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    Sometimes you behave like a big, round headed kid.
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    I seem to recall you scoffing at me when I said I needed to cut back. Not sure how many sides your mouth has, but there seems to be at least 2 of them.
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    yeah but if you buy 1 more then you have an even 4. 3 just doesn't make sense. Personally I think if you love something you should jump on it already. Don't act like a big, round headed kid See...2 people can play at this game.
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    Fun fact. My buddy John (he was in one of my garden pictures), when he was a kid, used to get his hair cut by Charles Shultz's father.
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    The last half hour I’ve been staring at it wondering if I should hold out or take the plunge. Damn you @LuckyIke
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    Could be some ideas for my dragons, using spell lol
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    Yes, yes it is. I remember my days of working with power tools for like 40 hours straight with no sleep. Not my best work by the end of it Back in college theater tech days 25+ years ago.
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    Glad you got some sleep. Sadly, 9pm is when I go to bed most work nights. That 4:30 am alarm comes around pretty quickly. Bowling was a disaster last night. We bowled against the worst team, and got swept. I beat my average by 1 pin once, came within sniffing distance once, and was 30 pins under the middle game, and I was by far the best bowler on the team for the night.
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    I fell asleep at 9pm last night and it was a blessing. I can actually open my eyes when I am on the tablesaw...which is extremely helpful.
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    Coo. If it's cheaper for you, you can bundle the shipping with the dice box.
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    That was different. That was when you were buying pieces that I was trying to buy... not when you aren't buying pieces I'm trying to avoid buying
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    I was going to react you your comment, but I can't add any more reactions today. When is Lindsey or Zoe going to fix that?
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    Obviously not since there is a piece of BoRo you haven't bought yet
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    I'm perfectly capable of spending my own money Thomas.
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    She's a beauty. But I don't think this gal needs 3 skirmish boxes.
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    You will end up with some great stuff if you did that. I'd turn a blind eye to other consequences of that action.
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    Good catch! Thanks for trying to use my credit card I was actually considering a castle in wenge though that one is solid. . Tough thing with DMG is you worry you’ll see a piece you’ll love even more
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    Think more like Star Trek II with the bug crawling into your ear and controlling you. At least if Barb had her way.
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    Looking at my mammoth dices, my CoCo XL Rolling Trays with a depth of 0.75" won't be usefull for them. D48: 1.25" D60, D100: 1.5" D120: 2" So new order, the Rolling Trays with a depth of 1.25" will be awesome, and one side for my compass dice, the other for the battle.
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