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  2. Now you are just being mean....
  3. I really wanted to back Ahnk for the minis but I am in a no buying minis period. Not until I finish a few.
  4. The Great Wall KS project. I pledged the "non-deluxe" version (basically blocks of wood vs minis), but now I'm thinking the pledgemanager is going to get me.
  5. Not quite stars, but if you don't look too close, it works. I should put some pictures up of the cards.
  6. These are great. Love the head scarf! 'MERICA!
  7. I like to work on a group of them at the same time, but the wires have been a handful when they are all together.
  8. Maximum Apocalypse! First 4. Compared to the dinky dog/cat minis, these were easy peasy. Note: not sure why the vet's dog is enormous... The scientist and the mechanic: The vet and the dog:
  9. Nice! I posted this in the mini painting thread, but if that isn't your cup of tea, you'll have missed it.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Totally forgot these other deliveries that came mid-move--including one of the last Deck Jackets, and my first Cake piece!
  12. Last week
  13. I find it hard to resist the rainbow stains. This is a "light Dark Rainbow": not as bright as regular Rainbow (Pride), but brighter than the "Darkest Rainbow" @Barb Bliss has.
  14. 7 am and it already is dreadful out (I woke up to steamed up windows). I suppose today will make the high 80s the rest of the week seem not so bad. What a year. Everytime something I enjoy looking at starts to bloom, it gets really hot. Already trashed the iris and coral bells. Now it's the day lilly's turn.
  15. It continues to be hot here though rain this morning has jacked the humidity and dewpoint up too. Standing water in the raingarden lets me know there was more rain that I thought. Should be ~ 90 degrees all week with some rain thrown in. Oof da. At least I won't have to water anything, though weed ought to spring up too.
  16. Earlier
  17. Windy here still. Though I suppose that means we don't have to deal with the gnats or mosquitos.
  18. Well, the konas killer I couldn't stop looking at it is waiting in @Anne's office... Also the extra boco in case the crack couldn't get fixed in my boco.
  19. No doubles!?!!?!?!! Impressive.
  20. Macassar Ebony, Chechen, Redheart, Maple, Mora, Cocobolo, Katalox, Chakte Viga, Spalted Tamerand, and Bocote.
  21. I had no idea you had this many. Nicely done. I am very proud of this as you were one of the more reluctant ones at the launch of these.
  22. This looks like a beautiful forest of minis!
  23. Wow. Amazing. The best work you have ever done. Love the Sorcerer with the magic circle thingy.
  24. And then there were 10... Note: my buddy thinks I have a problem. I'm inclined to believe him.
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