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  2. If I wanted something to organize all my KDM dice sets (5 d10 & 4 D6/set), what would y’all suggest? We have like 10+ sets...caus you know, gotta make sure the dice match the survivor... 🤪
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hey, a great idea for the next DMG game. A wood trivia game. One category should be "Would you guess my Wood?" Another about wood facts like "Which of the following wood is toxic?" Answer: Barb's famous rosewood.
  5. Did Zoe make an announcement I missed? If so, congrats, @Zoe
  6. I'm still waiting on mine to be delivered. Glad you are finally getting one.
  7. I'd vote for Ziricote. I would love to have more Ziricote tbh
  8. I swear every time I see a sentinel I want it’s always got the function I don’t need. Sigh.... beautiful pieces as always but unfortunately not meant for this orange fellow.
  9. And another one. I guess you do sell a ton of them.
  10. There was another screen too, I think it was a spellbook that is also gone.
  11. That's cool. Happy gaming hopefully. And no, I never got hooked up with him.
  12. I came here for the same reason of the email being the wrong listing ;). Love that Ambrosia maple sentinel. Not the right configuration for me at this time. (Maybe some day when I get more fancy dice). I really like the heartwood on the spalted tamarind, which is probably why I own one :). If I needed another sheath, the Black Limba or the Rosewood would be very tempting.
  13. @Konas, Will came over on Saturday morning and fixed my dining room table/chairs! Turns out he only lives about 10 minutes from me. The group at Jaemus' house is a little too big (testosterone filled too) for his girlfriend, but she likes to play games too. So hopefully the can start coming to my house for games. Anyhoo, he was impressed with my DMG stash. I gave him the prototype dice tower (padauk dragon) for fixing my table. Once we get more social, I'll ask him about the Ziricote scraps again. I assume you never got hooked up with him???
  14. It was actually Cameron. But, I did proof it and missed it as well. Alas....
  15. Also - just a couple of notes on the email. Email says the sentinel is "spalted tamarind" but site says it's Ambrosia Maple (which is what it looks like). Also the email refers to the orange sentinel as "not sure what it's made of", but site says it's Curly maple. Damn it @Barb Bliss!
  16. @Konas, You have a bug in your email. Calling ambrosia maple spalted tamarand. Must have been some MF trying to do too much too quickly.
  17. I think all of @Barb Bliss's suggestions are reasonable - Black Limba, Boco, Paduak, Ziricote. Spalted Tamarind would also be cool.
  18. Thanks. Always trying to move forward, so its nice to hear that it is noticed.
  19. We are looking into it. We have 17 CNCs right now. Adding another shift next week which will help a ton. Running some production numbers all week long to find out if we need more. We are hiring about 5 to 7 more apprentices too, which will help a ton. Should be a great year of growth as far as production is concerned.
  20. Congratulations. It's been amazing to watch you grow as a company - both in terms of size and skill.
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