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    The new coco is working great! Thanks DMG!
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    Great article, Lindsey. Although I prefer to be play a Villain, I do enjoy being the occasional hostage as well. One question, who ate the piece of pizza from the delivery guy's box?
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    Actually, that was why I first put the game on my BGG wishlist, I wanted trees to use in Gloomhaven. When my Secret Santa sent me the game I was delighted. I enjoy the game and love the artwork. The trees are very sturdy and make great props for RPG’s and other games,
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    Well, this was the first one. But you didn't find it, so I posted at the other place. Note: I cooked up my Halloween pumpkin earlier this week, and made pies yesterday. Ummm. I couldn't help myself.
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    @Blinkus Maximus it's a fun one. After playing it, my FLGS owner nfortunately couldn't order stock from her distributor, Blue Orange Games can be tricky in this regard sometimes. Bonus use for the components, you have a great looking forest ready for RPGs or various minis games!
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