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  2. My final commitment to KS for a while is going here...unless DMG starts a new KS soon... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chiptheorygames/too-many-bones-undertow/description
  3. On the lookout for awesome new games

    Here's a new one that is claiming the last remains of my wallet. I absolutely love the art, and from reviews even the prototype of the game is fantastically well made and super fun to play.
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  5. Natural finish Vs high sheen?

    OK, cool. Thanks for the clarification!
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  7. Hammertime!

    Does that rule still apply when a weapon is involved?
  8. Hammertime!

    It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  9. Hammertime!

    Man those new Big Ass Hammers look cool. If I could justify the cost without the worry that my wife would use the hammer on me, I would totally go for one.
  10. Miniature Painting

    Romy, time lapsed painting of a mini by that guy that has the campaign for the holder. If nothing else, check out some techniques and who cool the holder is.
  11. Natural finish Vs high sheen?

    Hey Stace. All of our PREMIUM tier woods only come with a "Natural" finish. What that means is they only ever get 3 coats of our Dog Might Varnish. "Natural" finish means that no stains or color modifying oils are used, only a clear varnish to protect the wood while enhancing the natural color and grain. Most of our premium woods exhibit a high luster. Cherry is included in this group. Hope that helps, Mike
  12. A favour: Does anyone have any examples of DMG products with a natural finish, as opposed to...a non-natural finish ("high sheen"? "Highly lacquered"?)? Perhaps some kind soul could post a pic or two (was going to post this in the DMG Action Shots thread, but figured a separate thread might be useful for others looking for similar advice)? In general, is the only difference between these two options how shiny the finish is, or does it also affect woodlice/longevity. I've ordered an Adventure Case in cherry and trying to decide whether to put in an 11th hour request for a natural finish? All advice gratefully received. Thanks!
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  14. Upgrading my Gloomhaven

    Wow. That's some serious upgrade job you have going on! Slightly disappointed that you didn't opt for classic Hero Quest furniture as an upgrade option, but your choices look sound As for painting miniatures, it's something I always wished I could do as a kid but never learned how. Now that I'm much older and no more artistic than I was, I wonder if there's somewhere o can send them away to and have them painted?!
  15. Dog Might Action Photos

    That's funny because we have always had a weird pride in our packing. We've oddly talked about it a lot. So, thanks for noticing.
  16. Dog Might Action Photos

    Also, I wanted to commend you on your packaging. Everything was well secured and protected. I have no worries that your products will deliver undamaged. I work for a shipping supply distributor, so I have a weird appreciation for that sort of stuff.
  17. Dog Might Action Photos

    Wow, you almost got them all right! The last one is African Mahogany.
  18. Dog Might Action Photos

    So glad you are pleased. And, use it however you want! There are no rules.
  19. Hammertime!

    Yes, it is Demon's Blood. Good eye.
  20. Dog Might Action Photos

    I put it to good use tonight. Maybe not the intended use, but I played a solo game of Terraforming Mars and it held my resource cubes quite nicely.
  21. Dog Might Action Photos

    Your dragon sheath looks great. I'm jealous. Makes me want one.
  22. Hammertime!

    Awesome work. I love that deep wood color. Great work on its design.
  23. Dog Might Action Photos

    My first DMG product came today! My new Dragon Sheath looks amazing in Demons Blood. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and now am looking forward to my Coco and Hero Sleeves even more.
  24. Hammertime!

    Wow “smaller” proved to be a relative term, as those still look massive and smash-y! Which finish is on the second one, Demon’s Blood? They look awesome. I hope you use one to call DMG gaming sessions to order. The advantage of the shorter handle is you can hold your Viking Juice in the other hand while smashing away.
  25. Favorite Board Game Artists

    Kids, don't do Quack.
  26. #4: Leopardwood

    Thanks for that, Barb. Thanks a lot. One of my young cousins mistakenly thought AC/DCs "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" was "Dirty Deeds and the Dunder Chief". I will sing it like that forevermore
  27. #4: Leopardwood

    Just try singing "she's got a tick in her eye" to the tune of "she's got a ticket to ride", and keep it out of your head.
  28. Hammertime!

  29. #4: Leopardwood

    My favorite Beatles song is actually Norwegian Wood...
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