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  2. I played Concordia again. With a different group this time. One of the players is a pouter. If she thinks someone else is going to win, she whines. In the end we were all within a card of each other winning, but she carried on for about 45 minutes. Got real annoying.
  3. Finally got Everdell to the table on Saturday with three players. Took us a few rounds to really "get" the game, but once we did, it was fantastic! I'm definitely ready to break out the Pearlbrook expansion as well and add that in. It has a very nice table presence as well, even if the tree is a little unnecessary
  4. Next up is pig flesh. We'll see...
  5. Yes, practice is everything. I always told my students, "I don't believe in talent, only work."
  6. Much better than my first attempt at a lot of skin, that's for sure.
  7. Really nice skin tone on this. In the words of one of my figure painting profs from art school, it is very "fleshy flesh".
  8. Yesterday
  9. Last hero (until the expansion smh): Leshy. The colors are cooler in person. "LED blue" eyes. Blue/mother of pearl staff crystal. The "antlers" turned out really cool. He was a lot of fun to paint, and felt like nothing after painting the troll. Only one ordinary trap left for this game.
  10. @Konas I finished my Village Attacks Troll! Note: not completly dried. His only purpose in the game is to cause havoc. 😛 Photo bombs by Jack O. Lantern and Mrs Fisher's sister.
  11. I hate to admit it, but I get a real kick out of watching the meat chicken football/basketball teams get embarrassed. I guess a lot of the players and most of the "fans" are so easy to hate. But the real icing on the cake is when the fans realize that they got sucked in by the hype yet again. Anyway, I live next door to a big Wisconsin fan. As I was watching the Michigan State/Northwestern game, I could hear him whooping it up over and over through the window. When my game came had a commercial break, I changed the channel to the other game. Whisky was leading 35-0 and the crowd was chanting overrated! OMG!
  12. Last week
  13. Missed the link. Thanks for sharing it, though. If it becomes free in the future, maybe I can grab it.
  14. Loving the game Labyrinthos, I designed five microbadges which were approved on the website Board Game Geek. There is a badge for each hero and one for the Minotaur. If you have a BGG account and would like to show your support for the game, you can purchase the badges following these links: Sostrate Leona Minotaur Diodotus Akakios
  15. Free for today sorry posting so late I just saw it. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/258593/Forbidden-Lands-Core-Game
  16. That commercial is the only way I knew he was a singer too. 😁
  17. I've heard a few people say that and he is singer as well so it would make sense. I haven't seen avengers and only know him from a jeep commercial that my wife pointed him out in lol
  18. OK @marsniper_27. I was chatting with my gf who turned me on to this show. She thinks that the fox (with the lit up eye and the superhero reference) could be Jeremy Renner of Avengers/Hawkeye fame.
  19. That sounds like my mode, except I chat with friends about what they think.
  20. I am really bad at guessing cause I know nothing about pop culture at all. I usually see what the wife things google the person cause I don't know who they are and see if it fits lol.
  21. I just looked her up. She's 5'2" which fits too. I figured her height could narrow things down.
  22. I've never heard of her. LOL The more I think about it, the more I like my guess for Tina Turner for the Flamingo.
  23. The flower it's Danica Patrick. The core was pedal to metal. And 314 the number behind her is her 2011 total points which is that last time she was top 10.
  24. Want to know the one I'm pretty sure about?
  25. I love Concordia. I usually win when my sister and I play. We have it on our 10x10 challenge this year. Got a few more plays to finish it up.
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