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  2. There are a TON of minis coming with the Assassin's Creed board game. They opened up a large tower you get for "free" if you make a normal pledge while the campaign is running. My sister is a fan of the video game, so I backed this Kickstarter for her. I'm actually quite eager to paint the tower and lion statue.
  3. I'll admit I often use cheap acrylic paints from Walmart for my base coats. Then as I start applying details, I use my reaper paints if I have the colors. I love how the silver and metal Reaper colors really pop. I bought two Reaper beginner kits through Amazon. Its a nice start to my paint collection but I still need a lot more colors. In the future I hope to buy more colors. Still, the Walmart version does work really well for the many terrain and props I have been painting lately where details are lacking.
  4. Wow, you sent all in. I backed their last Kickstarter but I only got the base and a few extra packs which might had come as Kickstarter bonus.
  5. Last Friday I got my blood demon dice tower from the DMG Kickstarter. I keep telling myself I will take pictures of it. Then I forget when its daylight. Did take it to a Pathfinder meeting where it was put to good use.
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  7. Awesome work. Makes me feel the DM plans to kill your off at any second.
  8. Worst case, you tune your technique on their stuff so you're an ace when you get to doing things for yourself.
  9. I work in a place with over 100 nerds when i mentioned the 3d printer they started asking for things so I willing obliged. I am excited to get the stuff i have to do for people done so i can make some of the items i want. Or maybe i will just need to get a second printer....
  10. You sound like a capitalist. Not that that is a bad thing Gobble gobble. 🦃
  11. The mask was for someone else. I have not made anything for my self yet. But i have made all my money back on the cost of the printer and material so now investing in some upgrades and then it will be just profit for future commission work.
  12. That's some beautiful redheart. Keep it safe and out of direct sunlight.
  13. These do look AMAZING! OMG thank you for this. I can't wait to see it fully assembled in person!
  14. I totally forgot about this. Here you go. Install will be soon...and it looks like we will be able to do a drop off. I will send you a note tomorrow about the details. I am pumped to see this as a full table. There are some really excellent pieces of Red Heart going in it!
  15. @marsniper_27 seeing a Majora's Mask and Mario cookie cutter as projects for a 3D printer is an exceptional use of resources. Well done!
  16. Ok. I'll say it. "You'll poke your eye out."
  17. @Konas @Zoe I figured this might help the folks around the shop get into the Christmas spirit. Happy workers are productive workers.....
  18. BIG. the triangular holes in the middle are where you look out of.
  19. That's amazing!!! How big is that?
  20. Just the hat is red. 😛 I'm what people kindly call salt and pepper. (humming "Push it. Push it real good.")
  21. @Barb Bliss it’s always ok to lie to a redhead. It fuels their particular brand of fury :-)
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