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  2. Comes with a promo box of free minis if you back at the through the portal pledge level. 😈
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  4. Shhh, not so loud. 😉 My visa starts to vibrate and jump around every time it hears the M-word campaign mentioned. (So far, I've been strong).
  5. Thanks! It’s always possible fortunes change but I’m guessing eventually the passes will sell out. I’ll buy dice throne and dwellings... at end even Midara to ease the pain.
  6. Sorry to hear, but I had a mentor that used to say, "First things first." Best of luck in your search!
  7. I will be heading straight to the KDM booth when doors open! Depending what he has and what mine line position is, I might or might not stay. Last year I was in line for over 2 hours - got some cool stuff, but nothing I "needed." The Gencon promos won't sell out in the first morning, so I can waltz up at my convenience later in the 'con. What's weird, is that I don't have a lot of other stuff to go shopping for; most of my weekend will be seeing people I only get to spend time with once or twice a year. Events: 6 hour Dropfleet Narrative event (Thursday), and two Freeblades narrative events on Friday. I don't have any events on Sat or Sun.
  8. Zoxe

    Game Organizers

    I am really happy with the BT insert for KDM, but I went into it with the full expectation that I would overwhelm it with all the stuff I have (or have pledged). I wish that I had the option of buying a 3rd upper tray (I can easily store my rulebooks elsewhere), but alas the parts are spread all over the laser cut frames, so I'd have to rebuy the entire insert to get the extra token storage I need. Honestly, I was disappointed with the "new and improved" plastic insert that was showcased on the KDM 1.5 kickstarter. As @Barb Bliss mentions, not many designers consider the sleeving/storage/expandability aspect of their product, and I had high hopes that Poots would be the exception with KDM. During the campaign the insert looked really awesome, but he failed with a fundamental flaw. Setting the tray height so that all the card tabs would get smashed is simply not acceptable; I know volume/costs add up, but for a $400 MSRP product he should have made the box another 1/4 inch taller. (And that's my single biggest gripe with KDM, so now I'll be back to fanboy mode).
  9. This is all kinds of awesome! Thanks for sharing @Sinister Liam
  10. Be still my beating heart; it came! Sit down, be prepared to change your drawers, and recognize that the following unboxing photos may be unsuitable if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or are under the age of majority in the place in which you live. And without further ado or preamble, I give you, my dear friend, compatriots, and comrades, Dog Might’s Dime Day Dime Bag!
  11. I need players for some games, not all have a solo mode. That's why I'vew created a facebook gaming page. It's growing up 102 likes, but a lot of designers, publishers, reviewers... and this fall I will go to some youth centers for a game's day.
  12. I got several of those kicking around too.
  13. Some of the game I've to play one day.. here 13 of 23 are written on the boards.
  14. @Serge Darveau, Shelf of Shame?
  15. Adding felt letter boards for my shelf of shame.
  16. Trogdor!!! The game is hilarious! p.s. didn't get wormy
  17. If you see this picture, I've removed the sexy girl for the board game of Jaws, really fits in the picture. (for my facebook gaming page)
  18. CoCo update Highest backer in progress: #2100 I'm #2050 cooooool
  19. That's super smart to flip the acrylic for more height! Awesome setup!
  20. My Dark Souls game is in a mixture of original boxes, (core minis are sitting on the shelf because original box was crowded), Sentinel and an Ultimate Guard Twin FlipnTray Deck Case I picked up on Amazon. Dominion and Arkham Horror LCG are stored in a Hobby Lobby Art Case with Broken Token inserts. Arkham Horror LCG I am also using a DMG Deck Jacket and Token Shield.
  21. We had a heat wave where it felt over 100. We are back to just in the lower 90's. I really can't wait to the Fall.
  22. So a lot of my games, I throw out the inserts because they are SO USELESS for organizing the game. I do a lot of just baggie everything up and toss it in the box. But I have exceptions -- My Pathfinder Card game and Dominion sets are all in hobby lobby art cases with either Broken Token or Go 7 Gaming organizers. Another company I found in their last kickstarter and really like is Folded Space. They do foamboard inserts..rather than the plywood that BT and Go7 use - which makes them lighter, although maybe not as durable. I'll have to see on that. I actually had done a home-made KDM organizer based on plans off boardgamegeek (but modified a little bit). I decided to get the Folded Space insert for it.. and replace my homemade version. I'm still on the fence over all with it. It's much more convenient than what I had in some ways because rather than TWO big containers for all the cards, it has like a dozen smaller containers. The downside to that though is that means a lot more space used up by the containers.. meaning less room for cards. Also I'm not quite happy with how I've got them organized in those containers yet.. I can adjust that, but it isn't as 'easy' as with the two big containers when it was "this one is monsters" and "this one is nemesis and settlement cards". But I also got Folded Space organizers for a couple of other games, and really like how they are set up - so may watch for more of those in the future.
  23. Thanks for demoing Labyrinth, it was super fun to play!
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