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    So, Mike and I were just discussing how amazing this community is and how honored we are to have such amazing fans. We wanted to do something to show our appreciation. So, we are going to give all of you that regularly post on this thread, cuz this thread seems to be where all the cool kids hang out, a special promo code for 20% off anything on our site. That code is "peterpickle". Enter it on the bottom of our page in the promo code section. This will be active for a while so no rush and certainly, no pressure. We just wanted to give back in some way. We really are amazed at the zeal with which each and every one of you posts and talks about our company. It helps us through every hard day and boosts us even higher on the good days. So, thank you so very much. @Barb Bliss@Adam@tgpumpkin@Serge Darveau@Thomas Browne@RomyCat@ElysianPeace@Ian Coyle@LuckyIke@yatescory@Zenithsplendor@Blinkus Maximus@TheAuthorOfOZ@ChaseTyree@Miyu83@Zoxe@SeeSome@Russonc@NonObserver If I missed anyone, please accept my apologies. This is open to anyone that has registered on our forums. I wish it could be 100% off! Mike
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    Just got my CoCos! I’m Backer #50, but my order needed to get redone so it just got here. It’s a 4-Pack of benge (mine!) and a fiery green, fiery purple, and XL fiery purple (for friends in my gaming group). Amusingly, I also have a dice only Mighty Dice order that just shipped too, so I should be getting another DMG box before the week is out. Yay!
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    My dream is to someday find a supplier for Flame Box Elder Wood!
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    Sparty On! Top row: Chechen. Middle Row: Canary and Benge. Bottom row needs no introduction. Drop the mic.
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    My two-year-old is still too little for gaming, but I have started her indoctrination and she loves playing with pieces. The CoCos are great fun for her, as she endlessly sorts and resorts colors and shapes. Yesterday evening she put the Benge XL party sammich through its paces. I edited the photo to avoid Pandemic Legacy Season 1 component spoilers. Sorry for the goofy blacked-out spots, but I don’t want to ruin any surprises for anyone who plans on giving it a go in the future.
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    As I had mentioned before, they kindly swapped the red felt out for green for me. Benge has a really nice straight grain pattern with a really shiny luster.
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    Backer number 203 - and my CoCos arrived! The box looked like it was driven over by a truck and then chewed on by rats - but the cocos are perfect! And if there's ever a world shortage of bubble wrap, I've got it covered. I'm going to have the most colourful game table ever at my next games night... Some are XLs, with extra trays, and some standard size - all flame birch.
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    Thank you one and all for your continued support. It means soooo much to us. Yes, the 30% is the biggest discount we offer so the damaged ones are what they are and will remain that way after the sale is off.
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    So my spalted tamarind came in and while I was admiring it I thought I’d take some pictures of the koa too. The photos don’t do koa justice it’s even prettier in person. Though I was surprised to notice they had a little bit of a size difference! Still they are gorgeous and I love them both.
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    Coco cochew Mrs Robinson. Jesus love BoCo more than you will know. Wow! Wow! Wow!
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    So I got my new XL Dragon Sheath in today. I have got some fierce Dog Might fever. This is only my second Dog Might product to receive (the first being a Walnut dice tower prototype) but I am anticipating an eventual arrival of a Sapphire Component Collector, a Rainbow Dice Tower and, of course, my bone box. I also ordered a Bolivian Rosewood rolling tray a bit ago (vines sculpt, so excited!). I have got my eye on a castle sculpt dragon tray for “eventually,” you know when I have money again!
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    So came home and was losing light so I just pulled out my phone and took some quick shots. Will pull out an actual camera/lenses one day soon and get some better light. I have 3 of my 4 beauties. BoRo(Dragons), Boco (wildlife), and Redheart(DMG). Ziri (Ancient Universe) is going to be my 4th but that will take as long as it takes. They are all amazing to me, but I will admit to a slight preference for my BoRo just because it feels so nice in my hands. I love the woods/tiles for all three and the character of the CoCos is fun. Can’t wait for game night!
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    But that’s just because you reinvest the extra lumber back into your abode:
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    More photos to come! Felt bad for not posting earlier so sneak peak of my beauties.
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    As promised - pictures of the latest additions to my addicti...umm.. collection. Ziricote Mini Sheath Chechen XL Benge XL CoCo Sammich Redheart CoCo
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    Thanks for all the suggestions on the GM System. It really helps to have a community like you all to bounce stuff off of.
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    I know Mike said "no way" to Cocobolo, but dang it makes for some stunning instruments...
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    Here are some better pics of my bocote sheath and my new patagonian rosewood sheath that came today
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    a few early pics of my cocos (I wish I had a better camera, lighting and background but...
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    I heard that, tragically, the last of the BoCo fairies met an untimely demise at the hands of a Lich wielding the Dusty Doom. Rumor has it that the Lich’s grotto still smells of pickles...
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    More Coco (chechen lovers will need to wait until tonight...). Somehow I turned on that stupid date time thing, and can't figure out how to turn it off! Aaaaarrrrgggg! Who doesn't like a pink elephant? Canary: Benge:
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    So Mini Box and BoRo Skirmish Box both arrived this week (and no problems with the packaging). The Mini Box is cool, but the Skirmish Box is just amazing, and larger than I thought. So happy I caved in and picked it up. Pictures will come later this week/weekend. I'm now thinking I need another skirmish box though .. ughh.. I really need to slow down after these two though. So probably not going in on the GM System, just the backer sheath because.. well backer sheath!
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    and we are back...nothing hurt but our pride
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    Looks like a picture book to me...
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    Well just got a package from DMG and my items were beautifully wrapped in bubble wrap and just a little sawdust. The dragon is going to be for a friend’s birthday. I just bought it way in advance. Below it is my new slimline sheaths and the koa which is definitely the same size. Which means I have 5 so maybe one of them will be gifted! Love my new mini-sheath it’s super spacious inside and likely to double as a ring box/travel jewelry box! Such a handsome piece. Fiery deck box is fire! A very nicely constructed piece! Love that the top and bottom both have pips?(felt too) and that you gave me enough inserts for all of them. I don’t think I realized that before. I’m a little curious how well the magnets will do if I hold it from the top and fill it with cards. But all in all this one is supposed to be a gift for my brothers birthday in April. We will see if that actually happens. Also I realized I never photographed my cards stands for a proper who’s who so here we go!
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    That's just because Mike is super Allergic to it. I was lucky enough to grab a cocobolo dice chest (back when I was just a fan) before it started killing everyone in the shop
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    So CMON has begun US fulfillment of Rising Sun, which is set in a mythical feudal Japan, and in typical CMON fashion, features minis of various monsters, demi-gods, and the like. While the game should perhaps be viewed as a very loose interpretation of the setting and mythology, e.g. Blood Rage, some backers have taken issue with the inaccurate and inconsistent conventions used to name the map regions, and discussions regarding cultural appropriation have sprung up on BGG. However, there is one particular instance of inattention to detail that is much, much funnier. One of the KS Exclusive stretch goals was for a mythical creature named Kotahi. Recently, one Japanese speaking BGG user posted saying despite his best efforts he couldn't find any history related to this character. It turns out CMON used Wikipedia for their research and didn't verify their sources! Kotahi is actually the first name of a 19-year-old farmer from New Zealand, and is a Maori word meaning "unity". Kotahi's mate in Australia made up the Wikipedia entry to poke fun at his buddy, and it seems that CMON used that page to create their character. Kotahi is not a board gamer, but joined BGG to participate in the thread. CMON owned up to their mistake and it sounds like they will be sending him and his buddy copies of the game. BGG Thread New Zealand News Article Has anyone else come across similar board game-related anecdotes?
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    CoCos arrived yesterday! They are top notch. Now to pick a game to get the most use out of them!
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    I will post in this forum when we have some pics. Before it is up on our site.
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    When I said I wanted a window office - this was NOT what I had in mind.
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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! I’ve been quietly dying with excitement just waiting. Also timing wise you don’t realize how awesome this is. My birthday is in February so I was kind of hoping! Oh I’m going to show them off so much. And also just pet them occasionally. Damn Barb! We are almost there!!!!!!! Wooot! There will be so many pictures you guys will be sick of me.
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    And then...out of the kindness of their Viking hearts they took pity on my boco suffering and blessed me with a generous star of hope as a beacon to remind me that someday I can order a boco coco after they’ve fulfilled their Kickstarter orders. Either that or they were trolling me on what I missed out on . It will lay beside me each night as I sleep for the foreseeable future. Unbelievable thank you to DMG for the the pure joy giving me my first piece of bocote and at the same time the torture of what could have been how can you not love these guys?
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    Dragon fire red. I didn’t lick this one as I had learned my lesson the first time.....ok the second time . If you’re kind of curious just how strong the magnets are well here ya go. Don’t mind the messy room ;).
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    Let’s get on with it already and check out the sexiness of these cocos. Still working with DMG on 2 more cocos that I ordered but they’re being kick ass as always about that. Let’s bring on the beauties.... Purple is unbelievably delicious looking. I might have licked it to see if it tasted like luscious grape. I was light headed for a while and swore I ran into Elvis....but I’m mostly okay
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    I imagine the Mikes strolling happily through the lumber yard with a shopping cart filled with exotic one-of-kind pieces. Meanwhile, three apprentices behind them struggle to lug pallets of white wood and Kentucky coffeetree while muttering about the horror of endless CoCos. It’s good to be the boss!
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    Just don't let him hug the band saw.
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    @Lindsey I just got a mental picture of @Konas personally hugging bubble wrap in the shop and let out a hearty laugh . Thanks for that image
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    We super wrap all items in loving hugs and pounds of protective bubbles so you should still be fine. But you know if anything happened to those CoCos we've got your back and will make you a replacement ASAP!
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    Shhh!! Be wery wery quiet.. I'm hunting CoCoNuts.
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    My prototype dice tower and scrap pile benge coco. Mike never said it would be dusted when he handed it to me. :-) All the dice in the tray were stored inside the tower.
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    My cutting board arrived safely. The box looked like you wood hope it wood. The red wood is real smooth!
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    Ok. You got me. I had to do the search. I also found: and and
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    I am responsible for the Dragon Tray. I was loving the wood and had been eyeing it for awhile. I was surprised it hadn’t moved, but I wasn’t a fan of the red felt, so had held back. I shot Mike an email to see if I could swap green felt in there. When he gave the affirmative it was time to open the wallet!
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    My cocos are coming!!!!! The shipping notice is in my inbox and I am so excited! This is wonderful!!!!