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    Hooray! I got this email on Friday!! (We were headed into the woods, no cell service until just now!) ----- Your Order is Shipping! Item Shipping: Component Collector SKU-CC-STANDARD-ROSEWOODBolivian Rosewood Component Collector Standard 8 tiles of your choiceDragonCounterCounterSquareSquareSquareLL
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    That looks like a dream shop. I’m currently trying to work out of my garage while trying to explain to my wife why garages weren’t really meant for cars anyway. Here’s some pics of my shop, it’s messy and cluttered but functional. One of my last projects was to put everything on mobile bases so I built three flip-top tool stands. Ones got my router table and room for a future orbital sander, one has my planer and belt sander and the other has my tool sharpening / buffing station for the lathe. I recently picked up a delta 14” bandsaw and grizzly 8” jointer form a neighbor who moved but I haven’t been able to use the jointer yet since I don’t have 220v outlet on the garage... My current project is building storage beneath my work bench. Built the frame about 6 months ago but had a router accident (use push sticks kids) and I’m just now getting back to building the drawers. Ive been building storage solutions for so long, I need to get back to real woodworking!
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    I plan to paint a dragon like the Time dragon at some point.
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    This is still the greatest photoshop work I have ever done, if I do say so myself.
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    Please - we all know that @Barb Bliss wouldn't waste good gin by speaking while she had it in her mouth.
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    A man called into my favorite morning radio this morning. His niece and her 9 year old child drove off for the Mayo Clinic (about an hour away) to visit her sick mother last night, but they never arrived. The state police are out looking for them, but haven't found them at the side of the road. Please say a prayer for their safe return to their family if you are a praying person.
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    GUHHHH SO MONSTER HUNTER-Y. I love it!!! Oh wow, yeah, this is.. a lot. https://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/dragons/
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    Yeah, that is a black dragon. And they did a lot of deep blues to highlight. Attaching a pathfinder blue dragon pic and the black dragon mini.
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    Woof! I bet that get's Sawdust's stamp of approval.
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    Oh how adorable....a carcass of a pumpkin brutally sacrificed and carved into being used to collect the waste of an infant child such savagery
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    @tgpumpkin!! Here's our chance!!
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    This knowledge is becoming in-grained in us.
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    I now wish I would have had an oil warmer installed on my car back when I bought it.
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    Nemesis made its debut tonight. A little bit of a learning curve, but OMG is this a fun game. I was all set to win the game, but one last noise check did me in. An intruder landed in my room and I was unable to get to the escape pod before the jump to hyperspace and I got atomized. smh.
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    OOOOHHHHH good question @WxCougar I believe that's an excellent topic for @Konas to teach about today
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    All right, here's a tough one. It has been used on rare occasions by us. It is VERY dense and is what I made my own personal Dragon Sheath out of.
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    It's all about pricing it so that you don't have 5000 ordered @Konas! Just make them all out of Ziricote with a Waterfall Bubinga inlaid top! It might still be a $1M KS - but that would be like a half dozen tables max
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    @Zoe Here I know @Barb Bliss speak I can help you... say Meat chicken really fast 4-5 times. Make sure you do it in front of @Konas. .... ..... ..... Do you hear it yet? .... .... .... Sound like any particular state in the US? Can you now deduce if that sounds like 1 state what "Whiskey" might be referring to?
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    If it's big enough - I'd just buy some sawhorses and call it a table
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    Solid choice. I love my dark bloodwood dice.
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    Three pieces of gum and a turkey leg?
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    Yes. She got engaged over the holidays. All the MF talk is thanks to @Konas calling her Mrs Fisher, and my tragically named variable.