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  2. Partly cloudy, 55-72º, 57-91% humidity, and day-long mosquitoes.
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  4. We're close here. Dew point right now is 77, feels like 92. Miserable. Just miserable.
  5. Last week
  6. Village Attacks! 2nd to last mob time 8. A LOT of putzy details, and hard to reach places. Note: Mrs. Fisher's sister photobombing...
  7. GENCON GENCON GENCON GENCON That's all for now. (PS: Gencon is less than 2 weeks away!)
  8. That canarywood screen is the best screen to ever hit the site.
  9. When was the last time you saw a dewpoint in the 80's? Look at that heat index too.
  10. Some AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS DELICIOUSSSSS woods coming through today for Valhalla Screens 😍
  11. I can't wait for you to see it!
  12. I’ve been wanting to demo it, but house projects keep getting in the way 😅
  13. Canarywood COCO sold right away. Others still available. Thanks
  14. Nice! I was just in my yard to water the containers. Yuck! A week of in the 90s with high dewpoints continues for another week at least. I knew it was going to suck when all the windows in the house were fogged up when I got up this morning. Just like last year, the day lilies are getting burned through, and it's too lousy out to go out and deadhead and enjoy the zen of it.
  15. I think I’m the only person to buy one. It’ll be ONE OF A KIND! Wish it was in Purpleheart though
  16. Now that is an amazing view! I am quite envious.
  17. Here's a picture of my yard from the hot tub on the front deck.
  18. Check out Dan Cummin's historical podcast Timesuck. Episode 145, aired April 15, 2019, is all about Vikings! It's really good too. I learned a ton about my maternal ancestors. (1/4 Swedish via my mother's side of the family.) When being a Norse god - If you are a male god (Loki) then don't turn yourself into a mare in order to lure away a mortal's work horse in order to cause said mortal to miss a deadline so you don't have to fulfill a bargain with the mortal. You may end up giving birth to Odin's new horse an you'll never hear the end of it!
  19. http://dogmight.forumflash.com/topic/55-viking-lumberjack-life-advice/
  20. You should check out the tread on Viking advice. You'd fit right in.
  21. I have a fair shot at winning if she doesn't draw Polania! But every time she gets that faction my wife just steam rolls me! The only hope you have against Polania is to attack the hell out of Anna whenver she is within striking distance. No mercy. Mercy is for the weak!
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