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    So now that I have 3 DMG things, I thought I'd finally post them to show them off! Photo Dump GO! First of all, my Adventure Case in dark walnut. I went with the flaming sword because I thought it would look great closed or set up as the GM screen because it doesn't matter if it's upside down! I attend a medieval LARP, and my character runs a gaming table in the tavern as a business, so naturally I intend to bring my adventure case as a cool box to hold games in, rather than keep it at home holding dice. Here it is with 6 full microgames and pieces for a couple of others stored inside, ready to display at Teridan's Gaming Table! Continuing the flames theme, I got a Dragon Sheath also in walnut, which holds my fire themed dice. Here's my Hero Sleeve in benge wood with Galaxy Dice too. Didn't need a full Bone Box and (at the time) didn't know I'd be getting the wonderful gifted discount that lead to the Adv Case and Sheath. But I'm happy to have it for a more compact dice transport, and I may use it at LARP as well to hold wooden dice in the future. Thank you Dog Might for this wonderful stuff! The case has become the centerpiece of my gaming display at home, with the other two also in attendance. I'm excited to get the Travel Dice Tower and my CoCos to join them.
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    It's a beautiful rainy Thursday and even though Sawdust is spending it snoozing away the rest of Dog Might is hard at work. The Raid the Castle event was a huge success and over 13 hours of D&D marathon sessions were held over the weekend. Here you can see the table start to buckle under the weight of beers, candy, and Dog Might gear. Hopefully this event will continue to grow as Dog Might continues to invade the gaming world. Thanks to everyone who helped make this weekend one of the most fun events we've ever had! More dice are in the works for Friday's Dice Drop and these are proving to be the most jaw dropping ones yet. In particular the Cocobolo and the Red Heart sets will be extremely hard to part with. We've also been shipping CoCos and Hero Sleeves like crazy this week so hopefully many excited Barkers saw a surprise shipping notification in their inbox. The Dog Might office library continues to grow with these new additions. We are super excited to get some of these on the table tomorrow after our Friday Meeting. This was a surprise donation to the shop so thank you mysterious benefactor and we will spill many beers on them in your honor. That's all for this week! Lindsey
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    I tested everyone! The d12 is a little tight (not tight like I had to wedge it in there or anything it went in and came out fine, but it’s definitly as large as it can be), but everything fits and the lid closed no problem. No worries on this end.
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    As we Vikings continue to learn, evolve, and grow stronger we will be bringing you all sorts of cool new stuff. This is why, starting this week, there will be weekly news reports of all the craziness happening here at Dog Might HQ! Lets jump right in with something that everyone's looking forward to...Friday's Dice Drop. We've got some amazing new sets coming your way and a few other surprises so make sure to check in this Friday at 1:00 p.m. EST to grab legendary dice before their gone! You can see currently available wooden dice here http://dogmight.com/woodendice The first Raid the Castle event is this weekend at the amazing Ravenwood Castle. Ravenwood is a board game resort that resides in a real life castle with plenty of thematic villages that dot the mountain. With specially themed game rooms, a dungeon bar, and massive game library it's a Valhalla for board game fanatics everywhere. Some lucky Dog Might fans (and some very lucky Lumberjack Vikings) will be spending this weekend here gaming, drinking, and eating for 3 straight days. Special Edition Dog Might Products will be handed out to guests and a very special custom designed D&D adventure will be DM'd by the legendary Mike Konas himself. We hope to make this a Dog Might yearly tradition so make sure to comment if you'd like to participate in future raids. Just like a tank topped action hero driving a rocket scooter Countdown Action Edition continues to move towards production at a fantastic speed. This is primarily due to all the amazing editors and volunteers who helped us get the editing done crazy fast. A big thanks to everyone who is helping to move this project ahead of schedule. As a thank you I will leave here a yet unseen piece of artwork. These jar brains are the Hitler Decoys that will try to throw off the scent of the Action Hero. Check back next week for more news!
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    Hero sleeve (in Wenge) and my burnished copper dice arrived today. I am going to update my tetanus shots in case my daughter leaves the razor sharp d4 on the floor...
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    Kickstarter fulfillement arrived yesterday! More BoRo in the house! Nice, compact dice sleeves. Won't fit my KDM sets (too many dice) or the wooden dice (they're just a bit too big) but the Polys fit great. Very happy with the grain; we got some sapwood and some figured grain.
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    Dog Might, I want to think you for your kindness. You made my daughter's day. Her Dragon Sheath came in today with the dice and card. She wanted me to tell you "It's awesome! I love it!" Thanks for making her birthday gift even more special. Your personal attention to your customers is what keeps us around.
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    One of my friends recently returned from living in Pakistan. While there she commissioned an amazing set of furniture. The woodworker had carved antique Rosewood beam originally from a castle in Multan. She had him build a dining table, coffee table, and two end tables using the beam, along with other pieces of antique Rosewood for the table tops. The things look ridiculously cool. She didn’t know beyond “Rosewood” what the specific wood species was, but man does it look great. Coffee table: Side of coffee table: Top of dining table: Legs of dining table, old beam: Underside of dining table, this is the center portion of the beam, and is carved on three sides: End table: So yeah, I’m jealous.
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    What are some sculpts you'd like to see DMG add on as options? Here's what I'd like to see (trying to stay away from licensed stuff): 1. Japanese mountains and trees scene. 2. A castle 3. Roaring lion head 4. Holy Knight or just a regular knight.
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    Alright, I figure the best way for me to finally clear the hurdle of going to a convention since it will probably be on my own is to just force the issue. I bought my pass for the Nexus Game Fair in May, so I will check it out and share my findings.
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    My niece loved it and so do I. The picture above does not do justice to how beautiful the deep read really is on the sheath (looks more brownish in this picture). As my DMG dice tower from Kickstarter will also be demon's blood, I can say I am excited about how the red will look. I am impressed with the signed card. Thanks everyone at DMG, even Sawdust. He has the neatest signature I have ever seen for a dog.
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    Bocote and Chakte Preto! I decided to follow the throw a plastic for size tactic! also here’s Canarywood boulder pt1 soon to be renamed! The boulder fits in my hand so well! It’s very fun to play around with.
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    Finally back in front of a laptop and not just my phone. Has been a crazy week followed by a long weekend out of town. Here are my Yucatan Rosewood Polys. Was one of the initial offerings before the public release. The green inlays aren't for everyone but I love them. First picture is on our bay windowsill in natural light on a sunny day. Second picture is in my photo booth and a little diffused lighting (nothing fancy). As advertised, they are light in the hand, but have a much more pleasing texture compared to boring plastic. We have another D20 that arrived Friday, but I scrammed out the door to make our weekend commitment and only just opened it. It's intended for Mrs. Zoxe, so she needs to see it before I post pics.
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    It’s one of the whole empty ones. It looks like the flat bottom part usually looks! They come right out, no glue or anything. So here’s one of my slimlines that I took the foam out of.
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    That’s awesome! A gorgeous sheath with which to destroy her enemies. She must be a pretty cool cat. I hope she had a wonderful birthday!
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    Love it! And I double love that Cameron and company have adopted that awesome birthday pic! The dragon sheath looks gorgeous, I’m sure she will cherish it.
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    We aren't going to have as many as we would like tomorrow but a good spread. Not many new single d20s. Mostly sets. But we are primed to make a ton next week. We had a little trouble with the new 4th Axis that slowed things down. Still some special ones though. 2 Pau Rosa sets, by the way.
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    I’m glad you’re facing the cocobolo head on, because it just looks too nice. Build up your resistance and you’ll be able to face down Vizzini no problem. Inconceivable!
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    Left to right Black and white ebony, red palm, and granadillo! Spalty set then Cocobolo!
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    Happy to help! I figured you two had to wear the M of shame, but you could at least have a cutie dog with it!
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    I'm expecting another die today or tomorrow, but here's my stash so far, minus the Chacate Preto which has found a new home with Jaemus.
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    I'm curious how the Raiders' new coach is going to change things. The first time around, I really loved how the fans latched onto how much he looked like the Chuckie doll. I thought it was epic. My favorite was Chuckie doll dressed in a Raiders jersey, swinging from a stick with a noose around its neck. When he was doing the draft analysis gig, he really like MSU's old QB Connor Cook. We'll see if that was just TV or if he really meant it. The Twins are going to make some noise this year, I think. The young players are fun to watch, and they got 2 new pitchers (plus one back from injury). And how could I forget about Kirk Cousins coming to the Vikings!
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    New arrivals: Tambootie, Leopardwood, and Pink Ivory/Pink Elephant D6. Note: something rotated the picture 90 degrees.
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    Update - the legendary Kotahi has received a complimentary copy of the game with signed personal messages from game designer Eric Lang. BGG Thread s
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    Getting old stinks. My memory isn't what it used to be. Turns out I bought a grandillo die after a big glass of gin. p.s. popcorn sheaf for dark bloodwood polys. p.p.s. I need a lumberjack to fix my table.