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    There's a bunch of conspiracy theories proposed on these forums...Dusty Doom...Game Tables....1,000 page threads....I am sure @tgpumpkin can help in this regard.
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    I have a game "night" on 12/22. The plan is to play Roll Player, and then take them on a journey to "War in Christmas Village". I WELCOME ANY/ALL IDEAS AS TO WHAT TO DO. I thought I'd have fortune teller tell them to follow the white rabbit (ala Neo and the matrix and Jefferson Airplane). Then there is a bunny ("Cotton") with a gun belt slung over one shoulder. I'll have him running by saying "We're late!" over and over and "Come on! Come on then." here and there while waving his six shooter over his head. They have to follow or we can just start drinking. They'll get into a sheltered glen. The bunny then will say something like "Thank you for coming, but I have a feeling you're going to be sorry you did. By the way, I hope you like snow." Then the portal zips them to the north pole. The 50,000 foot level premise is that there is a Krampus like woman named (a little help here). She was beautiful and popular once, but has since been transformed into an evil creature by a warlock that she spurned. So now she's determined to wipe out happiness in the world, and what a better start than to destroy Christmas from the inside out. She cast a spell over Christmas Village. She has Santa believing all children are not nice. Instead of giving toys that would be loved, he's got the elves developing deadly toys. Note: The elves are happy to oblige, as they are tired of making toys for kids and then seeing them ignored because it's not an electronic device. So far they've created evil toys like Chuckie, treent Christmas trees, and mimic presents. The reindeer are also affected by the spell. Rudolf has started turning into a zombie, and Blitzen has taken to walking on 2 legs, drinking, shooting, and smoking Camels. Anyhoo, Mrs Claus sees the changes in her husband (and elves, reindeer, et.al.) but can't convince him that what he's doing is wrong. Others like her (of strong constitution), have been quietly banding together to figure out what's going on and try to fix the problem. The Easter Bunny and Burl Ives Snowman are allies of Mrs Claus. The snowman has some magic ability of his own, and creates a portal for the Easter Bunny to bring heros to help save Christmas. Note: When Santa flies off on Christmas eve, if the house is inhabited by Michigan fans that never went to the school (aka Walverines), he's to put lumps of coal in their stockings and bludgeon any children found inside with the coal sock. Madam Krampus may be evil and all, but if she's going to eat children, it might as be little Walverines. The world would be a better place less of them strutting around. I have the Christmas Treent (how evil are your branches) and packages, fighting elves, and these. The top link I have in my hot little hands (where bunny ideas came from), but the bottom two have to ship yet. They say the 12th for ship date, but I live about 10 miles from a distribution center, and sometimes I get lucky and things ship fast if the items are in that distribution center and another deliver is going to my street. So bear that in mind when making suggestions. https://www.amazon.com/War-Christmas-Village-Mistletoe-Misfits/dp/B07N3WSMQQ/ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075MBSB1W/ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07N3YFVY7/ I'll post more pictures as I take them. The elves are done, and the evil toy is close to being done.
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    Thread necro! Updating with a few more random items. Hobby Lobby Round #8 Brushes - (Probably available elsewhere if you have a political aversion to HL.) These are cheap synthetic brushes that have gained prominence with some pro painters for their ability to quickly basecoat and apply washes. You can jam paint in the cracks without ruining a large $30 natural fur brush. However, they also maintain their tip pretty well, and with some practice you can pull off some amazing details. With care, they last awhile but if you need to sacrifice one you're out less than 50 cents. As the year has gone on, we've moved further away from ArmyPainter and more towards Reaper paints. I finally found a replacement for my much beloved AP Necromancer Cloak. Reaper Carbon Gray is nearly identical in color, but has the thinner consistency that I like from Reaper. See my description above for how I use this dark gray color. That being said, I'm still clinging to some ArmyPainter colors that will stay in the rack. I love their Gun Metal (dark silver metallic). Their Matt Black is very thin from the bottle, dries smooth. Staying with Paint for a moment, we tried the new Monument Paints. (I am a paint addict!!). Their Bold Pyrrole Red is the best Red I've tried and is now my go-to for anything requiring a fire engine color. Ok more Paint (I said I'm an addict!) - Scale75's Metal and Alchemy Gold set was worth the money. Two colors in particular were game changers: Necro Gold is a greenish-brown gold that I use for shadows. Dwarven Gold is a warm/reddish gold that goes over the top of the Necro gold for base color. The two colors work surprisingly well together. Note: I've had super good luck with the S75 golds, but I also got the Silver set and actually didn't care for them (I went back to AP for silvers!).
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    Santa Claus is going to war! Mimic packages. Pretending and ready for attacking...
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    So @Thomas Browne, we got in about 800 board feet of walnut today, the biggest order we have ever gotten. I was perusing some of the boards and found these. Hard to tell with just a rough cut on them but there is something special here. Let me know if you're interested. No pressure at all. Either way, thought it would be cool to post them as roughs and let everyone see how they turn out. Thomas, send me a note if you see something that speaks to you.
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    I wonder what colors would stream out for @EdInSeattle or @Serge Darveau...
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    I am declaring the KDM Gigalion and the Giga-Survivors to be done! Again! (I've said this before, hah). I actually bought 2 of this kit - one to paint quickly and one to hold and maybe do for a contest piece. The survivors are super detailed and are all equipped with some iconic gear. I did them in the same monochromatic flavor of my set (warm buttercream colors for heroes, grays and blues for monsters). When I set out, I wasn't going to fill any of the mold lines and gaps, but relented and did a halfway job. One of my regrets is not spending an extra session or two here smoothing these out, since I kept getting pulled back to the "fast" version to tweak things. Edit: Work in progress pics HERE: https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2019/12/hot-of-desk-kingdom-death-gigalion.html
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    @Garet Jax. Confirmed that the pawns do fit just fine on the GM screen.
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    I'm calling this one done. Lots of details not really painted but I have another whole army after this one to do for this game...we don't need to talk about the other games ...
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    Just received Gardens of Babylon
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    You got some good wood there @Konas. 🙊
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    My most played game this year is Terraforming Mars. I just can’t get enough of that game. I’m very excited to see what the Turmoil expansion has in store to mix things up even more. The game that surprised me the most was Parks, by Keymaster Games. I had put in a retailer pledge based largely on the aesthetics, but after receiving the copies and trying it out, immediately knew it was a hit and ordered several more cases. Great components, good balance of ease of learning with strategic choices, nice theme, compact box with immaculately thought out insert - it hit all the right notes. This one is our indie darling of the year. Runner up for sleeper hit for me has been We’re Doomed by Breaking Games. It plays 4-10 players, 15 minutes, wacky gameplay, super enjoyable experience. I like that it has the high player count but isn’t a hidden role game. It’s semi co-op in that you are all working together on “The Project” to save some of humanity from a world ending disaster. However, just because you contributed the most resources doesn’t mean you have a seat. Whoever has generated the most influence gets the first seat, then second and so on. There is an events deck that has wildly diverse and unpredictable happenings that throw even the most team-oriented group into chaos. Plus you can nuke each other. The short play time helps mitigate hurt feelings, and while the stakes feel high in the moment, when it’s all said and done it’s just a quick flip of the sand timer and everyone is right back in for another round. I have also adored Wingspan, my wife is addicted and loves to play it with me - I always appreciate a game that she wants to have hit the table. My new prototype trays are full of Wingspan bits right now
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    I am late to the party, but here's my answers! What’s the game you played the most this year? By total play time, that would be Dropfleet Commander. Several all day competitive events through 2019 plus prep time, misc hotseating and list building, and a 1v1 game with Mrs. Zoxe adds up. I'm still just scratching the surface on the game, and readily admit that I don't know all the rules, but I kinda dig it. If we're restricted to "boardgames" then I think I have to say Shadows of Brimstone. Still a staple, though don't play enough. We started a campaign with a self-written narrative; got about halfway to the big bad that I'd planned before we got distracted. Game that surprised you the most? Others have voted for Kingdom Death for other categories, and I don't mean to start controversy re: the minis/artwork. This year at Gencon we played a marathon campaign with another friend "running" the game. Mrs. Zoxe and I have played a bit, with our interpretation of the rules and strategies, and I intentionally don't seek out spoilers or troll the online strategy boards. Watching someone else steer a group of random friends through a campaign really pried my eyelids open on what this game "could be." I walked away with a much better appreciation of what the game engine offered. The same group will be reassembling over Thanksgiving, so I'm looking forward to another marathon session - hopefully the Butcher doesn't eat us this time. Game you regret the most not backing? Honestly - no regrets. But if I have to pick one, probably Midarra. It looks awesome, but came into 2019 with a New Years resolution to not back any more sprawling KS games. Midarra is the game that almost caused me to break my vow, but I stayed strong.
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    Wow, the bottle stoppers are even nicer in person than on the site--what a surprise. (I was right, BTW--the griffin is a handsome boy!)
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    Ha, I'd have been surprised if you could--it's very beautiful, but also very "every day" compared to some of your technically challenging pieces! Although I bet assembling the top halves of the ACs can be a PITA...
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    New sets of minis due to arrive tomorrow! Great news.
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    Are you calling us underdogs demon's @Anne? "And then Anne was fired!" (although @Konas would probably agree with you sometimes)
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    @tgpumpkin I require reading on all the DMG conspiracy theories. As a fan of conspiracy theories, it's incredibly valuable to my ability to do my job.
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    With the emergence (please fund!!!) of the gingerbread gang, I'm thinking maybe the villain for this one should be Santa's brother (evil twin that was exiled until he escaped) and save the hag for the follow on. The campaign suggested the name Sugarplum Mary Sparklepants. Had been evil twin's sweetheart until he was whisked away.
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    Not sure. But is feels like if a site doesn't have certain things or has certain things that are not secure, it won't launch. And if too many hits happen (like KS), it gets blocked. It's annoying anyway. You have a problem, google the problem, find a link that may have a solution, SORRY you can't see it. smh.
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    A new experimental stain? Underdog blood.
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    fyi, this is up on KS now. The Gingerbread Gang!
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    Cool. That ought to be a KS stretch goal. A day at the shop making something on maker day.
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    Ah, yes, I see it now. I am very excited to try this method with little touches of my own style. I use a lot of washes now, sometimes only using them and dry brushing. Works well and it is quick. It's got to be fairly quick for me for all regular models. PS. That thing we discussed earlier via email is a go. Keep it on the DL for now por favor.
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    Hi, just curious about the plexiglass initiative trackers. Are they solid or do they have a split to allow you to slide in character portraits?
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    Many thanks wxcougar!
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    Sound choice. I painted Massive Darkness first. Then Village Attacks, though I've got the expansion(s) coming smh. Now it's Grimm Forest and my War in Christmas Village figures. The only deviation is "the evil toy" from Rise of Moloch. I'm almost done with him. I thought he'd go well with the War in Christmas Village sets.
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    There's no right or wrong way to get started and it depends what your end goals are or what style you prefer. In general though, I recommend hobby grade paints (and a premade set can be good value, Reaper is available via Amazon), a decent primer (I don't personally recommend rattle cans anymore, but Vallejo surface primer and stynlrez can be brushed on by hand) and a set of decent brushes (Army Painter Most Wanted still get use on every project). Beyond that all you really need is some paper towels, a solo cup, and a plastic disposable plate. For other tools, I wrote this a couple of years ago, and it's still mostly relevant. https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2017/11/zoxes-getting-started-guide.html?m=1
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    I'm glad to see he's back to making lethal weapons again.
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    Calling these vehicles done. (Not the bases I am out of flock)
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    It's hard to say how much snow is on the ground, what with all the blowing and the varying amounts of melting when it hit the ground. On top of the pergola, it looks like 10". On the front steps it looks like 6". And it's still coming down. My neighbor Kevin and his family bailed out of town for Wisconsin right after work yesterday. Smart.
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    Ready for assembly Here's where I am today. The initial prep done for the 3 main hull pieces, and I've roughed in the smaller doodads (antennae, engines, and cannons). I need to glue and pin the 3 main hull sections. Every time I sit down to commit to assembly, I find more mold lines and spend a couple of hours with files and x-acto knives to make things more perfect. Part of this is apprehension about screwing it up, and some of this is just my OCD about mold lines. I have one last thing to fix - the Aft Hull and Center Hull don't actually line up very well. I did my 1:1 with Aaron this past Tuesday and he agreed that I'll need to trim off the Z-bend and then get creative with the putty. In theory this is a 30 second task with my garage bench grinder, but there's always that seed of doubt in the back of my head.
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    Still not done yet, but getting there.
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    I did some more work on my dragon tonight. I'm starting to feel satisfied. Hope to get a picture sent tomorrow.
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    Too pretty to be lethal.
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    Having the same comment on a facebook gaming group.
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    Better late than never. What’s the game you played the most this year? Azul for me, followed by Welcome To.... Game that surprised you the most? Hm, many games lived up to what I expected. Perhaps a surprised gem was Ramen Fury which you can pick up at Walmart for $10. Fast, fun game which makes me hungry whenever I play it. Game you regret the most not backing? Originally Obsession from a few years ago, but it came back a few months go and I did back it this time.
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    Something flat without sculpt or engraving. Like a sentinel or screen. Or if you were to make another skirmish box out of really pretty stuff, I would buy it.
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    Honestly - you were just a 'random find' on KS when I ordered the dice chest. Hadn't heard of you before that.
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    I'd love to swap mine (chechen) for yours. I tried to be a good girl for too long.
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    I wood leaf this alone if I could - but I just can't. I'm a sap for the easy joke.
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    You didn't think I was sitting her pine-ing away for your response, did you? I'm not that board.
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    In no particular order: Euphoria (expansion makes really good become great) Grimm Forest - delightful with some fun backstabbing mechanics (that can blow up in your face if you're unlucky - yes I have some experience holding my own exploding bomb) Fallen Angel Nemesis Concordia Lisboa Roll Player Gugong Macao Trogdor!!! p.s. I suck at Chronicles of Crime...
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    BFF was kind enough to send me a photo of hers ! We made them over video chat since she lives in Canada for work.
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    What ghost chopper and I have done with a few DMG products
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    My new Heart Ripper Blade looks awesome with my other DM items....OK, technically @RomyCat bought the bat, but I took it as soon as it came in and have been using it. So I am claiming it as mine. (Sorry, the lighting was not that great.The dagger is much darker than it appears.)
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