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    Finally took a chop saw to the manzanita burl we got at my buddy’s ranch. Still need to fill with resin for the gaps. But it should make some epic stuff!
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    You have my permission to be jealous of my custom card box. Experimental Aurora stain, with a ship's wheel carving on one side, and a diving bell helmet on the other (to make it suggestive of the tarot card from my deck it's based on). It's going to hold so many business cards at shows! Thanks Dog Might--it came out even better than I hoped!
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    Nothing on my table yet but got my Xmas gift from the wife tonight.
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    Mice and Mystics. We did the first mission today, pretty fun.
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    Had the day off today, so I worked on my KDM flower knight. I built him awhile ago, primed him yesterday. Intent is a quick hit and run, not a competition piece by any stretch. I think I have 2 hours invested from the point where I started priming. I didn't have a set plan/recipe, other than a vague notion that I was going to do a color stack >> wash >> airbrush inks. Disclaimer: Crappy cell phone pictures abound; I'll get out the light booth and take some glamour shots when he's actually done. Colors are off and most of the pictures are overexposed. Started with a 3-color stack. If I don't do a full test piece, I at least put some on a paper towel to see if I like it. Color stack done. I liked the brightness of the top green layer. I hit it with some AP Strong Tone, unthinned. I wanted the brown wash to complement the green (vs. a blue or a black wash). In hindsight this did the job great but I probably should have used the Light Tone or thinned it a little. No time to cry about what could have been. I did some directional lighting with Liquitex Titanium White ink. I'm using this to back the next color to make it stand out. I re-sprayed most of the white areas with Liquitex Vivid Lime Green ink. This brought the saturated lime color back up. It's semi-transparent, so the wash in the recesses still showed dark. From here I was dabbling with colors; Liquitex Vivid Red Orange and Yellow Orange. I did dry brush the flowers a little bit with some Monument Titanium White so that the yellow popped a bit. I went up underneath and sprayed a little Liquitex Burnt Umber to put some burnt/brown orange in the shadows With the airbrushing done, I spent 10 minutes putting Monument Titanium White in the eye sockets (backing coat) and then some hand-brushing with Reaper Candel Light Yellow around the helm and some of the armor bits. That bought me enough time that the White in the eyes had dried, and I painted them yellow. At this point, I could call it done. The Liquitex Inks are a satin finish (not matte), so I should probably spray the flowers with a matte varnish, and I haven't painted the stone face on the base (other than overspray). I'll let him sit a day or two and see what I feel like doing next. It's far from perfect, but not bad for the time that I've got invested. (I actually own another Flower Knight that I could paint more carefully ... but plenty on the bench at the moment).
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    Again I thank you for your insight. As I said, for other reasons, Gen Con isn't really an option for me this year.. but it's good to know about the refund policy for the future.
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    Another Kickstarter down. Can't wait to start reading. Hoping to play it with my boys This was my last outstanding Kickstarter
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    I think she'd probably appreciate the unruliness, actually, lol. Yeah! I've done a handful before, but never with someone who moved nearby first. It's really neat! One of my other guild members is fixing to move out here when her life settles down a little bit. We've been BFFs for almost 6 years now, and I'm really pumped. It's probably still a few years out, because moving cross county takes a lot of planning, but it's the goal. We're also planning a big meetup at the wedding of whoever gets married next.
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    No new KS games, period. No new FLGS games, period. Get at least 4 games off my shelf of shame Assuming it arrives as scheduled, paint the gingerbread gang, and run another Christmas one shot. Paint another game's minis. Leaning towards Vindication, but Who Goes There is in the running.
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    I saw this post earlier but never posted. This is a fine time to do so, being the New Year and all. (In no particular order) 1. Buy a home with a good amount of land, ideally 100+ acres. 2. See a fjord. 3. Finish CoCos. 4. Grow my company to a stable, medium sized shop with 30-40 employees. 5. Run a massive, years long RPG campaign with an incredible group. (I've been a player in a game like this but really want to GM one). 6. Always have at least one dog. 7. Learn how to play my papa's accordion. More to come but that is it for now.
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    We have a travel bucket list; most of these are future cruise ship destinations. 1. I want to see Normandy, France, and the beaches there. My grandfather came ashore at Normandy (not on D-Day, but if you've seen Band of Brothers, he was a "replacement.") 2. I want to sail the Panama Canal. DONE - 2018 3. I don't have a strong desire to see the Med, but I do want to tour the Scandinavia countries. 4. I want to see all 50 states. I have 11 or 12 to go. (Alaska, the Pacific NW/Rockies, and Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut). 5. I want a Gold ranking at Reapercon.
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    1) Lesson learned: Don't do Roll Player and an RPG at the same sitting. They took way too long getting their characters done. Then I had to calculate their AC and HP before we could start. Instead of taking a hour like the box says, it took well past 2.5 hours, even with me telling them they needed to pick up the pace several times. I had to cut out hunks of the story, and we still ran past our normal end time. Ironically the two that were the most put out that we were running late were the main culprits for why we were late. Tracy would get up and go out my back door. 2 demerits for not closing the door tight and leaving it unlocked too. Luckily it wasn't too cold outside, so it only got about 50 degrees in my kitchen/plant room. 2) Josh was really the only one there that had a clue how to do an RPG character, and he got an emergency call from his work 20 minutes into the RPG. Poor guy had to leave for work, and had to work 10 hours on his day off the next day. Caitlin, Josh's wife, had never done an RPG before, and the poor gal had abysmal luck rolling dice. She tried 4 different D20, and they all rolled bad for her. She got one hit and one 20 search on about 30 rolls (she rolled for Josh too after he left), including avoiding zombie Rudolph pooping on her. The rest were less than 8. She had chosen the construct, so when she tried to wash off the poop, I made here roll a water vs robot. She fumbled, so I had to have some of the water enter her circuits. She walked with a slight limp the rest of the game, poor thing. 3) Konas was correct. It's like trying to herd cats. Let me read the stable flavor text, and guess where they ended up going. Mrs Claus was waiting in the stable. She is everything you'd imagine. She smells like cookies, but had an aura of sadness and concern around her. "Thank you for coming. We are being attacked by magic. Well, I don't know that for sure, but it has to be so. My loving husband, Santa, is not himself. Now he thinks all children are naughty and should get coal in their stockings. And if they are fans of Michigan football, he wants to beat them using their coal stocking. Most of the elves are acting like this change of behavior is fine. Some of the townspeople have turned into zombies. And the reindeer have been affected too. Rudolph is turning into a zombie. Blitzen here is walking on two legs and has started smoking camels. The rest of them have run off to the Red Nose Tavern. I'm desperate to defeat this magic so I can get my dear husband back, and save everyone else. I'll will shower you with gifts if you can save us." Blitzen had been listening to Mrs Claus. He takes the Camel out of his mouth and says "I might just be blowing smoke, but I have seen cloaked figures coming and going from that old cabin in the forest. Oh by the way, if you hear a bell, you might want to duck." Ding Ding Ding! Flying Zombie Rudolph lets some go, hitting Caitlin. Due to time constraints, this was Rudolph's only appearance. Josh: let's check out the cabin. Drew/Tracy/Jeremie: we should go to the Red Nose Tavern. Lesson learned: don't mention taverns around Drew/Tracy/Jeremie unless you want them to go there. 4) After gaining no info at the tavern (other than you pay for drinks with sugar plums) they head to the cabin (exit Josh). The small cabin wasn't inviting, but it was warm. A small fireplace had the remains of a fire, including a few embers still glowing. The cabin did smell delicious. There was the aroma of spices lingering in the air. But there was another smell too. You couldn't put a finger on it, but smelled sort of like veal. At the back of the cabin was a kitchen and a small bedroom. There was a couch and a rocking chair near the fireplace. The otherside of the main room appeared to be a workshop. Guess where they searched first. The kitchen, of course. smh. So I had them find a little boy's head. Then Caitlin rolled her D20 for 20 on a search to find the keepsake box. Without Josh, the puzzle box proved to be to hard. I had to give them 4 hints before they figured it out. When you pick up the mirror, you feel a tingle run through your body. When you look in the mirror, you see a hideous looking creature stirring a cauldron. Mrs Claus gasps "Krampus! He has to be the cause of this! And... and... and I think that he's in one of the storage rooms of the workshop." Edgar: "Isn't he Santa's evil twin?" Mrs Claus: "He didn't used to be evil. He used to be a saint. That's why I'm so terrified for my husband. I don't want this to become his fate." All the sudden Krampus looks directly at you in the looking glass. What do you do? Lesson learned: don't mention storage room. Instead say something like the walls look like the walls of the workshop. 5) They head to the workshop. The workshop wasn't as bustling as one would expect given how close it was to Christmas. A couple of elves were scurrying around trying to complete their tasks. Other elves were loading a big bag with coal lumps from a coal bin. There is a staircase going up the back wall to a second story balcony. The balcony wrapped halfway around the main room. At the end of the balcony, there were several bodies lying on sleeping bags. On the right hand side of the main room, there is a large fireplace that has a cheerful fire burning in it. Weirdly, it appeared to be the only cheerful thing in the room. On the left side of the room was a large Christmas tree with some packages underneath it. To the right of the tree is a dimly lit hallway. To the left of the fireplace was a doorway leading into a large office. In the center of the workshop were three rows of work benches, though only a few elves were making toys. After the flavor text Jeremie immediately tries to grab a package and starts to open it. The treent and the packages all start attacking him. The rest ignored that fight and Santa's office. They head down the hallway instead. That was the last those characters saw the main room. Luckily, Jeremie was a dragonkin, so I allowed him to have a breath weapon. He set the treent on fire (taking him down to half), so he managed to stay alive. Then when he got the packages and treent killed, I had the snowman parade come storming in the door. I guess I wanted to see him melt them with his breath. 6) The first room the rest of them encounter down the hallway is the "canteen". Sitting at the big table were an intoxicated Santa and Jack Frost. Slurring, Santa says "Whoa! We have guests. Jack and I have been hitting the peppermint schnapps. Not much left, I'm afraid. With all children being naughty brats, it sure makes getting ready a lot easier." He tips the bottle to his wife, and takes the last swig of schnapps. I really expected them to make the potion to free Krampus from the hag's spell in this room, but they spent a turn looking for more schnapps first, then went into the room where Krampus was. Uh oh. We better make the potion. While they were messing around, the rat king and melee minions came crashing in the back door. I had other things set up, but I guess I'll save them for next year. It was already 6 pm. Note: the gingerbread gang funded!!! Yea!!!
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    Oof, yikes! Thank goodness Washtenaw County is so protected. 😋
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    Echoing Ed's sentiment... O M G YES
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    FWIW, if you're willing to obsess over the Gencon housing portal in the months after the block sells out, you stand a decent chance of still getting a downtown--or maybe even connected--room. That's what I did last year after both me and my friend got a crappy time for the lottery and missed out the first day--I checked the portal several times a week, sometimes multiple times a day, and a couple months out I was able to snag a 2Q downtown room. Your chances go up if you only need one bed, as it's the two-bed rooms that are really in demand. People change their plans for a number of reasons, and the new system means any cancellations have to go back into the block, rather than get traded between attendees. Just something to keep in mind!
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    Dark rainbow flames would be sick.
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    Now I know where the Wall-a Wall-a moniker comes from...cause its a WALL!
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    First real snow of the season happening now. We got a skiff earlier back in December. But winter seems to be waiting til the new year the last few years. Currently snowing big flakes and sideways because the wind is blowing. Speaking of wind, its been pretty windy here and the annual tumbleweed migration has begun. Picture of a nearby town.
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    If I was working I would be grabbing a brush with larger needles then my krome. It's nice they are doing the same price for Canadian orders too.
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    So for those who might still be interested Badger is running their Birthday sale again this year. Now $56 for an airbrush (plus S&H). So it ends up being $70 for US shipping. Couldn't resist and ordered a Sotar even though I haven't started using the Patriot I got from them last year yet http://www.badgerairbrush.com/H56B_guidelines_rules.asp
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    I broke my new year's resolution already when I backed this with 2 hours to go. If the occasional regret kicks in, I could probably be swayed into a swap or something.
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    Oh, that's cool. I've done a few MMO meetups over the years. It's always weird until you start talking about ingame stuff.
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    Don't forget to lock up the most unruly lumberjacks. I'm looking at you Leather Mike.
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    I actually played ACG this weekend. Blood on the Altar chapter. I think we either have 2 or 3 episodes left.
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    Elder Sign is sitting on my shelf of shame.
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    Do I need it? No. Do I know how to paint minis? Also no. Do I want it? Absolutely.
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    Gaming or otherwise! Here's mine, gaming first: 1. No sprawling kickstarter games. Same as last year. 2. Finish KDM Wave 2 monsters and armor sets (assembly and paint). 3. Finish the Dropfleet 2-Up Beijing in time for Reapercon. Bonus, personal: 4. Reduce my work stress. Complicated topic, but I'll just leave it there.
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    Painting barn, adventure barn, sawmill barn, machine shed, corn field for deer to feast on...
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    That's a lot of land! We have 10 and that feels like too much quite often.
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    The only ones who'd freak out are already freaking out.
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    Better hope nobody from the CoCo KS is on here, they might freak out that finishing them is so low on your bucket list.
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    I saw this again when I came to see @Zoxe's post. Casey's cancer has reappeared. Send him some support.
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    Two of the boulders are Dogmight ;). Two of the boulders are Chessex. The giant d6s are also Chessex. I have a 50mm and a 30mm. I would be afraid how much a gemstone boulder would cost, but it would be pretty!
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    Dice comparison, and DMG comparison apparently lol. There are 4 non DMG boxes (2 non wood) in there.
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    In my continuing quest to find alternative uses for DMG products so I can keep buying them: turns out an XL Looking Glass makes a more than adequate fancy pen holder!
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