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  1. Yesterday
  2. I'd message Russ. I bet you can get on some kind of list to get it.
  3. I bet if you message them, there is a way to "preorder" and get a break on the retail price. The minis are cool, but the book is what's got me jazzed up. Campaigns that I can use to run the mini's through their paces.
  4. I missed Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove. Came and went without me knowing about it. I had backed their previous set of cat mini's which should arrived any day now.
  5. If I didn't already have five real cats, this would be tempting. I think they would try to beat up a new robot cat and boss it around.
  6. Oh, I forgot to add to my list Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs that Barb pointed out to me last year. The sequel Kickstarter came and went without me even knowing about it, which I guess is good as I saved $70. But now I'm tempted to become a late backer for it.
  7. Why is everything so much funnier when you've had too much gin? Add to that the fact that I can't stop thinking about the ribs that @Konas is smoking for his Pathfinder group. I hope they are pork rib, as I couldn't eat beef ribs...
  8. I may have bought the last dragon tray made by DMG and it's heading to my house. That and a player pad and a couple of mini painters. Why does time drag when you have a package in route? And seeing pictures of Cyrus makes me really miss my kitties, darn it. Fish are cool and all, but they are jerks and not into cuddling. On the plus side my fish "Mrs. Fisher's sister has gone from nickle size to half dollar size. @Zoe, I think of you every time I watch her swimming around.
  9. Last week
  10. Our collection. My husband's brother-in-law made the base. He used the deer as a sample and gave it to us because he thought it was funny.
  11. I have a guess for pool B when you're ready.
  12. Our tv receiver messed up so still need to watch the last couple episodes of last season before we start the new one.
  13. Gah! I keep meaning to watch this!
  14. For him, I actually dry brushed highlights first, then washed over the whole fig multiple times with different washes. I would use a brush with clean water on it to clean up a lighter area if the wash made it too dark.
  15. Do you dab washes or just wash over a bigger area?
  16. This is an L5R mini from Privateer Press Mini Crate that I totally love. I have about 10 L5R ones from them and most of them are excellent.
  17. A mini from Reaper, I believe. I literally finished this in about a half hour using mostly washes.
  18. Hey they are. Just a small selection for now. I really don't like bringing them back and forth to work. This is one of the Abominations from Zombicide Black Plague
  19. I brought in some minis today to take pics of in our photo booth. Want to see how they look with good equipment.
  20. Just thought it'd be fun to say he's using brass knuckles...
  21. There's some bronze and blue metallic colors in the shadows (they don't photograph well), but wanted to contrast the gold armor. This one is intended for display. I have another of this guy partially painted for my actual Freeblades army, and HIS is brass and gold color shift.
  22. I love the weapon. I'm surprised you didn't paint it brass. 😁
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