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    Loving the selective stains!
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    Finally organized some of my crafts and brought them up from the dungeon. Latest creations.
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    And while we're here, I've edited a bunch of photos lately, but here's two most recent ones from when I visited my friend for an agility seminar last month. We went on a bunch of hikes, so I took a bunch of photos along the trail. The black & white dog is actually a tailed Aussie - he is genetically a black tri but his tan points are extremely slight. The other dog is a Keeshond.
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    I have always loved this concept art for Diablo3. Selective airbrushed stains and inks over maybe some light cherry.
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    Dropfleet game was great, totally the vibe I wanted. We had 3 noobie players and 1 "friend of the company" that stood in for a no show at our table. Other tables were also similarly balanced. We played 2v2 along faction lines. I totally got to blow the crap out of some enemy ships (and then died gloriously). Scenario was close and came down to 1 victory point scored in the final Talley (50 to 51 points). My fleet paint got a lot of positive comments, and had one guy stop and take pictures. Stripes was time well spent. The rest of the weekend we're taking painting classes and vegging out. Adepticon is a good show. So far I prefer it over pax-u (not that pax was bad, but the organized play fits us better, the venue is a little better ... but alas there's no reading terminal market here). Here's a pic or three of my ships in the fray.
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    Well today was the earliest something happened to me. I went on a pontoon ride, in Minnesota, on Easter Sunday. It was a little cold going into the wind, but quite pleasant when we were going with the wind. At about the halfway point of the ride, a bald eagle took several passes around us before heading back to the top of a big tree. He was close enough to us that I said "Don't poop on me".
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    We arrived safely, slayed the badge line monster last night, and are checking out the vendor hall. Here's where I'll be (making pew pew sounds and misquoting star wars) later today.
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    See I got kids so I just make my 8 year old play miniature games with me. He has a primaris army we are working on for 40k and we have been playing TANKS as well. I have lots of others to get in into later on as well.
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    Here is my mimic and our characters (Battle Chef and a Drow Rave Rogue) Just bought a screen for my husband for his birthday gift. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1otVGSFXsThdEd7BzeU_CRwYGotvsoooV/view?usp=sharing
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    Finally finished the necklace, just in time for Easter! 😁
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    Bones 4 fulfilled this week! We were too intimidated to open the box but needed to at least inventory! Painting backlog now officially lasts thru 2030. (There are 150 minis in the core set alone, another 40 in the expansion box. What have we done????)
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    Painted a mini for my husband's inquisitor of Gorum character.
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    We are going to do another actual play. All in house. All us. I will DM. Leather Mike, Zoe, Lindsey, and Jeremiah will be the players. And we will be doing giveaways almost every time. We will also be totally ourselves. It will be on you tube in a little while. We are finalizing the set and trying out new camera stuff. It will be much better then Fistful of Platinum.
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    On an food/craft note, we finally successfully made sourdough! And by we I mean mostly my husband with me as a backseat Baker 😜 Took like 3 weeks from flour to starter to levin to bread
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    So, I came in this morning to a couple of immediate, hard meetings. Then, found out I had received a very special surprise from a Mr. @tgpumpkin. Incredible. You guys are the best. It really means a lot that anyone would send a gift like that.
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    This was basically my weekend. The only issue we had was that the brisket shipped to us for our Butcher Box was barely that. It was only a small partial 'flat' without the 'point' of the brisket. It was very tough after smoking. But, no biggie. I am a newb and will get the proper meat next time. The salmon I grilled on Sunday was amazing.
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    Troll with arms and legs from another mini added for extra viciousness
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    Pics as promised. Fairly pleased with how these turned out. Painting always comes in waves for me. Some good, some not so good. This is an Umber Hulk I painted in about 1 hour almost exclusively with washes.
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    Got home last night full of good nerd enthusiasm and worked on the scorpions a bit. Preview of the crystal collar behind their head. Two variations of color, one is intentionally a little darker.
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    I have to say, if I do get into miniature painting I would definitely want to paint that Bloodborne set though. LOVE that game. It would be a dream if I develop competence in mini painting to paint it. In case you're wondering, I am waiting to move before taking my hands into mini painting. I bought that learn to paint Bones set but don't have a good area to do it. My wife even got me a cool lighted magnifying glass stand so I can take up the hobby.
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    I have wanted to try it since I saw that video a few months ago. Man I wish I could afford your guys stuff. Someday I will own some. But these boards look amazing.
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    It was a last year Kickstater that I just received from a retailer of Québec. Only a few games in Canada, could be less than 30.
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    Holy Crap!!! It's even better in person.
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    I had to check too many check boxes. Drew may be right. I think I do have a problem.
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    LInk: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/the-dungeon-set-of-2-modular-books-of-battle-mats?ref=discovery_saved_ending_soon Last year I bought the giant battle mat books mentioned at the end of the video. They are awesome! The artwork is spot on. Put two together and you have a huge play area. This new Kickstarter allows the same flexibility but with smaller, more portable books. I recommend this for all DM's and for regular players who like to bring extras to their games.
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    I will put these here to torment @Barb Bliss
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    Repurposing my Pumpkin dice box. Note: the steampunk dice have my brother's name on them, but he has to visit me to get them...
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    OT: Dog lovers of the world unite! https://www.npr.org/2019/04/16/713876618/dog-saved-by-workers-on-oil-rig-135-miles-off-thai-coast
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    It will just be on you tube. Yeah, I hear you on FoP. The technical stuff was hard to watch. We are working hard to make sure that doesn't happen again. First, this will not be live, which helps a ton. Plus, we will be unleashed in this one. Fully DMG in all of our rough, drunken, idiotic glory.
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    @tgpumpkin: Brother I love Lisboa, but I have a hard time getting people to play it with me. Lots to learn before you can play, and of choices to consider. Escape Plan will be here soon. p.s. @Zoe / @Konas, the robins are still out there today! The sounds of chirping is off the hook. I should be able to open windows come lunchtime, so I hope they stay a while longer. They like my next door neighbor's tree a lot. I took some miss-delivered mail over yesterday, and their walk/steps was loaded with bird poop.
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    Of course you do. Maybe have a dragon head faucet.
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    Village Attacks mob #4 or 5. A lot of putzy details. Times 8.
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    I thought about getting that bad ass orange shield but i won't be able to defend getting 2 and I REALLY want a spalty tamarind shield like was posted earlier. Probably will be able to order/request/buy one in a couple of months or at least once we figure out if/when/where we're moving.
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    Friday night was dinner out. Re-found a local diner/bar that we used to hit a few years ago. They have great fish on Fridays and their thin crust pizza hits the spot. I wish their whisky selection was better. Saturday was painting minis, getting a few other nerd projects organized/started, some yard work (burnt a big brush pile), and a trip into town for groceries and an ice cream cone. I ran a Battlestar Galactica marathon as a joke, but we ended up watching most of season 1. Sunday was painting minis, a little yard work, and then some rain. Mostly nerd projects. The house is a wreck, and the trash needs taken out, but we had a great weekend.
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    Run the brisket through a grinder with some cooked carrots, onions, and potatoes. Cook that hash like hash browns. My dad and I liked to spread a little ketchup on top. Mmmm
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    Here's my new baby. I will get some better photos when I get home, I'm just so excited. Chechen & Cherry. Jeremy did a fancy bit cut for me on the sides. Opted out on the engraving because it has that natural occlusion in the top already (light even shines through it - I love it). The patterning on this Chechen is so stunning. I COULD WEEP. Got some starry night vibes over here.
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    I'm with Thomas, more special stuff : ).
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    I want to learn to do stained glass, they’re sooo pretty! For etching, I’d draw/copy a design and then use a sticker cutter to cut it out. I used the sticker as a mask and chemically etched it. One of my early ones below.
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    2 figures from The Other Side game. I think they sent me the wrong faction but no biggie. I cut these off their standard bases and used one piece of old terrain for the first and some cork board to build the second.
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    I haven’t had time to craft in a while, with house work taking up most of my free time, but I used to do the following: torch enameling on copper jewelry making (mostly bead work) chainmail & scalemail glass etching ducktape wallets silk screening and I’ve dabbled in costume making
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    You will do just fine. Always keep in mind that it is gaming. Gaming is meant to be fun. Just enjoy the moment. Remember that you are a grown man playing with tiny starships. That alone should mean there's a smile on your face at all times.
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    @Serge Darveau, when you get your Galaxy of Trian, take a close look at the Councilor card. That's vintage Barb. Was also better this last year. I did jump on some big ticket items like Tainted Grail, Assassin's Creed, and Nemesis. Then the last week happened. I have 5 hours left to decide whether to bail on Fuji Koro. I have a love/hate relationship with Game Brewer. Fuji has some great components, and Gugong is a gorgeous product. Also in on: On Mars Animal Adventures - cats and catacombs Maximum Apocalypse - legendary edition upgrades/expansion I dig Maximum Apocalypse, so the new expansion and box upgrade was a no brainer. Barb approved with 2 thumbs up.
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    Besides the new stock, we also made this for the Evolution: Oceans KS. I think it is very cool.
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    You need to get the Makato job so I can play it with you.
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    Good. The weather looks less horrible as temps aren't dropping as much as expected. 7-13" of snow downgraded to 3-8" of snow. Also, it's the last night of bowling. I've decided to pull the plug on future bowling unless I can find a different team that is looking for a half time bowler. One of my "team mates" is very rude and passive aggressive, and I decided I didn't enjoy bowling enough to put up with him every week. It's quite a freeing experience knowing that tonight will be the last time I have to put up with his crap.
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