys will have an excellent Kickstarter . Do keep Cameron away from posting too early. Last time he did that he cost me a couple hundred spots in line on one of your earlier kickstarters you did that
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    It’ll be like the travelocity gnome; pictures of Barb’s BoRo will start popping up at tourist destinations all over the world.
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    My dream is to someday find a supplier for Flame Box Elder Wood!
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    Still no coco delivery yet. It's been "out for delivery" for over 6 hours already!
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