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    @Lindsey and I did a TON of painting this weekend...it rained both days. Lindsey did more than me but I am pretty pleased with my Fenrir from Blood Rage!
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    Got some good painting done this weekend. Finished my Mauler Troll for Hordes. I am pleased with him. Finished the Spartan and some other stuff. Some of this is earlier but I didn't post pics yet.
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    Wanted to show off my Galaxy coco! It's a little bit darker than I thought it would be, but i'm still pretty happy!!
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    Taking a short break from dropfleet (the panel lines are giving me a great case if the mehs) to have some fun with a the Brimstone Sand Kraken that I bought 2 or 3 Gencons ago but never got around to assembling. Will be a played model and not a competition model so I am going super fast on him. Assembled, with a 28mm figure for size ref. Initial green airbrushing. Later airbrushing would add the green highlights and orange mane. Current status. Working the eyeballs up to pure white before I paint the details. Played with some hand highlights in bright green around the eye plates. I'll do likewise on the orange and figure out something for the tentacles. Rocks will get repainted brown.
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    Hah, I know how you feel. I think I glued the Samurai helmet to my hand about 5 times. Plastic. On a brighter note, I recently got this for myself on my birthday. I have wanted it for a while. It is prepped and primed, just waiting for me to dive in. Maybe this weekend. This is not my paint job obviously. He's about 4" tall.
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    Thank you! We're off for Columbus Day, and before I go outside to finish staining the deck, I've been painting some Brimstone out of my pile of shame. It's arguably TOO bright to take decent pics outside, but hot off the bench is my Nun with a Gun. (She's an alt sculpt hero for Shadows of Brimstone, i.e. female Preacher). I'll say that the gray highlights look less obvious in room lighting. Painting black and white is HARD.
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    Yes, it is. We have partnered with Miniature Monthly for a giveaway for these. Also, we are working on some other stuff like this...
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    Here's a pic of one of our new Valhalla Screens going through finishing. Terrible pic I know but it really shows off the Black Limba lumber.
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    I love ❤️ microbadges on Board Game Geek. I have brought quite a few over the years and began to design a few of my own. I went to buy a microbadge for Dog Might, only to realize there was not one. So I designed one to show off my enthusiasm. If you are a BGG user, come grab the badge and show your support for Dog Might. Link: Dog Might microbadge
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    Awesome dude! Can someone tip me 8 gg so I can get this? BGG username is yatescory
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    Lol! Not just you. I hate seeing pictures of myself (oh gawd, when did I get so old!) and pictures of my minis (oh gawd, I see 37 things that needed fixed!). Your Fenrir just oozes attitude, and your work makes your minis look very lived in / dirty / been-there-done-that. I love it.
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    Rats! Agent Boss for previous group of rats Roaming monster
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    Curious what you think of these, more painted screens.
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    😲😵 These are two different woods banded vertically together (as opposed to the normal horizontal banding for our other Valhalla Screens). Can you guess which two woods? Untitled.mp4
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    We are currently Playtesting Labyrinth which has proven to be our most fun and engaging playtest ever! There's even a digital version of the game to enjoy so you don't have to print anything. Join in the fun by emailing lindsey@dogmight.com to sign up!
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    Jelly...I did snag the redheart tho 😊
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    Next up, I'm attempting to salvage these probe droids. I assembled and basecoated well over a year ago and got really dismayed at how they looked. I spent an hour with the airbrush this morning to make them a little more exciting. Starting point... black primer and Armypainter Gun Metal. I mixed just a bit of blue paint into some SO blue ink and shot the globe all over. Then some Liquitex carbon black ink around the base. Then I grabbed 2 more shades of silver and shot a highlight from about 45 degrees... Next up, I'll airbrush shade the arms and tentacles. However, not looking forward to all those lenses.
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    Ooo my high school colors : ). Barb, you can count me on the list of those who prefer purple/blue anything.
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    That amber is really cool. I really like the dark rainbow. Maybe you need a page to showcase the different stains and let people weigh in.
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    All it needs is a well for putting in a dish of salsa. Put some chips around the edges, and you're set to get your roll on.
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