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  1. Yesterday
  2. I ended up 3d printing organizers for mansions of madness there was just to much stuff to have piles sitting around. They all have covers too so clean up is easy and still all fits in the box.
  3. My partner and I played The Isle of Cats today! We absolutely love it. I did, however, comment that Iā€™d sell my soul right now to have a Token Shield on the table šŸ˜‚ . We made do with the top of my Sentinel
  4. Last week
  5. Frosthaven (separate follow on from Gloomhaven) just went live. I just broke my new year's pledge to not pledge any new games.
  6. I've been struggling with this one, but leaning towards Mrs @tgpumpkin Another one very much in progress.
  7. Still very much in progress. First up: @RomyCat
  8. Hey all! I'm still around, albeit hunkered down at home during these crazy times. Last night my CoCo helped in a solo game of Chocolate Factory.
  9. Looking forward to pictures...
  10. I've cleaned and did some green stuff on the next mini I plan to paint (a dracolisk Bones mini). Still contemplating what color to make him.
  11. Earlier
  12. That is a cool mimic. I really need to get some painting done.
  13. Barrels, bed, and mimic are now complete. I didn't take take anymore pictures except for the completed mimic. I kinda like how the floor turned out.
  14. Stay home... time to create meme or play game... both.
  15. That D20 is really sexy. Without any other intent, I have to say that you have a real nice set.
  16. For their 20 the anniversary green ronin grabbed is giving the basic rulebook PDF for Fantasy AGE for free. https://greenroninstore.com/collections/fantasy-age/products/fantasy-age-basic-rulebook-pdf?mc_cid=268ef899d7&mc_eid=1100db775f
  17. Maybe I should look into it. I love math! Plus I am sure I could get the books real cheap. šŸ˜‹
  18. Yea 4e gets a bad rep some times but it's fun its really combat focused (last week 1 of my turns in combat took 10 mins to finish) and there is alot of math.
  19. Sweet. That is good to hear. We are avid 5e and Pathfinder players here but NO ONE had any experience with 4e so I was, honestly, a little bit nervous. Glad to hear she likes it!
  20. The player pad I got for my wife arrived last week and I finally was able to pry it away from her long enough to get a picture. The 4e cover came out great and she absolutely loves it.
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