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    The player pad I got for my wife arrived last week and I finally was able to pry it away from her long enough to get a picture. The 4e cover came out great and she absolutely loves it.
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    Stay home... time to create meme or play game... both.
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    Something happened in the stock room this morning... I was collecting orders to send to our shipping station, and all of a sudden the lights started to flicker. The room went completely dark, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a massive shape scurry into the back room where @Josh keeps track of all the orders. I went and investigated against my better judgement, but everything looked totally normal. Super weird.
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    I ended up 3d printing organizers for mansions of madness there was just to much stuff to have piles sitting around. They all have covers too so clean up is easy and still all fits in the box.
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    My partner and I played The Isle of Cats today! We absolutely love it. I did, however, comment that I’d sell my soul right now to have a Token Shield on the table 😂 . We made do with the top of my Sentinel
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    Hey all! I'm still around, albeit hunkered down at home during these crazy times. Last night my CoCo helped in a solo game of Chocolate Factory.
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    It's look really nice. (facebook video)
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    That D20 is really sexy. Without any other intent, I have to say that you have a real nice set.
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    My Macassar Ebony with Malachite inlay dice :).
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    Yea 4e gets a bad rep some times but it's fun its really combat focused (last week 1 of my turns in combat took 10 mins to finish) and there is alot of math.
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    All hail The Fire Dragon ! I'm glad you're happy with your player pad Barb
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    Player pad from the Fire Dragon KS. Oof da! Now I have to figure out which side to display.
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    I think that was Jaemus' astral projection spell, checking up on his player pads.
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    The person that bought that screen had Lord of Bats in his email!
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    Yeah, it is the initiative tracker on top that clicks in and lights it up. That's only the first go though. Hold tight because we had a fantastic idea over the weekend. More to come!
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    Not sure if this is funny - or just real.
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    @Barb Bliss Thank you for all the detail!! Great to hear that you find them a good weight and size for long sessions, that was one of my biggest questions. I think that size will work for me, too. Also sounds like the wire is very intelligently designed, per DMG's usual, and I'm glad to hear that the cork is replaceable. The dog in your photo looks great! Sounds like you've been having a great time with the painting handles. @WxCougar Thanks for info! Glad to hear it's comfortable for you and that even a large mini is holding on securely with just the tack and cork, very promising. Also good to get corroboration on the wire being easy to move, I frequently hop around to different places on the mini as I work, so I was concerned a fixed wire might get in my way. Thanks so much for the info, guys! Extremely helpful. I've had my eye on the mini painters since they came out, but I was planning to hold off until I could hold one myself at Origins. Given the situation, though, I'd like to support Dog Might sooner rather than later. I think I'll get a couple!
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    I've been struggling with this one, but leaning towards Mrs @tgpumpkin Another one very much in progress.
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    Barrels, bed, and mimic are now complete. I didn't take take anymore pictures except for the completed mimic. I kinda like how the floor turned out.
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    @Serge Darveau, Just cracking!
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    Québec and Gardens of Babylon. With the CoCo and my precious of course
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    Finally got to at mansions of madness. Played alone... Kids and wife didn't want to play and I borrowed it from a friend so had to atleast try it once before they want it back. Managed to survive the first scenario.
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    New order, will get it by the end of the week.
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    I'm doing some cleaning/cooking this weekend, so I took some trash and recycling out to the barrels in the alley. On the way back I noticed my spare (leave in car) reading glasses in the garden along the sidewalk. I looked EVERYWHERE for these glasses in December before giving them up for lost. They must have fallen into the powdery snow.
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    I received my player pad yesterday. It is quite lovely, especially with the custom lid. I don't know about the fire dragon, but I'm quite pleased with it. Now I just have to figure out if I'm going to display the front side or the back side.
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    Love to. It's a lot of fun.
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    Did it work? If it does, you'll see me in milling ASAP!
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    Valhalla screen accessories to please the fiery one
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    Aaron hard at work making Fire Dragon Player Pads
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    I told Paris that sprinkling maple shaving on himself would protect him from The Fire Dragon's wrath
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    LOL! I've come to the conclusion that women singers are discriminated against. When you meet the white tiger and see who's gotten booted, you'll SMH. Same for season 1's winner. AND if the singer was in their prime while most of the audience wasn't born or in elementary school, they won't last long.
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    I bought some paints/washes from Miniature Market, and was about $20 sort of the free shipping. So I decided to get some accessory minis for future RPGs to get me to free shipping. Turns out they were about a 1-2 on the quality scale (1-10). Or in other words, pieces of crap. I decided to just fix the easiest stuff and not worry too much to make them look good. They're just accessories after all. They will look much better than a drawn rectangle or oval. I finished the pieces of crap barrels tonight, and got about 80% done with the pieces of crap beds. If you see these online, just know they are pieces of crap. Cameo appearances of my DMG mini painters. Note: wanted them freed up so I could get cats on them. In process really pieces of crap beds
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    Is there a "frightened" forum reaction that we could add? Asking for a friend. Definitely not me. 😰
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    I saw Jaemus' name on the list and wondered if it was the same one I've seen you mention. I'm looking forward to helping him follow The Fire Dragon via his player pad
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    Anne, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that is noticing The Fire Dragon's presence. Maybe people will finally start to believe
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    Like I said, I've been talking a LOT about Ark. I've been playing it for awhile now, and my favorite thing to do is build. I've lived on a lot of the different maps, but right now I'm on Ragnarok, living in the Highlands. I keep talking about how I'm going to build a castle, but I'm REALLY indecisive when it comes to massive building projects in games. So, instead, I'm making a tiny village. Right now I have my home and greenhouse set up! Next up is the stables, and a workshop area. I use a few mods for decor, since I discovered that I like building so much. Here's what I've completed over the past week: Not perfect, and I think I need to adjust the windows, but I love how it looks on the inside! So far. Everything is kind of a mess since I don't have a workshop set up yet, and I'm still learning the ins and outs of the new mods I'm using for decor and building. I also think I'll change my greenhouse roof. I'd like to have more of a wrap-around balcony, so that I can snipe down pterandons. There's a cave behind the waterfall just off screen on the left! It's my storage area for dinos. Also currently houses my baby dino nursery. The biggest challenge for my home interior will be where to put my art gallery! The only thing that I like more than building is painting. I follow along with Bob Ross videos. Here's the one that I'm the most proud of, from my last home: And that's what I've been playing. That, and a LOT of Dead by Daylight.
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    The Fire Dragon summoned me to the Dogmight Headquarters to create Valhalla screen accessories today. I hope he will be pleased
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    I have a wenge "glass" from DMG. I'm thinking I should use it for that.
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    Oh, just wait til you see the next one....
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    I am working on a light weight (Bones mini) that is large sized with my paint holder. I bought some Loctite Fun Tak and after a bit of working around with it, its sticky enough to keep the dracolisk mini in place (at first it did try to move a bit but now its not). I have only worked for about an hour so far - so no real feedback yet on length of time. But I have smallish hands and it feels really good to hang onto with my left hand. I have not had a chance to use the hand rest yet, but it moves around easy to get out of the way for big sweeping strokes (I am doing base paint so no details yet ). The wood I am using is black walnut and its not heavy at all. I haven't tried the katalox one yet.
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    I called @Josh into my office to tell him how happy you were, and he started chanting ominously.
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