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    Hello again all! I've been a bit absent as the holidays were CRAZY for me. That being said, and with the holidays in mind, I figured I'd post the following... Wondering if anyone else acquired new games for Christmas this year. I received, Charterstone and Nusfjord. I also as a gift to myself ordered The Gallerist. I also participated in the BGG Secret Santa exchange this year, and I received Le Havre, Lords of Waterdeep and Coup. All in all I was very fortunate this year and thankful for all the great gifts. I'd be interested to hear what everyone else got. Happy New Year to everyone!
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    I just wanted to say everyone's work is very impressive. Makes me want to pull my paintbrushes out right now. It is very cold here also (we are having a cold snap), discouraging me from painting. Instead, I have been playing lots of games which came in over the holidays, including finishing up the Charterstone campaign. I did get several minis for Christmas which I am excited to soon paint. Alas, I do have to head back to work tomorrow. Christmas break is about over for us teachers. Hopefully it warms up a bit and I can find some time to paint.
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    Merry New Year everyone! I too have finally gotten back to painting after a slump of no motivation. Luckily, new minis being announced all over have gotten me excited to return and get my skills back up to snuff before they hit the painting table, so I've actually finished things. And the cold nights over the weekend made for nights in with tea and paint. It hasn't been -5, just a balmy 15, but the wife isn't a huge fan of anything under 40 so we had a nice weekend in with crafts and games. @Barb Bliss Love seeing your new stuff. I can definitely see improvement with each update, especially on skin! It's looking better with every mini! Keep up the excellent work. @Zoxe I've started dipping into my backlog of unpainted Warhammer minis to finish up half-complete paintjobs and stuff that I bought 2 years ago and didn't even prime I'll probably take a break here and there to do some of my stuff from Hordes and random things I bought to put on a display shelf though. I definitely have more than enough plastic/resin/metal to keep me occupied for the rest of the year, and much more coming from Kickstarter in the spring (I have a problem...) This weekend I did up this guy, a Tzaangor Shaman from Games Workshop. Not too happy with the tabard, so I'll probably go back and redo it at some point, but for now it looks pretty good in the case. It also needs some touch-ups on the horns.
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    We’re 3 games into it and loving it so far. A little confusing at times but for the most part great. I also backed boxthrine for storage purposes
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