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    Creating a thread for people to post photos of their Dog Might Products at home. I've got a bunch, but I wanted to start out with this Card Stand Bundle that I recently got. I decided to Card Stands as a way to narrow my CoCo tile needs - now each player at my table can use a card stand with their CoCos instead of the Card, Double, or Slots tiles. Hey Lumberjacks, can you tell me which woods my randomly selected card stands are. I'm thinking it's Leopardwood, Black Walnut, Canarywood(?), Purpleheart(!), Ash with Early American finish(?)
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    Name: Dantonio Race: green severum Class: Battle Wizard Best Known Skill: Designing/executing battle plans and always knows when it's time for the next meal. Famous for: Slaying rodents Most Ashamed of: Being bedazzled by shiny stars which lead to his last parties downfall. Dantonio is a mastermind. There is no dragon, regardless of size, that he feels can't be slayed as long as the company is true. Dantonio is a natural leader, and fierce warriors chosen by Dantonio to join his group will follow him into any battle. Once he let's the lion out of the cage, victory is assured, and there is much rejoicing and dancing.
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    Seems to me the additional cards would be needed for "research."
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    My first DMG product came today! My new Dragon Sheath looks amazing in Demons Blood. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and now am looking forward to my Coco and Hero Sleeves even more.
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    LOG BLOG #4: LEOPARDWOOD Few woods have as much character as the next one up in the Log Blog, Leopardwood. Named for its distinctive spotted pattern, this lumber is unlike any other. Now I know that Barb wanted me to write about Bolivian Rosewood but - let’s face it - she has a bit of a problem and I, for one, will not be an enabler. GENERAL INFO Leopardwood grows in carefully managed forests in Brazil. Unlike our foreman, Puzz Longbeard, this tree is a magnificent specimen! It can grow to nearly 100’ tall with enormous trunks as large as 4’ in diameter. For comparison’s sake, Puzz is about 6’ tall. Leopardwood is pronounced by saying “Leopard” and then “wood”. It is also known as Roupala Montana. It was named by Jean Baptiste Christophore Fusee Aublet in 1775. The name Roupale was a name used locally in French Guinea and Montana refers to “coming from mountains”. Jean Baptiste was clearly an expert in names having 5 of them himself. Leopardwood is very consistent in its coloring, displaying medium to dark reddish brown tones with grey or light brown “flecks”. The unusual spotting is due to medullary rays that are displayed when the lumber is sawn. Medullary rays are bands of connective tissue that radiate between the pith and bark of the tree, which results in gorgeous visual effects in finished pieces. The flecks vary in size from board to board. Other woods have medullary rays, like White Oak, but few have so many so densely packed. Leopardwood is fairly dense and hard, measuring 2150 on the Janka scale. Because of the density of medullary rays, it can be hard to work, having a tendency to tear out during planing. It is commonly grown in Latin America. Give to me your Leopard, take from me, my Lace* Leopardwood is sometimes confused with Lacewood and is referred to as such occasionally. “Lacewood” is used to describe any wood that displays specks that resemble lace. Leopardwood is therefore a type of Lacewood. Sometimes lumber mills will have 2 bins, one Lacewood and one Leopardwood. In those instances, Lacewood is selections of a few different types of wood that are hard to separate. Leopardwood is darker in color and denser than other woods commonly lumped into the category of “Lacewood,” and therefore easier to distinguish from the others. LEOPARDWOOD? HOW ABOUT 'LOVEWOOD'! Looking at any finely finished box made of wood fills me with love, but Leopardwood takes it one step further. In Trinidad and Tobago, the mashed or bruised roots of the Leopardwood tree are sniffed as an aphrodisiac. One day, I tried sniffing wooden boards of it in our shop. The other woodworkers described me as “extra complimentary” that day. This was not a scientific test, mind you. THOUGHTS FROM A WOODWORKER Leopardwood has an interesting history with Dog Might. We love it, use it often, have experimented with it a ton, and don’t sell very much of it. It’s odd. I personally believe that people don’t buy it because it doesn’t look like wood. It doesn’t matter though, because we love using it and we will continue to do so. Why, you ask? It’s just cool as hell. It is easier to work than some of the other woods we use and, when it is sculpted, beautiful things occur. The medullary rays react wonderfully when moving across a contoured surface, like the curved bowl of a Component Collector. We have also tried some very cool staining techniques with it, to varying degrees of success. We used some hand mixed dyes to create a line of Adventure Cases and Dice Chests that we called Dragon Scale. They were very cool. The Leopardwood, when dyed red or green or blue, looked like the skin of a dragon. But, after selling a bunch of them, we found that the finish was unreliable. The wood was often too dense to allow the dyes to soak in or it was impossible to seal coat and varnish the finished product. We managed to get enough to fill our orders, and they did look amazing, but we quickly took them off the site. Lesson learned. We were disappointed, though, and we may revisit Dragon Scale finishes at a later date. Before I forget, I must mention that for those of you allergic to Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac, the oil in Leopardwood can cause a similar reaction. The dust also can act like an irritant so, I highly recommend wearing a mask when working with this wood. I always recommend that Puzz wear a mask when he is in the shop, but that’s for different reasons. Sources: A bunch of pages from the innertubes and the only book I will ever read, The Wood Bible. I also read the first paragraph of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. *Some of you youngsters may not get that reference. It’s from a Stevie Nicks/Don Henley song.
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    I think you should make Barb wait until last for the Bolivan Rosewood blog personally
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    LOG BLOG #3: REDHEART I have made no secret of my love for the next wood in this series, Redheart. It is wonderful. It is striking to the eye, feels amazing in the hand, and sculpts like a dream. Despite this, it is not one of our bigger sellers, probably due to its higher price tag. Because of this fact, I have made it my personal mission to put a piece of Redheart in the hands of every gamer in the world! This is not an accurate representation of the Redheart tree. GENERAL INFO Redheart is often called Chakte-Kok. In the Mayan language, Chakte means red. Redheart trees grow primarily in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. They are medium sized, growing to a maximum height of 70’ and possessing generally small diameters that are rarely larger than 18”. A common distinguisher for the price of lumber is the average size of the tree. A smaller tree, like Redheart, produces less wide, usable lumber. Even though governments have worked to keep this tree highly sustainable, the price hasn’t decreased due to the smaller size of its lumber. Another factor keeping the price of Redheart higher is that the tree produces a large amount of sapwood. Most woods are sought after because of the attributes of their heartwood and Redheart is no exception. Having higher amounts of sapwood again reduces the amount of usable lumber. Sapwood is the outer, generally lighter colored wood between the harder heartwood and the bark. Sometimes sapwood can add a nice artistic contrast when used for making a product but most products contain exclusively heartwood. WILL MY REDHEART CHANGE COLOR LIKE AN UNDINE Simple answer is yes. More complex answer is yes, but you will be able to control it somewhat. Freshly surfaced Redheart can be very bright, almost like a watermelon red. After it is worked, we apply 3 coats of a polyurethane-based finish that we refer to as Dog Might Varnish (or DMV if you are into the whole brevity thing). These applications result in the deep, warm red you see in the pics on this blog. That color will change to a deeper, brownish red if you leave any Redheart product exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. The DMV will protect it somewhat but no commonly used wood finishes will protect wood 100%. If you keep your precious Redheart away from strong light, it will retain its initial color for years. This is important when purchasing wooden products from any manufacturer. Always ask them what finish they use on their products. You are after a film-building finish, like the mighty DMV. A simple rub in oil finish or wax offers very little resistance for the wood. I would avoid that product. If they don’t apply a finish at all, run for the hills. IS REDHEART FULL OF MAGICAL PROPERTIES? The druids believed that humanity descended from the trees. They believed that we are, in effect, one and the same. Because of this, they went to great lengths to determine all the magical properties of the wood around them. Those that believe in this way of thinking believe that Redheart trees are full of bright and carefree energy; an excellent wood choice for those wishing to focus on the here and now rather than dwelling on the past or future events. It allows someone to set aside their fears and move their life in a positive direction and aid them in finding their personal truth. I am not one to judge anyone else’s belief systems. All I can say is that ever since I commandeered the Redheart Dragon Tray used for the pics in our Kickstarter project, my life has been amazing. Can’t say for certain if it is because of the Tray but it does look gorgeous hanging on my wall. This is mine and you can't have it cuz it's magical. THOUGHTS FROM A WOODWORKER If I were to write a book about Redheart, the first paragraph would look very similar to the opening paragraph of Lolita by Nabokov. In other words, I love it. The color is amazing - even after it ages. I believe it looks better after a year or two. It develops a deeper red in spots and gets brighter in others. The hand feel of Redheart is fantastic. It is silky smooth yet solid. Unlike our foreman, Puzz Longbeard, it is a delight to work with. It sands easily, sculpts like butter, and takes an incredible finish. While it might not be the best wood for making hardwood floors, it is amazing for the accessories that we create. You can have this, but it is going to be about a year before it gets to you. Sources: A bunch of pages from the innertubes and the only book I will ever read, The Wood Bible. For full disclosure, I also read the first paragraph of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. A Redheart Dragon Sheath with just a touch of sapwood.
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    Sadly, I don't have a picture, but she was a tortoise shell with pumpkin colored war paint on her face. She was a beautiful girl, with attitude. Name: Juniper Pearl aka The Hissomatic Race: elf Class: Barbarian Best Known Skill: Keeping a watchful eye over the group and alerting everyone of intruders Famous for: Striking fear into the most fearsome warriors with her guttural war chants. Most Ashamed of: Pooping on the spot when getting an upset stomach. You never know, it might help The hissomatic will never back down from a challenge. Even when rippling with fear, she will do whatever it takes to scare intruders away. Under her watchful eye, you could always rest assured that you could rest without fear. Whether blocking entry or leaping onto intruders, she was always on the clock. When all is secure, she's a best friend of everyone in the party.
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    First decision is water based or oil based. I chose water base as it stinks less and is easier to cleanup. With my eyes, I won't notice the difference in finish. :-| I found a new bottle called "smoke". It's transparent and puts a smokey finish on . It did a great job of dulling my too shiny brass. I'm pretty sure it will do wonders in folds of cloth.
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    Name: RomyCat Race: Khajiit Class: Mage Best Known Skill: Putting dogs in their place with the Stare of Petrify. Famous for: Ending the Hundred Year War of Tails. She was the negotiator between the two sides. When they refuse to reach a compromise, she put a spell on all their tasty treats, making them tasteless until they agreed to end the war. Most Ashamed of: As a kitten, she accidentally set the barn on fire while practicing magic. RomyCat is a dignify spell master who has trained many apprentices. Sadly, a few of them eventually turned to the dark side and she had to hunt them down, banishing them to the netherworld. Still, she is a highly respected instructor, mentor, and friend to her remaining students. She has semi-retired after serving two decades on the High Council and went back to teaching younglings who occasionally start forest fires while practicing their magic. Fortunately, she has mastered all the elements and uses water spells to negate their mistakes.
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    And, of course, the art of Jakub Rozulski from Scythe
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    Imitation is the purest form of flattery. We saw this while the campaign was running. We sent an email to thingiverse asking them to take it down, but they wouldn't. I did happen to notice that there weren't specific instructions for getting the polarity of the magnets right. That will be fun for them to figure out. Especially because once the magnets are put in place, it is nearly impossible to get them out.
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    It irks me that they are ripping off the design, to include the magnets. They acknowledged that they took the idea directly from the CoCo Kickstarter. They will be missing out. If I wanted plastic to organize my bits I could snag takeout containers and Tupperware. The real deal CoCo will elevate the game experience in a way these won't be able to replicate. Give me Luster! Unique grain! Heft! Expert artisan craftsmanship!
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    I'm generally in the same boat as Author, and really prefer dice trays for that. I still like dice to stay centralized and not fall off the table, but actually rolling feels better than dropping them into a tower. That being said, I would definitely get one of the travel ones because going to game nights at a friends house, or especially a local store, it really helps keep dice close at hand. This is more important for me at stores or cafes, because I don't like when dice hit models, markers, roll into another game if you're sharing table space, or roll off the table and scatter across the room who knows where. And being able to have it close up nice and small and slip it in a bag is a nice commodity. Another little thing that I won't use it for much would be game demos at Cons or special events, where table space is minimal and keeping your stuff in a tiny area is paramount.
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    The first I will use the CoCo, it would be like the Flinstones meeting the Jetsons.
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    Wow. That's some serious upgrade job you have going on! Slightly disappointed that you didn't opt for classic Hero Quest furniture as an upgrade option, but your choices look sound As for painting miniatures, it's something I always wished I could do as a kid but never learned how. Now that I'm much older and no more artistic than I was, I wonder if there's somewhere o can send them away to and have them painted?!
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    This write up made me excited, as one of my CoCo's will be Leopardwood. One of the tiles will be a saber-tooth tiger and another a dragon. I can't wait to see how the specks look with these animals. Hopefully the dragon will look like he has scales.
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    I had another cat that probably fought in that war. Her name was Kunta Kitte. She only had half a tail.
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    Ah yes, the Hundred Year War of Tails. Much fur was lost, many whiskers torn asunder. Those were dark days indeed.
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    Name: Pacha Race: Puddy tat (i did i did taw a puddy tat) Class: Apart Best Known Skill: Hunting Dodo birds and Tweety birds, steeling gold everywhere Famous for: There's no more Dodo birds Most Ashamed of: pooping on his gold coins .Hunter and bandit at the same time, he survives at all the dangers, daytime and night.
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    Name: Mustang Race: Labrador with Newfoundland/Bernese Class: Babyface beast Best Known Skill: hypnotize enemy before their dead Famous for: getting rid of all his enemies in one shot alone Most Ashamed of: be affraid of himself in the mirror This animal is a weapon of incomparable fight, his babyface look will charm you and the time of think, it will be too late, the hand which brandished your sword will not be your member anymore...
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    My doors and chest. Not sure my dry brushing is adding value to my door on the right...
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    Ms Hill is correct. "We own you."
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    Of all of my collectors I am ordering, Chechen is the one I am most excited to see! I even went with the XL because I am certain I am just going to love it. Thank you for the write up!
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    Overemphasize the highlights. When working with a smaller scale and less detailed mini making the highlights really pop helps a lot. Doing this will still make board game minis look amazing! Here are some Descent minis I did that were of lesser quality but still look great on the table. I did a blog with some tips and examples but unfortunately I haven't updated it in awhile due to moving into the industry full time. Hopefully I can jump back into it someday https://boardminipainter.com/
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    And now that I'm home, this is my current project. Please ignore the skin, as it looks awful because I still have no idea what I want to do with it. Steel also needs work and the feather trim on the cloak is only undercoated and shaded. Still a little to do on the cloak too, as I'm not completely happy with it yet. Hopefully soon I'll be happy enough with her to get that Dragon Sheath for her to ride to game night in.
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    Yeah. But I got an addition out of it :-)
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    Holy crap to all of you! As someone who completely missed this artistic gene, I am blown away by these.
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    Awww thanks! I probably put around 10-15 hours into that one so much of it was trial and error. Messing around until something looked good. Hopefully the next one will go a little bit quicker.
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    Those shadows look great! Especially right around the temples, it all flows together very nicely.
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    Here's a bust I recently finished for an upcoming competition. It was my first time really focusing on skin tones and facial shading using cool and hot colors. Oh and I snagged a scrap of Bocote from work for the base.
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    @RomyCat @Barb Bliss@Blinkus Maximus@Adam Since we got a little sidetracked, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread just about painting minis. Check it out here: http://dogmight.forumflash.com/topic/38-miniature-painting/
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    This is the first bust I have ever attempted. It is about 80% done with some more work needed on the Goblin Rider.
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    Thanks everyone for the link to Massive Voodoo and the tips about painting. I'm very excited about beginning.
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    It is highly sought after because of its rarity and because of its unique patterning.
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    I'm starting to make my way toward busts, but I'm absolutely terrible at faces and skin in general. It's the bane of my existence. I would absolutely love to take one of his classes someday though, if just to watch the man work and try to absorb some talent through osmosis.
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    Ryan Laukat is both a game designer and artist who did the artwork for Above and below, Islebound, Near and Far, The Ancient World, and City of Iron. Its rare for an artist to also be a great game designer, but Ryan is able to balance both skills equally well. His style is bright, colorful, and whimsical, creating the fantasy world his games are set in.
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    Most recently I'm digging on the art for Forbidden Lands by Free League. Backed it on Kickstarter last week and the art is fantastic, lots of stuff from different artists but all in a very retro-fantasy style. Most of the art is by Nils Gulliksson, but my favorite piece is the cover art from Simon Stålenhag.
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    Name: Sawdust the Wary Race: Half-Breed Class: Ranger Best Known Skill: Marking the trail (to this day the party has never gotten lost) Famous for: Surviving the infamous forest of Geog Ria alone and on foot Most Ashamed of: Wetting himself in the presence of a Frost Giant Sawdust is well known for his ability to move silently through any terrain. By the time you feel his nose pressing into your back it's already too late. Slow to make friends due to an unlucky childhood, this orphan has found a new family with a group of questionable and often drunk brigands. Often overwhelmed by the noises of the city, Sawdust can be found seeking solitude within the many forests that surround his home. An excellent hunter and companion, no party will ever be lost or starve with this Ranger to lead the way. And while he may not be the first into battle (or second or third), he will still be there....somewhere. Luckily he's excellent at finding ways to avoid conflict at every opportunity and would rather leave his enemies lost and confused and he fades into the forest once again.
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    Xavier Collette. Reference Mysterium and Abyss.
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    Andrew Thompson is somewhat new to the tabletop industry but I believe his iconic look will soon be well known. Dog Might got lucky enough to team up with this talented individual for our new game Countdown and he's done a great job bringing the 80's back! Hopefully this is just the beginning of a long and awesome partnership between this killer artist and the Dog Might design team. Se See more of Andrew's work here https://schmandrewart.com/portfolio/
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    I also began searching for dungeon furniture. The best, cheapest I have found is from the company Mantic Games. Originally, their Dungeon Saga: Furniture Pack was an add-on for a Kickstarter game they produced several years ago. Their furniture pack became so popular, that they began selling it separately. Also, they recently did another Kickstarter (which I missed) for a lot more cool 3D miniature items. The pieces come unpainted in brown. They feel study and are highly detailed. As many of the items are suppose to be made from wood, the brown works well. Still, I may try my hand at painting them. Website: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018SJ6C24/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    It really is a lovely wood, I wish I could find a dinner table made of the stuff (that I could actually afford of course). Looking forward to more of these, and waging psychological warfare by telling friends about the poison sap after letting them hold one of your products.
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    My wife actually took Ticket to Ride to her school (she is the vice principal at our local elementary school) and she regularly plays it with kids that are having behavior issues or some other issue requiring them to take a break from their classroom for extended periods. She says the kids love to play that game with her.
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    I'm not at the same location as my game rack, but what I recall is: Eclipse, Thurn and Taxis, Suburbia, Hell Rails, Race for the Galaxy, India Rails (dyslexic's nightmare), and Kill Dr. Lucky
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    My humble collection. The positive side to this is...there's empty spaces on the shelves!
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    Since I chose Chechen for my coco, I'd be partial to that out of selfishness.