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    So CMON has begun US fulfillment of Rising Sun, which is set in a mythical feudal Japan, and in typical CMON fashion, features minis of various monsters, demi-gods, and the like. While the game should perhaps be viewed as a very loose interpretation of the setting and mythology, e.g. Blood Rage, some backers have taken issue with the inaccurate and inconsistent conventions used to name the map regions, and discussions regarding cultural appropriation have sprung up on BGG. However, there is one particular instance of inattention to detail that is much, much funnier. One of the KS Exclusive stretch goals was for a mythical creature named Kotahi. Recently, one Japanese speaking BGG user posted saying despite his best efforts he couldn't find any history related to this character. It turns out CMON used Wikipedia for their research and didn't verify their sources! Kotahi is actually the first name of a 19-year-old farmer from New Zealand, and is a Maori word meaning "unity". Kotahi's mate in Australia made up the Wikipedia entry to poke fun at his buddy, and it seems that CMON used that page to create their character. Kotahi is not a board gamer, but joined BGG to participate in the thread. CMON owned up to their mistake and it sounds like they will be sending him and his buddy copies of the game. BGG Thread New Zealand News Article Has anyone else come across similar board game-related anecdotes?
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    This thread makes me miss the Log Blog! Mike's been slacking!
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    DMG has been really knocking it out of the park with all the fancy woods cropping up for sale. I thought I would start a thread for discussing all these new and unique woods most of us have never heard of, for general ogling, and for info about the merits of the finer lumber things in life. The best source I've found for my personal research has been The Wood Database. I particularly like it for checking out different images of the grain/color, hardness, and for sustainability (if the wood is listed on the CITES Appendices and/or the IUCN Red List). As a bonus it lists what odor might fill the DMG workshop while they are working it (looking at you Bocote, you dill pickle-smelling beauty, you). The Wood Database Link Where do you guys like to go for your wood research?
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    It's looking really good.
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    I think he has a legit excuse. Once he gets my cocos in my hand, then we can get on his case.
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    I think it's just tough to find interesting enough grain patterns in the smaller pieces that DMG produces maybe. It's somewhat popular in the Acoustic guitar world as a veneer, but doesn't make good tone wood.
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    Doesn't do much for me. Neither does the buckeye (sorry @tgpumpkin)
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    I can't wait to see people start to use them! We used ours for Tokaido and Jamaica this weekend (just used a few tiles) and it was awesome. Although I now wish we had a bonsai tree and crossbones tiles.
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    Probably! I did check and the difference in size does translate to a slightly shallower interior as well, but not by much. It’s certainly not a problem as there’s still more then enough depth for dice(All that matters for me), but I am considering pulling out a game with minis and testing out if there’s a difference there for science. Properties of the wood is definitely something to consider, I think the only thing I regret about the shiny new woods dog might brings in is that I don’t know enough about them to appreciate them like the Kickstarter/wood blog ones.
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    Looks like a head of a fox or a wolf running in the wind
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    So my spalted tamarind came in and while I was admiring it I thought I’d take some pictures of the koa too. The photos don’t do koa justice it’s even prettier in person. Though I was surprised to notice they had a little bit of a size difference! Still they are gorgeous and I love them both.
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    Redheart did come out great and is my favorite of the group, padauk second (I like the red tones and grains look great), chechen next, canarywood next, fiery green last but still love it (and the green carved Cthulhu is my second favorite carved piece behind the planet which looks beyond great in person). I'm liking them all and a good mix of colors to fit any game!
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    Serge, I showed this video to my niece a few weeks ago (before the Kickstarter actually launched). She plays a rogue in our Pathfinder campaign. Her first response was, "You have to get those dice for me." So, being the loving aunt I am, as soon as the Kickstarter opened, I backed it. A rogue got to have proper tools like daggers and poison.
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    @Barb Bliss I’ve also decided that bocote would taste like chocolate chip cookies with the new lick feature.
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    Having found out a video game I loved and spent a lot of money on will be shutting down and giving refunds on the same day I got the Dog Might Survey? Might be telling me to get that Bubinga Adventure Case. We'll see how much money I get.
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    As it usually goes, I said to myself "well if it's still there when I get back from lunch, I guess I'll buy it." and sure enough, it was still there
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    Lindsey is featured on the Tuesday Knight Podcast to talk about Dog Might's new game - Countdown: Action Edition!
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