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  2. Oooh, that should be a caramel-y piece of BoRo, but it may have been shipped out already... I'll take a look today!
  3. It looks like BoRo, but couldn't tell you who's it is. The one that immediate caught my eye was the one two above that one.
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  5. I have to say, if I do get into miniature painting I would definitely want to paint that Bloodborne set though. LOVE that game. It would be a dream if I develop competence in mini painting to paint it. In case you're wondering, I am waiting to move before taking my hands into mini painting. I bought that learn to paint Bones set but don't have a good area to do it. My wife even got me a cool lighted magnifying glass stand so I can take up the hobby.
  6. The contrasts on this piece and the ripples of the top grain are a joy to behold. The straight vs. ripple especially looks fantastic together. I am so glad this was a normal-size sheath, I really don't need to spend any more money with moving almost upon me. On a similar note, is this GM system BoRo? If so, is this mine, or did someone else special order a BoRo GM system with vines sculpt??? This question has been haunting me for weeks...
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  8. You should try it. There are printable files out there that give you the board and tokens for free. We use d6s for the dice because they are easier to pick up. Just make 1, 2, and 3 zero and the rest count as a 1. It is a really fun game that gets surprisingly tense. Especially when you roll a couple zeros in a row.
  9. I have wanted to try it since I saw that video a few months ago. Man I wish I could afford your guys stuff. Someday I will own some. But these boards look amazing.
  10. See I got kids so I just make my 8 year old play miniature games with me. He has a primaris army we are working on for 40k and we have been playing TANKS as well. I have lots of others to get in into later on as well.
  11. Not a game in itself but this arrived today.
  12. Yeah, we have 4 of each style available in stock. They will be just like the ones here.
  13. Ok - I don't think this is an 'awesome' game.. but I will say that the I wasn't sure if I should be laughing or sobbing at the idea/short description of the game. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/muzakgames/world-dumbination?ref=discovery_category_newest
  14. May want to fix the pricing. Even going to the cart it stayed $0.00 ;).
  15. Are you planning to put some of these boards on the stock page? If so, will they be different than what could be customized on this page?
  16. I feel this way as well. After we got the Song of Ice and Fire game in, we haven't backed another. Great game but just too much. It, literally, filled up the entire back seat of Lindsey's car. We condensed it all into one box but it feels a bit overwhelming. If I owned only one or two games, that would be great but it is not the case at all. Plus, while I do love miniature games, they are the least played at my house mostly due to the time commitment.
  17. Cameron has been obsessed with this game recently and made some very cool boards and pieces for it. http://dogmight.com/rgou
  18. Agree with @tgpumpkin, the number of projects CMON has open doesn't bother me in the least, I know they'll produce. I got in on the early bird pledge. I'm not sure if I'll keep it or not, but I didn't want to get past the first 24 hour window and then find that I really wanted it only to have lost out on $10. We'll see if my pledge still stands at the end of the campaign.
  19. Yeah but cmon will produce. A couple of those campaigns were on the small end. Unlike other companies cmon I view as a big business at this point with the ability to manage multiple campaigns. As for me I’m a tad torn. If it was any other game I’d pass...but Bloodbourne was one of my most favorite games on the PS4. I’ll probably still pass...but if I painted miniatures I’d be doomed.
  20. My post came across more negatively than maybe it should have. I have nothing in particular against cmon, we own several of their products and enjoy their games and minis. Cmon will have their fair share of delays, but they'll deliver. They do tend to run a type of campaign that I'm drifting away from - sprawling game with oodles of stretch goals. The hype during the campaign is fun, but these games, and especially the stretch content, generally sit on my shelf. This game itself looks pretty cool. I was glad it wasn't another rehash of zombicide mechanics.
  21. But like also DMG, they are not running 3 KS campaigns at the same time.
  22. Hope they have better luck than poor Steamforged Games is having with Dark Souls. I for one am okay with waiting, but there are definitely those who are not.
  23. Another big CMON campaign. Almost $1M in the first day. I'm passing, as I am keeping to my promise for no new big sprawling KS games this year. Similar to the above video, @Serge Darveau - CMON has (at least) 7 campaigns open awaiting fulfillment and they started this one. 👎
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  25. It was a last year Kickstater that I just received from a retailer of Québec. Only a few games in Canada, could be less than 30.
  26. With great reluctance, I mowed today for the first time. I love living in the country but as time goes on, I detest mowing in the summer months. Had to bypass several large areas that were all but underwater this weekend but most of it wasn't too bad. I am actually still mulching leaves from last fall - we had a very late fall and then a heavy winter that arrived all at once. The last time I mulched I was in my heavy winter gear a few days before the snow flew. Leaves were still falling after I'd pulled the mower deck and installed the snow blade.
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