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    Hi guys! I'm so excited to join this kick-ass team :D. I'm attaching pics of my dogs, because that's what's important, yeah? The fluffy derp is Fenrir (not drunk, just high on life) and the intense little girl is Clair.
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    So yesterday we were playing a game that required us to use a candle but there was a slight draft from our ac so we found a brand new use for our coco so the ac unit didn’t blow the candle out
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    Ok so this is my personal opinion, but having received so many wonderful wooden gaming products from Dog Might Games, I have fallen in love with chechen, a very beautiful wood. It has become my favorite wood so far that they have put up for sell and that is saying something because they have a lot of beauties in their shop. 😜 The beauty in this wood lies in that is it chatoyant which means when the light hits it, it exhibits beautiful changing luster throughout the wood. It also has a strong golden blonde and reddish brown tone, highlighted with other dark streaks. Simply put, its pretty stunning. Below are some youtube links I put up that show off chatoyancy in the wood. As well as some pictures. However chechen, will always look way better in person than in pictures due the chatoyancy it exhibits in lighting! Don't forget that when you think about which wood to pick! Pick chechen! Please feel free to add any wonderful DMG pictures of chechen that you might have! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSJV8LVkleQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-0v46fRQgo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0HgIwch1XQ
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    With the arrival of our sentinels, I put out all my dice on the game mat to see how many I had. My husband decided to do the same. Turns out he has one more set of dice than I do, as well as more miscellaneous dice. (Mine is on the right).
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    Name: Clair Race: Mystery Mutt Class: Wizard Best known skill: Circle. She has learned that trick, and will now do it no matter what trick you actually ask her to do. Most ashamed of: Eating Fenrir's food when he moves too slow. She is a doggo with many years of experience frightening off evil creatures like bunnies and squirrels. Would be an asset to any adventuring party that needs someone to run in circles.
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    This thread is so cute! Name: Fenrir Race: Fluff-muffin of Ragnarok Class: Warrior Best known skill: Having bed head at all hours of the day. Most ashamed of: His crippling fear of stairs. Would be a heckin good addition to an adventure party so long as it doesn't go too far from home, has lots of food, and is ok with drool.
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    Bone box and hero sleeves From left to right: bocote, ziricote, wenge, Bolivian rosewood, Chechen. The Chechen hero sleeve is the winner - it is my first piece of Chechen and just look at this beauty! The cell phone camera doesn’t capture the chatoyance.
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    XL spalted tamarind sheath. Now holding my pathfinder dice.
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    I just realized I have not posted in this thread... Name: Akilah Swiftfoot Race: Savannah Class: Skald Best Known Skill: Singing at one end of the house and the next second being on the other end without notice. Famous for: The war cry she gives before going into battle Most Ashamed of: Unable to walk slippery ledges With her constant chatter, one would think she would go into oratory as a bard, but when she senses danger, she flies into a fury of long legs and screams. This tough cat will prove to be a great travel companion, and a good fighter when need be.
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    Lastly to complete the collection - my two dice towers - Bubinga on the left, Redheart on the right. And again showing my love of Carey's work with my now almost trademark 'briar rose' custom work By the way - great work on the sculpt @Konas and crew. I'm afraid my tablet camera doesn't really do it justice. One minor issue @Zoe and @Konas -- still seem to be issues with the magnet process. The Bubinga dice tower has the wrong polarity to match up with the Component Collector. The redheart is fine.
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    And now to start showing off my fandom - as I've stated, I'm a huge fan of Jacqueline Carey's work. So we get my engraved hero sleeves and bone box. Sleeves from top to bottom: Benge, Wenge, Chechen, Bocote, Bolivian Rosewood, Ziricote, Leopardwood. And the bottoms And with the metal dice sets And finally with the bone box
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    I've been painting on and off through the summer and am finally ready to show off the results. My sister and neice gave me a two-piece mimic set for Christmas that I adored painting. I bought fire holders that I was thrilled to see the final results. The legs really look like they are made from metal. Hard to imagine these were all solid white once. I can't wait to sneak my mimics into a RPG. For Christmas, I gave my sister a bar set. Here are some of the pieces. The wagon came separately from the rest. Here is the whole bar set minus the dancer and bar keeper which I am still working on. The table to the right and its stools are from a different set. Beware trying to steal from this tavern. The drinks carry quite a bite.
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    I would like everyone's pets but my like button has deemed me done already. Name: Cyrus Race: Savannah Class: Bard Best known skill: Lover Famous For: Wanting belly rubs Most ashamed of: Nothing, he has no shame. Cyrus sings much higher than his partner in crime. He has a great falsetto voice to a high tenor usual range. He makes a great party face as he loves everyone, and can disarm tense situations with his charms.
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    Lots of updates here. Let's start with the custom Monterillo Rosewood XL Sheath
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    We'd also like to do Origins. Gencon is rapidly approaching. So far I've avoided the work travel that the office keeps trying to send me on; but I'm not going to be able to avoid the trip the week after (I was hoping to take the Monday after Gencon off but alas, I'll need to be en route). I hit a point last weekend with the Dropfleet fleet that I was trying to decide what corners to cut to have the models on the table at Gencon. After a year of scheming about how I wanted that Fleet, and the $$ and time I have invested, I decided I didn't want to sacrifice quality to hit an arbitrary date. So I'm going to drop out of that event and free up most of Gencon Saturday and allow me to spend more time with friends I only see once a year or so. It hurts, because I wanted to PLAY, and I don't like to "fail" but the pressure was all self-imposed.
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    YAYAYAYAAAAAAA!!! Congratulations! Quartermaster Logistics has shipped your order on behalf of Cephalofair Games for the Founders of Gloomhaven Kickstarter! Your shipment contains the following items: 1x Founders of Gloomhaven
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    Arrived with duck fart dices
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    Yep - there were reasons I was considering dropping this even before my computer died.
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    @Rosie This thread needs some new bloood! Tell us more about Fenrir and Claire, whenever you have time that is. 😆
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    Yeah, it just doesn't feel the same. It doesn't help that she is super nice and already good at her job.
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    Posting this to share with a curious customer! 😁 VID_20180720_094115752.mp4
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    Agreed about the trays. That was a huge win. I was glad they introduced something. I like it when games have a player board well organized. cthulu is definitely keeping my interest and this will be my first cmon I jump in on time for. I’m only interested in gameplay add ons. I’m hoping there won’t be any other optional buys as my wallet may begin to rebuke.
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    The march to Gencon continues! I have this weekend and next weekend to get the bulk of the shipbuilding done. The weekend before Gencon, we'll be getting ready for the event itself, and I'd like to have the fleet in its storage container and ready to put in the car well before Jul 28. My goal this weekend was to get the small ships "complete" and the big ships ready to take color (i.e. gap filling and any primer touchup). I've met my goal, and am about to sit down for a glass of rye and the Harry Potter marathon currently on Syfy/USA. What remains for these ships is only the engine glows, dotting up some of the anti-collision lights, and a healthy coat of varnish after they've had a chance to cure. These ships are small - smaller than a hotwheel car - so there's not as much opportunity for striping and elaborate airbrushing. I stuck to the basics and then striped what I could. Most if my time yesterday was in the masking and airbrushing the stripes in small batches (I probably had more masking and painting the 1 color stripe than to run all the ships through the 5-color airbrush basecoat). That being said, when I got up yesterday they were still 100% black primer so the method moves pretty quickly if you can assembly line it. Disclaimer: I used a really dark silver to line the edges and some details. Under direct light, the camera really picks it up. In person under natural table light, they don't look so shiny. Pic 1: Missile frigate. Will be close air support for my flagship. I built two of these but only needed one for my list. I've tested the navigation lights in blue, but don't think they show up well enough. These guys were a b*tch to mask for striping, so I gave up and just did an accent across the bridge. Pic 2 and 3: Small squadron of corvettes. I'm really happy with this scheme, especially the menacing red tips of the missiles against the gray/blue hull. I masked off the bridge to match the missile frigates' scheme, and then hand painted the canard tips. The mold for these guys is apparently 3d printed, so you get some of the printed texture in the result, which makes me a little sad. Pic 4: Gunboats and the 2nd Missileboat. I spent a ton of time with the masking tape, but feel it came out well. At the very end and out of focus are the troopship carriers - the Dropships that give Dropfleet its name.