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  3. Just thought it'd be fun to say he's using brass knuckles...
  4. There's some bronze and blue metallic colors in the shadows (they don't photograph well), but wanted to contrast the gold armor. This one is intended for display. I have another of this guy partially painted for my actual Freeblades army, and HIS is brass and gold color shift.
  5. I love the weapon. I'm surprised you didn't paint it brass. 😁
  6. Up on the paperclip keeping things clean will be no big deal. I did my main airbrushing on another cork (I bought a big bag of wine corks on amazon) and then transferred to the holder. Unless I drop a brush or sneeze or something, I'm not going to slop paint on the holder by hand.
  7. Looks good. Love that blue for the cloak. Do you feel like you are able to keep paint off the wood of the painter easily? I feel like the cork gives it plenty of room.
  8. Work in progress and testing the DMG figure holder! I have a lot of work left to do. At present I'm trying to get all the base colors in on the figure and base so that I can see if everything works as I hope. I like the Hammer Head where it is, but the gold armor is a little messy in the highlighting (and doesn't photograph well at all). Need to paint his face, beard, and hammer handle. So far so, good. Ideally I'd get him done this week and have 1 figure entry waiting on Labor Day.
  9. Quacks Frontier: enchanted land, last KS received
  10. Last week
  11. I grabbed a mora one. I really like the look of the mora D20 I got back in the pre-KS days, and have always liked it.
  12. I got in late Friday for the drop, but I did grab the Cherry one that you put up.
  13. I'm too lazy to open them up to see dates. Seeing this list is a little troubling. I may never retire and probably won't live long enough to play all these games. smh Darkness Sabotage (Will never see, and really disappointed about it. It looked really cool.) Whelps to Wyrms (May never see) Tradewars- Homeworld Galaxy of Trian: New Order Legends of Sleepy Hollow Tidal Blades - Heroes of the Reef Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon Maximum Apocalypse: Legendary Edition with Minis minis - Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs Fuji Koro Deluxe minis - Raid on the Temple of Serpents Dinogenics = Controlled Chaos expansion Etherfields Trudvang Legends Gugong: Panjun expansion Labyrinthos Village Attacks expansion minis - Spartan Great Wall minis- Gingerbread Gang minis - Monster Bash Unsettled minis and rpg book - Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove
  14. Time for a new update on what I'm waiting on. Really looking forward to Labyrinthos 😀 2020 Deep Space d-6 Armada 2019 Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers Roll Player: Fiends & Familiar Big Box Sleeping Gods Burgle Bros 2 Mint Cooperative Obsession Labyrinthos Calico Tiny Epic Dinosaur Button Shy games (3 of them) Dinobilvion 2018 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice Zoo-ography D6: Dungeons, Dudes, Dames, Danger, Dice & Dragons! Incoming Transmission Tang Garden 2016 Whelps to Wyrms (May never see)
  15. This is what happened to me. My husband got me addicted to minis (and dice). I hope to do more painting this year. I did none last year.
  16. Hah, yes that sounds like a good plan. Get her hooked and the mini hobby will open up to you.
  17. Which is why the first figures I've been painting have been from Myth rather than my KD:M minis.
  18. From past experience, you might want to start with a game you don't like/play as much. That way the first couple of pieces that you don't like how they turn out, don't bother you every time you play the game
  19. That's fantastic work. I can't believe I missed this. If I get gud at mini painting this is the first board game I'm going to get done.
  20. Dang, I totally want to paint my Zombicide minis, but my wife already thinks I'm a nerd, she might totally disown me if I start painting minis. Though maybe I can trick her into doing a couple of them and get her hooked first..... Hmm... She loves dragons and we got the Zombie Dragons with Green Horde... could make a good entry into the dark side for her...
  21. Definitely took a mother fuckin picture of that post. *clink* worth it
  22. What better way to spend the cold UP winters then around a Dog Might game table!
  23. Now, now...everyone just calm down. No need to start counting all your DMG stuff. Everyone just relax. 😅
  24. 2 screens, but one is earmarked for a gift to the nephew. I want to say 8 sentinels, though one was a gift.
  25. What did I ever do to you? Umm.. never mind my last objection.
  26. That's only two though. You own how many screens and how many sentinels? There's always room for one more!
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