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  1. My first DMG product came today! My new Dragon Sheath looks amazing in Demons Blood. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and now am looking forward to my Coco and Hero Sleeves even more.
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  2. Creating a thread for people to post photos of their Dog Might Products at home. I've got a bunch, but I wanted to start out with this Card Stand Bundle that I recently got. I decided to Card Stands as a way to narrow my CoCo tile needs - now each player at my table can use a card stand with their CoCos instead of the Card, Double, or Slots tiles. Hey Lumberjacks, can you tell me which woods my randomly selected card stands are. I'm thinking it's Leopardwood, Black Walnut, Canarywood(?), Purpleheart(!), Ash with Early American finish(?)
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  3. I put it to good use tonight. Maybe not the intended use, but I played a solo game of Terraforming Mars and it held my resource cubes quite nicely.
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