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  1. Yesterday
  2. Those fine grey fellows will be coming as part of the Dinogenics game @Barb Bliss and I keep raving over. Dinos have to eat after all!
  3. Where did you get the goat meeples? I feel I need some for 7th Continent, even if they are just props.
  4. That’s awesome! A gorgeous sheath with which to destroy her enemies. She must be a pretty cool cat. I hope she had a wonderful birthday!
  5. That is some table!!!!! I'm jealous.
  6. I own these. Very nice for Charterstone and Caverna.
  7. My niece loved it and so do I. The picture above does not do justice to how beautiful the deep read really is on the sheath (looks more brownish in this picture). As my DMG dice tower from Kickstarter will also be demon's blood, I can say I am excited about how the red will look. I am impressed with the signed card. Thanks everyone at DMG, even Sawdust. He has the neatest signature I have ever seen for a dog.
  8. Love it! And I double love that Cameron and company have adopted that awesome birthday pic! The dragon sheath looks gorgeous, I’m sure she will cherish it.
  9. Dog Might, I want to think you for your kindness. You made my daughter's day. Her Dragon Sheath came in today with the dice and card. She wanted me to tell you "It's awesome! I love it!" Thanks for making her birthday gift even more special. Your personal attention to your customers is what keeps us around.
  10. Pau Rosa would be pretty! I don’t doubt there will be more boulders, but I’m glad I got what I did.
  11. Missed that boulder by "this much". Probably a good thing you won out. I'm hoping a Pau Rosa makes an appearance one of these days.
  12. Bocote and Chakte Preto! I decided to follow the throw a plastic for size tactic! also here’s Canarywood boulder pt1 soon to be renamed! The boulder fits in my hand so well! It’s very fun to play around with.
  13. Congrats on a crushing win.
  14. For sure! I know I’m rooting for them throughout the rest of this tourney. What a nun run they are having!
  15. I didn't watch the game, but I saw that Loyola won again. That nun must have the ear of the fella upstairs.
  16. Glyph should arrive today! It looks like an interesting game. I hope it beats the weather. It should be a hot mess starting this evening.
  17. I've the fire set from Meeplesource and I've paid less for the shipping... Coins look really great.
  18. I suppose you would have to admit that @tgpumpkin. Not bad 2nd half either... GO BLUE!!!!
  19. I admit that team sure had a solid first half
  20. So, @Konas @tgpumpkin @Barb Bliss from the beginning at least of the game it appears your avatar change was well-timed and helpful. Thanks for your support!
  21. Last week
  22. Lol I think I’ve reached the “acceptance” stage that I simply cannot compete with any of the wonderful people in here. And I’m okay with that......
  23. I won’t be around for the dice drop tomorrow. Sad I won’t have a shot at the pau rosa, but hope all you crazies get your hearts’ content worth! Someone please snag some screen grabs so I can have @tgpumpkin -style remorse and lament all the missed opportunities
  24. Dark bloodwood polys, pink ivory/elephant die, and 11 D20. My pumpkin dice box can hold one more die. I could move the D6 to the sheaf if I can snag a Pau Rosa D20.
  25. Popcorn Maple sheath looks nice. How many dice are you up to now? If you want some table envy go look at the “woodworking” thread. Edit: never mind! Saw you already checked the pics out.
  26. Getting old stinks. My memory isn't what it used to be. Turns out I bought a grandillo die after a big glass of gin. p.s. popcorn sheaf for dark bloodwood polys. p.p.s. I need a lumberjack to fix my table.
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