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    Well just got a package from DMG and my items were beautifully wrapped in bubble wrap and just a little sawdust. The dragon is going to be for a friend’s birthday. I just bought it way in advance. Below it is my new slimline sheaths and the koa which is definitely the same size. Which means I have 5 so maybe one of them will be gifted! Love my new mini-sheath it’s super spacious inside and likely to double as a ring box/travel jewelry box! Such a handsome piece. Fiery deck box is fire! A very nicely constructed piece! Love that the top and bottom both have pips?(felt too) and that you gave me enough inserts for all of them. I don’t think I realized that before. I’m a little curious how well the magnets will do if I hold it from the top and fill it with cards. But all in all this one is supposed to be a gift for my brothers birthday in April. We will see if that actually happens. Also I realized I never photographed my cards stands for a proper who’s who so here we go!
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    I have an easier solution: get more minis
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    Don't pull a @tgpumpkin! Go for it!
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    This is true. Besides now that @Zoe has confirmed the new lick feature in future DMG products I can have my future boco taste like chocolate chip cookies next to my mocha/dark chocolate flavored dragon tray
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    Just wash your hands before you handle your wood.
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    You're going to need a bigger table.
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    That Tamarind in the background is stunning. Thanks for the pics. We tested the magnets on that box with cards and it will hold! It doesn't seem like it but it will.
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    I know 2 kiddos using their cocos today......
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    My working theory is that some postman in the Detroit hub is a CoCo backer in the high 2,000s, and is taking his lack of patience out on us.
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    It will probably take me that long just to unwrap the box :-)
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    And @Zoe cackles/gloats about being an enabler!
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    I hope that @Konas knows @Zoe is their secret upsell guru. And thus should be absolved of all suspicion of being the mole...
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    We had game night last night and I forgot to take pictures. But we were using 4 card stands parts of 3 cocos(quads and cards were amazingly useful) and my dragon tray! I think we just wanted be excuse to use as much as we could.
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    The beauty is there will always be something else cool coming down the pike. Don’t let FOMO rule the day, but when that cool piece comes up that just sings to you, maybe give in to the impulse...
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    @ElysianPeace for some reason this post was delayed. Absolutely beautiful pieces. Congrats
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    @Konas I checked out the replay, it was cool to be able to see some of the goods in action. I also see you added Black Limba as a regular option for the GM Systems; does this mean that Puzz’s dark powers and influence continue to grow? I would posit it would be from his beard becoming stronger and longer, but that is impossible, as he already rocks the Platonic Ideal of “Lumberjack Beard”.
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    Do you feed your dog Valium? Any dog I ever knew would be having a good hare day.
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    More evidence. Check out all the poop in that leftmost bush. They already killed the middle bush, so I replace that with a metal tree. Chew on that Thumper.
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    No one touches dads Coco......besides it was in use. Sadly I finished 2nd to the boy.
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    Don't do facebook. It is the devil.
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    Those look great! Are the kids banned from using the Orange CoCo!?!?!
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    We are doing a Facebook live in a moment. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/dogmightgames/
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    I think I need to borrow Sawdust for a while.
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    Wow...thinks are really ... hoppenin....in your yard there @Barb Bliss
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    I wasn't kidding about the rabbits...
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    Not sure, I'll have to ask him
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    Here I just thought it was frustrated Walverines targeting OSU and MSU fans.
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    @Barb Bliss the wrap job inside was exceptionally well done. One of the best I’ve ever seen. Outstanding. I do hope you don’t have the same box issues as I did.
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    But by 4:10 then you should be happily fondling BoRo.
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    Could be some ideas for my dragons, using spell lol
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    I seem to recall you scoffing at me when I said I needed to cut back. Not sure how many sides your mouth has, but there seems to be at least 2 of them.
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    Here's my most recently finished mini. It's Hroke from Arena Rex, which we just started playing. The game is really fun and casual but the minis are made of a resin that is probably the closest to pro painting competition quality that I've seen for a miniature game.
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    Here's a bust I recently finished for an upcoming competition. It was my first time really focusing on skin tones and facial shading using cool and hot colors. Oh and I snagged a scrap of Bocote from work for the base.
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