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  2. I knew it that will be happen here lol The Philadelphia's mascot looks too much like the Montréal's one lol And jokes are just begun lol
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  4. I've been wondering if anyone has seen any flying pigs. Cleveland has won a football games, so there must be flying porkers somewhere.
  5. Village Attacks showed up. I got all the minis washed/scrubbed and had a magnet glued on. It seems sort of, kind of, similar to Massive Darkness. The big twist is that the "good guys" are the monsters in the castle, and the hostiles are the villagers trying to drive the poor monsters from their home.
  6. New mascot, it's not @tgpumpkin unshaved
  7. Maybe the wrong forum bit here's this.... Game time has admittedly been slow at our place, except for a few hands of MTG. We've been far more inclined to pick up the paintbrush and hack on a painted figure because we can break that into 20 or 40 minute chunks and make some slow but steady headway. We have some staycation time pending over fall break in a couple weeks, and I've been pondering what we should pick up and play. It's been over a year since we've delved into Shadows of Brimstone, and I've always wanted to do a mini-campaign for that. The individual missions are self contained and have some "story" to them, but there isn't any written narrative to tie missions together no story arcs. So, over the next week or two, I'm going to sift thru the missions I have and write a campaign. Right now I think it will be a linear series (i.e. no "If mission fails, then do X mission next") ... probably a dumpster dive to gather some key fragments and fight a big bad at the end. But will see what I can come up with. For bonus points, I may create my own mission. In the original SoB kickstarter there was a stretch goal for a Hell Train expansion that wasn't funded. Old west cowboys fighting hell demons on a speeding train sounds like fun, and the community has always mourned the absence of this map pack. As it turns out, she bought Rail Raiders (Ninja Division), which has train tiles that will work!
  8. First of september list, october will be occupy. The brigade
  9. Halloween's coming, your dog will look great with this.
  10. We played Root again! The game was incredibly close again, although at least half of us felt like the faction we played was really not suited to our play styles. I have a better idea of how to play the Woodland Alliance now, but it's like the Vagabond was MADE for me. My friend had the Vagabond this time and she did great still, but she didn't enjoy it as much as I did, and it didn't come to her quite as easily as it came to me, I guess. We all feel that way about the factions, I think. I'm curious if my boyfriend would handle the Vagabond well or not. He played the cat this time and won, which was no surprise. We figured any time he got the cat he'd probably win. I want to see him play the Vagabond or the Alliance next time.
  11. I'm with you. I don't like games where I feel like I'm being picked on and the rules encourage people to pick on each other. If I wanted to feel picked on, I could just see my siblings. There was that suite of games where you're at the bar after a campaign. People are trying to get you drunk and steal from you etc. Blech.
  12. We plan to soon play Battle Con : Trials of Indines . I noticed a new version is on Kickstarter now. I was given my copy by my Secret Santa last Christmas. Zenith and I both read the rules in December but never got around to playing the game. Now we planning to very, very soon. Rarely does a new game set around for months unplayed, but that one has. I guess its because we were uncertain if we would like a straight out fight your opponent game. We're more into Euro, cooperatives, story-telling, and thematic games. Actually, that covers a huge amount of various games. Just not battle games. We do like Star Realm so maybe we will like Battle Con.
  13. Last week
  14. Played Who Goes There again. Again paranoia triumphed, and no one won.
  15. @Serge Darveau he is watching you. Beware.
  16. I love this game. I haven't played it solo yet, but its great as a two player. The expansion really adds to the game. I've never played it without the expansion either. I like that you trying to make a powerful character to tackle the boss.
  17. Yeah. I need to retire sooner so I can play games more often, but I keep buying wood products. Sigh.
  18. It can be a tricky dance to try and get all three right AND get enough battle dice in the end.
  19. Yes that is what the blue cubes are for. You don't have to match the dice to the specific color location. But you do get extra points for doing so. I didn't get the points this game for that. I was more focused on getting the correct numbers for my Assassin Card than the colors on the Craftsman card.
  20. I agree with this for both games. Not that my group gets Waterdeep out that often any more. Just so many other games to play.
  21. When you are trying to get a color die in a specific location (in this case, for the craftsman), the boost die never matches. I'm not sure what your little blue cubes are for, but I thought it was for saying I got the right total and the right color die in the right spot.
  22. I have to agree. I liked Lords of Waterdeep but when we added Skullport there was a whole new level to the game.
  23. No, the boost dice are not a color. I am not sure what rule I messed up on but if I did I would like to correct that. What about the boost dice is incorrect?
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