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  2. I have this one saved, but think I am ultimately going to hold back. I can’t let my fear of missing out dictate my pledging habits. I’ll note it and if turns out to be the new hotness, will try to get it through retail.
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  4. That guardian is awesome. I've bought miniatures from several sites. Usually the ones I buy can be purchased from several different sites, with prices usually close together. Miniature Market: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/ Large collection. Sell items which can also be bought on other sites Dungeonstone: https://www.dungeonstone.com/ Make their own miniature landscape items plus sell Reaper minis. Cheap compared to other similar companies. I have bought several items from them including pillars, chests, and stalagmites. You will have to give your minis a good washing, as they have dust for the manufacturing process on them. They painted very nicely.
  5. Barb, I will remember your tip next flu season. Then again, maybe I will hide in a bunker deep in the woods for the winter months, so hidden no virus can find me.
  6. Back the first two and a remind me on the last two.
  7. Here is another game that looks awesome but I'm trying to pass to save money. I did back their previous game Rise to Nobility and enjoyed playing it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/512772051/robin-hood-and-the-merry-men?ref=profile_starred
  8. That so makes me want to back the game. I'm must resist. Money is limited. Money is limited. Just keep telling myself that over and over.
  9. @Thomas Browne that skirmish box is amazingly cool! A truly great get.
  10. I have no regrets asking you to spend my money and to suggest purchases to me @Barb Bliss. None
  11. @tgpumpkin, a really fun game is on sale until the end of Feb. Lots of fun, and a chance to seek revenge on people that carve up pumpkins. The expansion is new, and looks to a great addition to an already fun game. https://theawkwardstore.com/
  12. Short fuse sale. Organ Attack and new teams expansion on sale. Organ Attack is fun. https://theawkwardstore.com/
  13. Ok as promised (and late for some of these) -- the latest additions to my ever-growing collection The Mini Box and Skirmish Box I was surprised at the size difference between the two. Mini Box is cool -although I'm not sure how to use some of the smaller insets. But I absolutely LOVE the Rosewood skirmish box. The color is amazing And it even has a couple of lines of sapwood in the base. I can comfortably fit four of my monster minis from KD:M inside, and the survivors in the mini box. Not sure what I'll use the 'slots' for yet. And of course the newest add - the cutting board. Looks like it might have still been wet when it was wrapped up (looks like bubble wrap marks still on it. But I figure those will work out over time. Really really happy with this purchase too!
  14. Here's a few places that I have bookmarked.... HEXXY has some really interesting minis. These Griffon Riders keep calling to me, in particular: https://hexy-shop.com/shop/fantasy-miniatures/lechistan-gryphus-winged-hussars-set-31/ Tabletop Art has some of the most interesting bases around. https://tabletop-art.de/Base-sets_1 And I pasted this to the Countdown: Action Edition comments feed, but as a complete nerd about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, these miniatures will be mine someday. http://www.studiominiatures.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&layout=category&task=category&id=49&Itemid=505 They have a TON of pop culture minis from a lot of 80s and 90s movies. Very fun.
  15. This kind of stuff is awesome! More shots of the CNC routers in action!
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  17. You're still family even when you don't speak for fourty years, or attend the funeral.
  18. The Guardian, definitely The Guardian.
  19. There's something to be said when a .net developer has restricted access...
  20. Tracking shows my cutting board has arrived. Stay tuned for pics.
  21. Oh man those are awesome! I wish I could sculpt stuff like that.
  22. I need to retire. A big part of the problem is the government coming in and telling us what to do, and how fast to do it. Rather than figure out who needs something, everyone is stuck taking a class. Target gets hacked, and we have to stop what we are doing, and figure out if we are vulnerable in the same way. Everything is getting locked down. I'm a .net developer, but now I have no local admin so I can't even change my IIS now without submitting a security change request and wait 4 hours. Rather than worry about a virus getting in, shut the doors to just about everything. It's just stupid.
  23. I haven't played it yet, but I did "organize it". The game components are a hoot.
  24. @Barb Bliss we need to find you a cooler bank.
  25. While smaller scale than what you are gunning for, I’m intrigued by a Kickstarter that’s running right now. I am toying with running a Norse-themed campaign and these guys look fun. They have others on their site as well. Older models: http://red-box-games.com/
  26. I vote guardian as well. Unless you want to work on refining flesh tones as a project, I think it offers more interesting opportunities.
  27. Hey guys!! I've started tackling our Instagram to get more of the 'story' about Dog Might out there. There's some fun stuff on there already (quick little videos) that you guys might enjoy! You can always find us here: https://www.instagram.com/dogmight/ Let me know if you guys like this kind of stuff and want to see more of it on Insta or elsewhere! It's been fun so far and some people have definitely enjoyed seeing our finishing station at work. And if there's anything you specifically want to see, let me know!! You don't need an Instagram account to look at our stuff there (you would to like or reply, but you can also just do that here).
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