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  4. You use to be able to get email notifications not sure if it's still an option I turned it off immediately lol. Black magic craft is great and Canadian i really like Matt Colville and his running the game series.
  5. Last week
  6. There /is/ an option to subscribe to "Youtube Premium," fyi--it basically means you never have to watch commercials. As often as I'm on YT, it's worth the fee!
  7. I have a YouTube app on my phone that alerts me when my subscribed channels update, but otherwise I don't get notifications. I barely know what I am doing on YouTube so glad that Konas answered you :).
  8. Excellent. I'm subbed to about 35 channels. All free. There are some great DM advice channels out there. Mini painting ones as well. I also like terrain crafting ones as well. Taking 20, Black Magic Craft, Dungeoncraft, Shut up and sit down, and Tabletop Minions are all channels I really dig.
  9. Yes. I'll try subscribing and see how different youtube.com looks for me.
  10. You can only subscribe to series that you want to follow. I don't think you get an email when new episodes drop but they will be shown in your feed when you open youtube. I have never paid for anything on youtube. Subscriptions are free. The producers get money from advertising only I believe when they get a high level of subs. I am no expert but I think I am correct.
  11. @Konas / @WxCougar / @EdInSeattle / @marsniper_27 Can someone answer my questions?
  12. An update to Heckna had this link. (Let's roll players). Pretty funny. I've never subscribed to anything on youtube, and am relatively clueless as to how it all works. If one were to subscribe, how do you even know when a new "episode" is coming out? Do you have to subscribe to youtube in general AND these guys or just a few that you would be interested in. What's approximately the break even for when subscribing to youtube is cheaper than individual subscriptions?
  13. Not to throw gas on the fire, but the next stretch goal up introduces a whole new way to play Heckna. As his minions!
  14. It should be shipping out next month! I ended up going for the edition where I could get custom art of my cats because, of course I did. There was a printing delay due to their manufacturer, but hopefully it is resolved by the end of October. I'd love to have it by my birthday.
  15. I pledged Humblewood but cancelled out when something else (probably from Awaken Realms) ate my wallet.
  16. It looks so good but I haven't gotten to play my humblewood set yet so am trying to hold off from backing heckna.
  17. very soon, just tired from the restaurant with a need of cooks, having some good evening
  18. Obsession came in last week and my sister and I had a blast playing it. Well worth the wait. So it is no longer my "Game you regret the most not backing." Glad I caught Printing Two.
  19. The Communist Cats looks funny. My own cats do think they own everything: house, food, and people.
  20. I got mine too. Have not played it yet, as several games came in during the same week. I also got Calico, which is adorable. I have played it twice now and really enjoy it.
  21. Intriguing. So when do we get to play test your awesome game?
  22. @Anne, I've never heard of Ark: Survival Evolved, but now you have been intrigued. One of my favorite things about Skyrim is having a home you can decorate. Ark seems like a game I would love to play, but its expensive. I'm going to ad it to my watch list and try to catch it on sell. @Serge Darveau, you picked a great one. Dragon Warrior was the first RPG I ever played. I was in maybe 9th grade at the time. It blew me away with what a video game was capable of doing. It even gave the option of joining up with the bad guy at the end of the game, which my mom accidentally did. My sister,
  23. RPG's do deserve the spotlight. I've been supporting the Battle Mat series through 3 campaigns. While the latest is already over and will soon be delivering, I wanted to give them a shutout. They often give us backers lots of extra digital stuff while development is going on that is not even mentioned in the actual Kickstarters. Just Thursday they gave us an Adventure Module to accompany their Towns & Towers map book. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/towns-and-taverns-2-modular-books-of-battle-mats-for-roleplay/description
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  25. The biggest disconnect for me is that the music that's actually paired with the game will be an orchestral version of the metal album, if I understand it correctly. Not symphonic metal (which I love), but just an orchestra cover. The clip I heard sounds great, but wasn't what I was expecting when I heard "heavy metal RPG"! I mean, I'm still going to back it...Wizards and the more modern Sorcerers were always more my jam, but I can get behind those people who get their powers through making risky deals!
  26. Check it out. I got the $80 pledge and will probably add the small mini set.
  27. The Red Opera is the one I am looking forward to the most. Warlocks and Heavy Metal....sounds like my 20s. 😋
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