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    We fared much better on our next run through of the same dungeon. The second scenario allowed me to use a lot of my cool terrain I had been working on.
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    I'd like to introduce you all to Liz Taylor
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    The new coco is working great! Thanks DMG!
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    My favorite Holiday memory actually involves a game of Jenga and my mother. My mom got us the game as a present that year. We also got a few small water guns for XMas that year as a gag gift. My brother, mother, and I were playing Jenga on our hardwood floors. We were sitting in a very tight circle grabbing our Jenga pieces and restacking them. The person who knocked over the tower, in addition to the feeling the shame of defeat, would also take a blast of water from the guns to the face at close range. Needless to say, my brother and I won a lot and had the joy of shooting my dear, sweet mom almost every time. She was laughing her wonderful laugh the whole time. She is missed every year as XMas was her favorite thing. I look forward to reinstalling the "Water Gun to the Face" tradition this year with @Lindsey
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    This game reminds me of my mom. When she and my dad came for a visit 30 years ago, we went for a walk to stretch our legs and see the neighborhood I moved into. Every time she saw a blue spruce, she pointed it out to my dad "Look Donald, what a cute blue spruce." After she did it like 9 times, I thinking to myself, what's up with that? That was until my dad muttered under his breath about not giving a "darn" about blue spruces, my mother then nudges me in the ribs with her elbow, and gives me a wink. Cracked me up. When I moved into my new house, she bought me a dinky little blue spruce tree. Every year she would get her picture taken with her blue spruce tree. It got taller than her by the time she couldn't travel anymore. Now when I see blue spruce trees, I think of her.
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    Ok, FIRST POST from Zoxe, but I'll share. I've been working on my Kingdom Death 1.5 Core Box, experimenting with zenithal highlighting and trying to teach myself how to airbrush a little bit. Very simple "statue" paint job, but my goal is to have reasonable board game pieces from several feet away.
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    Finally I began playing Gloomhaven with my sister. Our first scenario did not end well. Mid game we were attacked by a huge, ferocious beast with long claws and tail. She sent us flying across the dungeon. She even knocked down doors. After we recovered from her attack, we were defeated by an archer picking us off as we entered a long hallway.
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    And after, the black fries day
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    Dead of the winter I've tried last night in real life action, and I've lost
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    Hold onto your undies people. The stain job is ridiculously cool. Note: Each picture has Liz Taylor in it for scale.
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    Hey everyone! As you might have noticed I've been moving a bunch of threads around in the forums. There's so much awesome stuff being generated by you Barkers and CoConuts that I decided it was time to make the general discussion section more organized. You'll find new sections for games, wood, rpgs, and random stuff. This way cool threads won't get buried so quickly and new people will be able to find stuff easier. Thanks for your patience while I mess around and work to improve the forums! I promise not to drink too much mead while I do this...
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    Let me take this in an entirely a different direction: In December of 2007, I left a large, high stress office to work at one of the smaller competitors in town where a small group of my former team members had taken root. Best Christmas present I ever gave myself. I wasn't starting at the new office until after the 1st of the year, so as a bonus I actually resigned on the Thursday before Christmas and was technically "unemployed" for the holiday stretch while living on my accrued vacation time that paid out on my last check. On Christmas Eve, we went to my mother inlaw's family gathering for dinner. We don't see the extended family that often, they're generally judgy and unpleasant, and the initial exchanges always consist of the same handful of obligatory generic questions while they figure out what random thing I've done incorrectly so they can educate me. So I lurked and waited, and finally got my chance for some fun. Mother Inlaw: "So, how's work?" Me: (casually) "Oh, I quit last week." ML: "What??" Me: (dead serious) "Yah, I quit." *shrug* "I decided I didn't like it anymore so I'm not going back." ML: "You ... Quit?" Me: "Yup...." (awkward silence) The fact that I'm not joking is starting to register with mother inlaw. She's now looking from me to my wife blinking, her mouth agape - and I can see the gears turning as her gaze finally settles on Mrs. Zoxe. No words are coming out but all of her body language is screaming: I FRIGGIN' KNEW IT AND NOW YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO SUPPORT THIS LAZY JERK.... The silence stretches, and I'm intentionally letting it hang there. So many questions, so few answers. Finally, Mrs. Zoxe backhands me on the shoulder and with an exaggerated eye roll says, "Ok, tell her the rest...." "Oh yah ... I start my new job of the 3rd. Joining my old team a few miles down the road. Same pay, less stress, I'm really looking forward to it."
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    It was fun hiding in the box, waiting for my sister to come open it. I remember that my young neice was confused why a person appeared from a box and she started crying. Still, it was fun. It was also the first time I ever flew in a plane. I really love my sister to brave flying. We cats prefer keeping our feet on the ground...tree, bookshelf, house top. Okay, so we like high places, as long as we are the ones who put ourselves there.
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    One of my favorite Christmas memories was my daughter's first Christmas. She was ten months old and we were living several states away from my family. I could not afford to go home to see them and was really missing them. A friend of mine knew how I felt and set up a surprise for me. I was at her house and she told me she wanted me to open a gift early. It was a huge box that was half as tall as the tree. As I started to pull the paper off out popped my sister Romycat. I was very startled but then filled with so much joy. I was so happy to have family with me for my daughter's first Christmas.
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    Just to be clear you never had me on the ropes. I just didn't want to make you have a terrible first experience by crushing you...
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    A few years ago, I decided to do that thing where I drove home Christmas Eve to see my parents without them knowing I was coming. I stealthily asked them a week before if they were planing on going anywhere (Rolled Subterfuge +5). Once I knew they would be staying home, I drove 5 hours home and arrived at 8pm or so Christmas Eve. I rang the doorbell, and my dad came to answer. As soon as he saw me he burst out laughing, then opened the door and gave me the biggest hug I can remember giving me since I graduated college. "Merry Christmas dad," I said, with a s***eating grin on my face. "Hello son," he said into my shoulder. I asked him where mom was and he said she was upstairs in the living room. I go up the stairs just as my mom comes out of the living room to find out what's going on. She sees me and starts crying. "You're home!" she says. I give her a big hug and kiss and say Merry Christmas again. And, because my mother is THAT Italian, the second sentence out of her mouth is, "are you hungry?" Yeah, I enjoyed that Christmas Eve.
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    Holidays are very important for my family. My family gathers at my house for Christmas (Thanksgiving we go to my parents’ house.) Over the years, we sort of “adopted” several others whose family has moved far away or passed on. Our “adopted” family members gather with the rest of us for food, fun, and board games. We try out new games unwrapped and pull out old favorites. I love how board games can bring us together, no matter if we are related or not.
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    Just want to give a huge kudos to all of you who take up miniature painting as a hobby. I wish I could remotely come close to the outstanding work you do on these minis.
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    The first time I played Empire Builder, I had amassed only $52m when my buddy Bob won with $250m. I went out and bought the game, and played it about 5 times against myself before trying to play with Bob and Margie again. I amassed $127m before Bob won. Crap! I played it some more with some other people, and picked up some tips, and tried to play against Bob again. $200m. Double Crap! Eventually I beat Bob and there was much dancing, and rejoicing. We had many battles after that, and I won about half of them! But the joke was on me. Bob and Margie moved to North Carolina, and no one here will play me because they can't win. They even gave me the nickname "Evil Empire".
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    I want to chop that entire game down....
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    Inspired by the YouTuber TheDMGinfo who makes awesome dungeon props out of cheap materials, I created by own slime army and it cost me less than $7. I originally was only going to make ten small green ones for Gloomhaven, but then I thought, "Why stop there?" I made different sizes and colors which can be used in both D&D and Pathfinder. Then I made the mistake of showing them off to my DM. Now I might have to face-off against my own creations in an epic slime battle in the Pathfinder campaign I am doing with some friends. Parts Price Skeletons-- I bought these a few days after Halloween was over. Price only ten cents. Then I chopped up the skeletons. What fun making piles of bones. Base--leftover plastic salad lid that was going to be thrown away. Nails/swords & buttons/shields--bits and pieces laying around in drawers for years. Slime--hot glue. I used an entire pack. Cost about $4. Paint--cheap acrylic paint from Walmart. Already had the paint, so didn't really add much for coast value. Slimness--I used Glosscote Lacquer Brush-On to add the shininess to the surface. I already owned this so maybe I used fifty cents worth of material.
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    I finally finished painting my Zomicide Doors and Dungeon Saga: Furniture Pack (2 copies). Here are the results. My copy of Gloomhaven came in two days ago, and I finished reading the thick rule book yesterday. Now I'm ready to start playing, using my many 3D terrain objects.
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    I've found this cat learning pumpkin puns, who might be the owner?
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    I figured you needed an appropriate welcome here to the DMG forums
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    omgggg alright so I have a Problem (capitalized for emphasis) and that's why it's taken me awhile to post this (and by Problem, I mean I got both my dogs custom class-based tags and custom class-based art) (zero regrets) I am limiting myself to their art, tags, one photo each, & one photo of them together... otherwise we'll be here forever Name: Gunner Race: Mashed potato Class: Paladin Best Known Skill: he protec from the vicious squirrels and rabbits (the 'protec' is a meme.. not a typo. sorry not sorry.) Famous For: being a whiny mashed potato Most Ashamed Of: you having negative feelings for any reason, he would like to apologize for anything and everything and lick your face until it hurts and you feel better. he will also whine the entire time. Name: Asher Race: Skunk Class: Rogue Best Known Skill: traveling through different planes Famous For: looking like a judgmental cryptid Most Ashamed Of: being afraid of cardboard boxes Gunner is lawful good, obviously, and Asher is chaotic good.. sometimes chaotic neutral.
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    Thought I would break this response out into its own forum thread so it's not buried on page 7 of the miniatures painting feed. I can tell you how I set up my airbrushing, but the big horrible disclaimer is that this is just how I did it and there are many many opinions out there from folks with far more experience than me. However, just googling "beginner airbrushing" yields overwhelming results. Background: My goals setting out were simply to get away from rattle can priming. I had some disastrous results with AP White rattle can on some fairly expensive and hard to get Shadows of Brimstone resins that actually put me off of mini painting for 6+ months. But, I had Kingdom Death inbound from KS and had to figure out how I was going to get the game painted up. So, reluctantly, I turned to airbrushing. I wanted to do this fairly cheaply (I wasn't convinced I'd stay with it) and due to the overwhelming/conflicting information out there wanted something fairly turnkey. I also knew that I was going to be doing low-volume work (compared to a pro painter doing several dozen or hundreds of commissions a year) and did NOT need a lot of fine detail. Equipment: Master Airbrush Kit (Amazon, $80) - Comes with most everything needed - compressor, airhose, brush. The compressor isn't horribly loud, but the regulator on it really has no discernible PSI adjustment. The airbrush that comes in the kit is fairly clunky; I haven't used it yet but may dedicate it to varnish or other things that are hard to clean Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner (16 Oz.) 4 SET Airbrush Spray Gun Wash Cleaning Tools Needle Nozzle Brush Glass Cleaning Pot Holder (Amazon) These 3 items are the "Frequently bought together" on Amazon and are the bare-bones basics to get you started. Badger 105 airbrush - Impulse buy that I don't regret. I had several brushes in my Amazon cart for weeks - H&S, Iwata, etc. My opinion is that with a good name brand you really can't go wrong, but the thought of shelling out $250+ for an airbrush seemed a bit harsh. I bought the Badger 105 simply because it was far cheaper, and it was the one featured in Miniature Monthly's videos (I could watch my exact airbrush be disassembled and cleaned). See also below. Spare braided hose - Badger, via Amazon Separate water separator/filter in between the two hoses (also required an $8 adapter set sourced from Amazon). Quick Disconnect Squeeze bottle to put cleaner in Misc stuff: Paper towels, disposable brushes (to mix thinned paint), 1 oz disposable jello shot cups to mix paint in, and some latex gloves that I said I'd wear but never do Airbrush Booth: If you're going to airbrush indoors, a good well lit and filtered booth is going to be nice. The airbrush will leave "dust" behind even if you spray into a cardboard box. I tried this cheap one from Amazon (sensing a trend?) and like it. There are youtube videos for homemade versions, though. Warning: This same model of booth is currently on Amazon under various "brands" - they are identical but the price varies. This one seems to be the cheapest version of the same item. Again, this is how I did it. It's working for me. I have a fair amount of $$ wrapped up in this, but far less than going "super premium" straight out of the gate. Lastly, there are a LOT of youtube videos out there for free, but I very much recommend backing Miniature Monthly on Patreon. Aaron is the factory painter for Shadows of Brimstone, and Elizabeth Beckley does commissions for Ninja Division and (since GenCon2017) Kingdom Death. Much of their painting techniques are FAR (far, far, FAR) beyond anything I intend to tackle, but their beginners guides for Airbrushing and Cleaning Airbrushes as well as the recent videos on how to prep models have really really helped me. At $10/mo, it's a good investment for me. I'll close out with a few pictures. The KDM ones are repeats, but the Shadows of Brimstone Autocannons are new.
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    Gloomhaven box arrived! It is heavy.
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    That is worthy of a Folgers commercial.
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    Glad that young girl is not in my computer lab with that mallet. There would go all my monitors!! Nice to see how well Dog Might products last when being smashed.
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    We are fans of Jim Butcher's* the Dresden Files, so when the COOP card game hit kickstarter, Mrs. Zoxe was an all-in backer. We've yet to win a 2-player game. It feels like we know what we're doing right up until ... we don't. I really should change scenarios and try again. *Trivia: Jim Butcher being the keynote author at GenCon a few years ago was the catalyst that got me to attend, which started us down our current path of geekery.
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    My neighbors already think I'm a lovable kook. I think I sold the deal when I was sitting out in the yard, with my lawn chair sitting in a kiddie pool, and the oscillating sprinkler going back and forth over me. I would go wooooh every time the cold water hit me. Of course that was back when I actually had some lawn, so that had to be about .
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    Eucalyptus deglupta is a tall tree, commonly known as the rainbow eucalyptus, Mindanao gum, or rainbow gum. It is found in an area that spans New Britain, New Guinea, Seram, Sulawesi and Mindanao, and is the only Eucalyptus species with a natural range that extends into the northern hemisphere. It thrives in tropical forests that get a lot of ra Description The unique multi-hued bark is the most distinctive feature of the tree. Patches of outer bark are shed annually at different times, showing a bright green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones. The previous season’s bark peels off in strips to reveal a brightly colored new bark below. The peeling process results in vertical streaks of red, orange, green, blue, and gray. The colours of the bark are not as intense outside the tree's native range. E. deglupta grows up to 2 m (6 ft) wide and over 60 m (200 ft) tall.
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    This is 5000% my style of game and I immediately grabbed a copy when we were at PAX Unplugged. I love competitive board games like this but love it even more when those mechanics are paired with adorable foxes hidden inside of gorgeous trees. I love everything about this game and I haven't even gotten to play it yet! (Our group was too big over the holidays.) I was super impressed with the punch-outs and that it comes with dividers for the deep box that it comes in so you don't have to worry about your pretty trees getting crushed or having to dis-assemble. Really well done all around. And the seeds are all properly paired with the right type of tree and everything! I just love this game so much. 😭
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    I've come to the conclusion, that I still stink at faces... 1) "little Ned" 2) agents - can't remember which is which -- apparently these guys were in a dysfiguring accident... Didn't get the backside in the email from Drew. The robes turned out real nice, so that's too bad. 3) "the thing" - backside, undercarriage, front Backview underside... front from above...
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    I see the KickStarter green trees, Sapphire trees, Canarywood trees and Bolivian Rosewood trees. Looks like the DMG backyard...
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    For the holiday season there is a (hilariously ridiculous) Christmas tree topper this year. Santa means business.
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    Time to suit up in rememberence of my fallen brethren on this darkest of days
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    "Do you mind not shooting at the Nuclear Weapons!" ~John Travolta in Broken Arrow "Put the bunny back in the box." Fight breaks out which ends with the villain stabbed through heart. Hero says, "Why couldn't you put the bunny back into the box?" ~ Nicholas Cage in Conair
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    I never thought I'd have to worry about throwing my back out while trying to get a game off the game rack.
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    Growth as a painter: First picture: Left ~ Prepainted barrel ordered from Top Shelf Gamer. Middle ~ My first attempt at painting. This barrel came from Dungeonstone's website. I used a black wash then a spray-on sealer that turned it even darker, to my disappointment. All paint used was cheap acrylic from Walmart. Right ~ A barrel from Dungeon Saga. This time I used a dark brown wash and paint-on sealer, using first a shiny coat then a dull coat (thanks for the tip, guys). The metal band was a Reaper paint. Second Picture: Left ~ Prepainted chest ordered from Top Shelf Gamer. Right ~ A chest from Dungeon Saga. I used the same techniques above as the barrel on the right.
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    @serge, I don't think @tgp is going to like that artwork.
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    My card trays showed up safe and sound! Pop Quiz: Rosewood, Bubinga, Padauk, Purple Heart, and Leopard. How'd I do?
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    I remember watching the video during the Kickstarter. Great seeing the CoCo’s “live” and not just still shots in a picture. Ah, makes me want mine all the more.
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    I am actually working on a Cthulhu painting for the office...the other Mike is a big fan. Oddly enough, Cthulhu is turning out looking like Jimmy Stewart.
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    @serge, yeah the snow is thinking about getting serious here. I hate it when my car acts as a snow plow going down the alley. Gotta keep that momentum going or you get stuck. I don't mind it nearly as much now that I get to work from home the vast majority of the time. I broke my elbow about 5 years ago (in September), and decided to pay someone to shovel my snow. God willing, I'll never have to go back to shoveling it all myself.