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  2. $48 for Vinhos Deluxe is a STEAL! Wow! I looked back in KS for Lisboa before I purchased it retail and had a hard time convincing myself to pay $125 for the deluxe edition when I could see the KS price of $79 if only I had been into his games when the campaign ran 😄 so I went for the non deluxe edition. Although now the Escape Plan KS is offering all the upgrade packs for the previous games as add ons. I'll have to wait to see the prices, but I might bling out some of those copies now.
  3. Sorry Adam! I think you are right about Vinhos and Gallerist. I bought Vinhos later than the KS date. With Lisboa it was available at Boardgamebliss for $75 Canadian dollars (which is big if you live in the US..I think its like $58 US dollars... PAID shipping (like 8 dollars) and bought the stretch goal pack from Gamenerdz.com for $24.99 with free shipping and it was still a couple dollars less than the KS with the unreal shipping price included. You are probably right about the KS full pack from BGB being $125 but they have a pretty decent free ship threshold for US backers at 200 canadian dollars giving free shipping. To be honest, if Gamenerdz had just listed it early enough, I would have ordered directly through them. They had the base game with the stretch goal pack for $90 with free shipping. Again, not a big difference from the KS price, but the point is that I didn't have to put my money down a year in advance to get the game at a good price (actually cheaper). I know its a risk, but I do not ever find Eagle KSers to be a good value unless you gotta have it NOW and must have the stretch goals. They have top notch components which I really like but if you wait you can get their games a LOT cheaper. I think I paid $48 for Vinhos Deluxe from CSI...added something else and got the free shipping. They do make great games though and I don't begrudge anyone who wants it, and has the funds to buy it now, to go for it!
  4. Padauk squints a little at the commotion to be sure it’s real and upon acknowledging that he wasn’t hallucinating stands up and wanders toward the tiefling. “Well first an elf and now a tiefling. This tale keeps getting taller by the minute.” he glances at the inns regular patrons “I’ll just be headed out with this lot. It’d be nice to know there won’t be any fuss tonight.”
  5. Less than $3 / mini, but Shipping will be charged after the campaign.
  6. Okay, wait. Am I reading this correctly? $35 for 12 minis + 1 KS exclusive mini?
  7. Do you have to look at the right time to find the KS editions at retail? I was late to the game for Gallerist and Vinhos but I wasn't able to find KS editions of these at retail. I found that I could buy a lot of the KS packs as extra. For Lisboa, found the deluxe edition but it was like $125 vs $79 for the non deluxe retail version.
  8. I need that Cattle Dog Ranger, for obvious reasons... clearly inspired by Asher!!
  9. YES FRICK I sent this immediately to @Lindsey and our new employee when I got it in my inbox. My heart NEEDS them, but I don't actually need them. I'm distressed. I think the only solution is to make a dog D&D campaign.
  10. I would not recommend getting escape plan right now. I can tell you from experience I have purchased Vital's Eagle Gryphon Games from KS way after the KS is over and usually right before the kickstarter backers get their copies from boardgamebliss.com for the same amount as Kickstarter backers paid, even less actually with all of the stretch goals. They always charge a fairly high amount to ship the game to you on their Kickstarter too. I would definitely go Snowdonia and Cthulhu.
  11. Put your kids to work. Lemonade stand comes to mind.
  12. Cthulu is a lock for me. Unless something egregious occurs between now and close, I'm in. Snowdonia is charming and given its exclusivity to this kickstarter will be hard to top. gwargh
  13. I was thinking I was going to have to pick two between Escape Plan, Cthulhu and Snowdonia...but because of the buy group for Snowdonia on BGG I think I can justify doing all three. One more person and Snowdonia goes to $49.67/person.
  14. backed to watch for now. I really can't afford to add a new game so if I stay Snowdonia is sacrificed or this. Unless I win the lottery before the kickstarter ends of course.
  15. No. Didn't feel like spending $10 just to get a signed copy.
  16. YES! I am obviously quite happy about that one. Did you go for the Mastermind or Safecracker level? Nice to see the add ons that I'll be able to get to upgrade my other copies of his games since I missed them all on KS.
  17. I haven't played the first 2 in that list.
  18. I'm #85. I like his big 3, The Gallerist, Vinhos and Lisboa so this is a no brainer for me.
  19. Backer 154. I really like Lisboa, and Lacerda designed that one.
  20. You play a part of a group of thieves who completed a big heist. Stolen money was hidden as investments in businesses in the city and stashed in lockers. The police are on to you now and are tightening the screws, the goal of the game is to collect as much of the money as you can from various locations, avoid the police and escape the city. I watched a rules explanation on it and it has a very Lacerda feel in mechanics to it, and a somewhat different theme for him. https://youtu.be/LFQzx6EOZLk
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