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    Labyrinthos is live on Kickstarter right now!
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    Loving the game Labyrinthos, I designed five microbadges which were approved on the website Board Game Geek. There is a badge for each hero and one for the Minotaur. If you have a BGG account and would like to show your support for the game, you can purchase the badges following these links: Sostrate Leona Minotaur Diodotus Akakios
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    I LOVE the new daggers and wands. I must save up and get one of the daggers. I will not be content until I do so.
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    Have I mentioned I love DMG's brilliantly-dyed products? Like a lot? Behold my ever-growing collection! Left to right: Fourth (back) row: Sapphire Adventure Case; Experimental Ocean Depths Valhalla Screen; Experimental Seaworn D20 Adventure Case Third row: Sapphire Arcane Circle Dragon Tray; Pride Deck Jacket; Experimental Teal Tentacles Deck Jacket; Imperial Ruby on Ash Polys Rolling Tray Second row: Sapphire Police Box Dragon Sheath; Imperial Ruby Viking DS; Experimental Dusk Slimline DS; Moss on Ash Celtic DS; Pride DS; Demon Blood on Ash Halberd DS; Experimental Dark Rainbow Chest Token Shield First (front) row: Sunburst Greatsword Skirmish Box Most of these purchased over the summer via the ever-dangerous "In Stock" page (the sapphire case came from Gencon a few years back, where I first discovered DMG; the Dragon Tray was ordered later (sadly after the KS so I couldn't get the Stargate sculpt!). I really need to run games again so I can put some of this gear to use, although the teal Deck Jacket is working great as a tarot deck holder:
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    We know better than to believe that any more @Konas That's because it is
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    <grumble grumble> Stupid Dog Might, stupid 20% off sale, stupid gorgeous wooden gorgeousness...Stupid mailman, taking so long to deliver my new items! 😛
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    You don't know the half of it. Let's just say, it's a good thing I don't have a spouse to answer to.
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    You aren't kidding--that's how I wound up with two Adventure Cases and a half-dozen Dragon Sheaths! 😛
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    A nice "warm" morning at 24 degrees F. The cats are already burrowing in blankets, so winter is surely coming.
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    I've started this topic for the day my CoCo will get my home and it's done
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    Amen! Summer is full of bugs and humidity. Summer sucks!
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    OK, it's not like visiting Bora Bora, but it's been on my list for a while. My crazy sister got a big slab of marble for a wedding gift when I was 16-ish. She liked to bake, but bottom line, it was too heavy to be practical for her. About 6 years later (give or take several years), she was going to toss it, and I told her I'd take it. I had grand schemes to get it built into a counter top or table or something, but that never happened. I moved this heavy marble slab about 10 times before I settled into my house. Everytime I go to pull out blender or mixer or cookie sheet, I would look at it and vow I would use that 🤬 slab of marble before I die. Friday, someone tried to help me change my RO water filters (unsuccessful smh), which meant everything under my sink had to come out. All that junk (how I ended up with 6 bottles of lemon oil, I'll never know) ended up on my kitchen counter. Friday night, I figured drinking a cocktail and watching a recorded show sounded better than putting all that stuff under the sink. The next day, I thought I was going to Neil's house for him to show me how he makes pizza sauce and dough. I got over there and he tells me we're doing it at my house. smh. So I managed to get enough space cleared for making/mixing the dough, but we needed to kneed it too. Hey, I have this massively heavy slab of marble we can use! Check that off the to do list. #checkedBucketListItem
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    It's finally cooling down in Cincinnati! It was perfect for the Renaissance Festival on Saturday, and I've been able to take Zoe (our chiweenie) out for walks in the park again.
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    Okay @Zoxe. I just found out that when we decided to make wooden dice, our foreman at the time purchased an airbrush for finishing them. Our normal spray gun worked better, he was supposed to return the smaller one but didn't, yada yada....we still have it and I am taking it home to use for minis. It is a Paasche TG Talon and looks like it has pretty good reviews. I have ordered the compressor from amazon that you linked on your blog and I will be off and running in the airbrush world. I plan on watching youtube all weekend, reading your blog again, and checking out other tutorials. Any other thing I should be looking into? Also, ventilation. Any thoughts or resources for that? Thanks in advance.
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    This got sent to my email from a local pie shop.
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    Okay, finished a bunch of things over the weekend that were in process for a bit. 2 minis from the L5R mini crate, 1 Hordes mini, 1 from the Rising Sun board game, and one Arena Rex model. Pretty pleased.
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    I have ish I could go in on the Kickstarter. I only have the base game right now. Me and a co worker use to play it on lunch so I hadn't wanted to add much more since we usually only get one game in while eating. But now with my son playing with me I will try to get all the expansions.
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    Rise of Tribes has made me addict to DMG, so the first game will be... this week-end.
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    @Konas I finished my Village Attacks Troll! Note: not completly dried. His only purpose in the game is to cause havoc. 😛 Photo bombs by Jack O. Lantern and Mrs Fisher's sister.
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    I've previously posted these but couldn't resist since they're finally getting some time on the table. DMG kingdom death gear grid prototypes working in tandem with CoCos. Magnets are holding these together for a 1 player, 2 character dashboard.
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    So. I’m finally all caught up with Dog Might. I pledged to the CoCo Kickstarter back in 2017. Since then I have had one order or another in production until earlier this summer. Here is the entire collection. Left to right, front to back. Hero plinths. (Various Woods) Wooden dice (Black Walnut and Chacate Preto). Dragon Sheaths (Paduak, black walnut, Bubinga, Wenge). Bone box with hero sleeves (Bolivian Rosewood, Chechen, wenge, leopardwood, and bocote) Galaxy Sentinel. Monterillo Rosewood XL Dragon sheath. Mixed wood XL Dragon sheath. Bubinga GM system. Black Walnut dice tower. Rainbow dice tower. Bolivian Rosewood rolling tray. Selectively stained Valhalla Screen. (Not pictures, many dice, some presents and my cutting board because it’s in the china cabinet and I forgot about it.)
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    What in the heck is bison grass? Do you mix with it or drink it straight?
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    I'm still working on turning one case into pin storage (I got the wrong size jewelry cushions--and maybe this would be better as a custom build anyway!), but I turned the other one into a place to put my spare watches and bands!
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    It at last feels like fall here. I am so excited cause I really hate the heat.
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    That sounds so yummy. My daughter made me a pumpkin cake for my birthday this weekend. She did an amazing job. It's now my favorite cake. I told her she has to make it for my birthday every year now.
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    Awesome! MiGT was pretty fun, but was a long haul for us for what ended up being 5 or 6 hours of gaming. I won "best painted" for Dropfleet Commander but didn't play as well. I was middle of the pack after the first round, but ended up totally biffing the 2nd game. Surprise for me was that it was 2 rounds instead of 3, so we were packing it in around 5 and had awards at 6 on Sunday. I was expecting to still be going at 9 or 10 that night.
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    Oh!!!! What cutie patooties!!!!!! Such precious sweet angels!!!!!!!! Please give them some pets for me
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    I'm pleased to announce that I thought of the name for that one all on my own When I saw it I immediately thought of those images from the Hubble Telescope.
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    Just when I think I have a favorite experimental stain, I see something new. Current favorite: Nebula stain. ❤️
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    I'm hoping we are done mowing for the year, though we tend to do one last mow after the tree drops its leaves (easier than raking!). It's been windy the last two days which means we likely won't be getting the painting fully done on the garage door frames. But at least they are not bare wood....
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    I am in the same boat. I use Sling to watch live TV. Don't do it too often, mostly for sports. But, with Fox gone, I can't watch my lovable Lions. Hmmmmm…...maybe that's a good thing.
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    At the end of Chuck Lorre's shows, he writes about something. You have to pause in order to read them, but most of the time, they really make me smile. A lot of times they are rambling and bring up things I never would have thought about if he hadn't brought up. But sometimes, there are life lessons or epiphanies. Oh if I had a dollar for every unexpected life lesson that totally changed my entire life for about 3 days... Missive #628: A Small Complaint "I really dislike purchasing things with a credit card and having to sign my name with my finger. No matter how hard I try, the resulting signature looks like it was written by a jonesing meth addict having a grand mal seizure. Who's the genius who decided our index fingers are writing utensils? .... Anyway, that's my small complaint. There are many other things that annoy me, but I won't go into them here. I prefer to pace myself. If I've learned one lesson in this life, it's that bitching and moaning about the little stuff isn't a sprint. It's a marathon." Of course reading that bolded part reminded me of another nugget that had changed my life sporadically. I still remember it all these years later. I kept waiting for a tee shirt that had the 2nd panel from the left/second row, but alas I never found one.
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    So Puzz is short an airbrush?
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    Now that the game has launched, I can show off my new microbadges on BGG under my avatar. What fun 😁
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    Thank you both--and I agree! Over the summer there were a few colorful Valhalla's that caught my eye, but I finally pulled the trigger on this one! It's a good multi-genre color. I was also really tempted by the Fruit Punch screen, but someone beat me to it before I could go too crazy, heh.
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    I thought about you while I painted my 4 nieces and nephews of the 3 little pigs tonight. ☺️
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    Playing some stat realms with my oldest. Got the craziest turn I ever have managed to draw all but 3 cards from my deck and did 43 damage.
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    It needs another awesome cat...
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    Yay! They look great! Thanks for your patience. Really, using this thread as a timeline, you've only had to wait 81 pages.
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    I hate to admit it, but I get a real kick out of watching the meat chicken football/basketball teams get embarrassed. I guess a lot of the players and most of the "fans" are so easy to hate. But the real icing on the cake is when the fans realize that they got sucked in by the hype yet again. Anyway, I live next door to a big Wisconsin fan. As I was watching the Michigan State/Northwestern game, I could hear him whooping it up over and over through the window. When my game came had a commercial break, I changed the channel to the other game. Whisky was leading 35-0 and the crowd was chanting overrated! OMG!
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    Hope he has a big floor jack in his apartment! 😉
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    I will not divulge what I did to get such favor, but I was gifted something from @Konas' private collection. Holy Hannah!!! It's made out of Pink Heart!!! (He knows that I'm addicted to pink ivory.) There is skant few things sexier than a man that can handcraft his own RPG character storage for a specific campaign! If he had otter dice, I'd be in big trouble.
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    We actually have a decent start on the kids Xmas presents. Pick up smaller items when on sale and wait till closer to get the big thing to make sure it's still relevant. We watch dr. Pol alot.
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