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    I realized that I never posted the photos that I promised of the completed project from my first woodworking class. So here they are. A simple, classic cherry box with walnut accents that the instructor had us build using various techniques that got us some practice on each of the tools in the shop. The class was fun, and I love the end result, but I think this type of woodworking isn't for me. The precision required to get every cut exactly right, then cleanly glue the pieces together was and interesting project but it didn't call out to me as a hobby. OTOH, the shop also offers classes on turning wood for bowls and pens and I'm thinking I might give that a try to see if I find that a more enjoyable project.
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    Having played with some 3D printed stuff recently I can safely say I have no regrets and am super excited for the real stuff to head my way.
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    Livestream Epic Freeze Frame High Five!
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    Watch your wallet... 575 000 $ 21 days left 363 000 £ 20 days left Nice game but too expensives for me...
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    Nice joke for the cops with this no authorized night parking in the street... You have done our evening hahahahaha...
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