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    We had a nice little interview with Lester Graham of NPR. Take a listen. I would like to preface this by saying that we weren't drinking before the interview so we may come off a little flat... http://www.michiganradio.org/post/artisans-michigan-woodworking-gaming-world
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    @tgpumpkin, This is for you! My Sentinels and Sheaths. As you can see, I don't have 20 of them, but what I do have are pretty spectacular. @Konas and DMG are da bomb! My favorite is hard to pick, but it's between the Ziricote XL Sheath, the aluminum inlay Sheath, and the BoRo Sentinel. Note: @Thomas Browne still may have some resentments over the BoCo and BoRo sentinels and Ziricote sheath, given I beat him to them by about 14 seconds combined. I don't know if this makes me a bad person, but I still don't feel bad about that.
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    OK, here's some more pictures, some with staging. Can't let @RomyCat and @Serge Darveau one up me. This is my garden kitty, Lilly. I've had her in my yard for about 20 years. 🐈 Sorry about the quality of the pictures. If I get any distance away, the flash just makes them glare. Without it, they're too dark. Massive Darkness mini props. That Black Limba is just ridiculous.
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    Hey, @tgpumpkin, I just ordered me that castle rolling tray you have been wanting for a long time. With free shipping and $1 leather lining, I thought now was the time to grab it. 🎲😃
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    My ziricote xl sheath. I went elemental dice theme (plus a couple as I had room).
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    Here it is. A one of a kind. We will be auctioning it off for charity after the stream ends.
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    Check this out...A Sawdust Sentinel!
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    Woke upto more snow and schools all closed so took the day off and went back to bed.
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    My wife went back to school this year so we are living of my income and what funding she gets so our budget is build pretty thin right now. Hopefully once she's done in the spring and finds a job things will be a bit better.
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    We cut and hauled wood on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm thankful for the wet weather that rolled in last night so I can get healed up. My dad is going to take quite a bit of the wood for his backyard shop. I'm also getting a new wagon for the garden tractor to haul logs. Almost destroyed my old companion. 😉 We also finalized a deal with the guy doing the work to finish off the area North of the drive once he's done with contract work. So it will be clear and ready for replanting at our convenience.
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    Heres a pic of one of the Ash logs before milling
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    By the way, Reaper is discontinuing their HD Paint line. Black Friday (11/23-26), all remaining HD paint will be 99 cents a bottle while supplies last. I'm pretty sad about this. I just found their HD line about a year ago. The colors that I have tried work really really well and I feel like I got to the party just in time for the keg to go flat. But, if you want to grab some additional colors, it should be a great deal.
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    We are going to make Bloody Marys and play the Legend of the 5 Rings RPG, which is fantastic. Then eat way too much. I am really looking forward to a day off during this crazy time of year.
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    I totally forgot about this. Here you go. Install will be soon...and it looks like we will be able to do a drop off. I will send you a note tomorrow about the details. I am pumped to see this as a full table. There are some really excellent pieces of Red Heart going in it!
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    @Konas @Zoe I figured this might help the folks around the shop get into the Christmas spirit. Happy workers are productive workers.....
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    Finished 1 of the larger projects I was making for people:
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    Or maybe something like a serving tray that had a single panel with the engraving as the base. But maybe was sculpted like that one cthulhu tray you did where you left the 'rim' around it?
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    Thanks to you guys I picked up a lot of paint, though about half of the paints were sold out. But I also bought a few minis to reach $35 for the free shipping.
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    @marsniper_27 seeing a Majora's Mask and Mario cookie cutter as projects for a 3D printer is an exceptional use of resources. Well done!
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    Just the hat is red. 😛 I'm what people kindly call salt and pepper. (humming "Push it. Push it real good.")
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    My redheart brother, would I really lie to you? You squash my heart...
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    They are talking 4" of snow tonight, so I may try to take some pictures. ☃️