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  3. It was almost perfect here today, but I ended up doing some grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and painting Massive Darkness minis while I watched the Star Wars marathon. On the less pathetic side, I did have the windows open and was enjoying an occasional nice breeze.
  4. 90°F with heat index of 95°F Village in the wood Except for the old mine site
  5. Now that I finally have a massive darkness group formed, I'm back to painting the last few monsters and heroes. I'm 80% done with the last mob (18 of them). I really want them out of the way.
  6. I used to be obsessive compulsive on things (particularly the yard). One of the few advantages of getting old is nothing is that important to go way past what's sensible.
  7. I only give that game a mmmph.
  8. Thinking about fire/flame tokens for the dragon's attack on the village and city.
  9. I played a couple of games of Lucidity, a game of Mysterium, and a game of Macao. The only way to put it was I had zero luck. Not good on a night when the games selected have a fair bit of randomness. First game of Lucidity, I picked 4 dice (put back two). I drew 3 blue and a red. I threw away 2 blue. Rolled a blue eye, which required me to roll another die and place it. Got another blue die and rolled an eye which made me pick another die. You guessed it. Another blue die. First set of rolls, and I'm already a nightmare. Didn't even try to press my luck. The next game we put in the bone hunter dice. Every red die rolled to a hunt face. Keith became a nightmare early on and targeted me to roll a die of his choice out of 2 picked form the bag. 2 out of the three dice had to roll were hunt dice, and I was killed. I did a little better with Macao, but the dice rolls left a lot to be desired. At least I wasn't the only one thrown under the bus.
  10. I posted elsewhere already, but I dramatically slowed this project down and will miss my self-imposed Gencon deadline. Which sucks, but I think it's for the greater good. As last Sunday wrapped up, I was happy with how things looked but also found myself making making trade-offs to sacrifice quality for speed. Nothing horrible, but definitely a measurable reduction in quality. And then I started thinking about the larger ships - Cruisers, Battlecruiser, and Battleships. There's just a lot of surface area to paint and a lot of little details that I'd have to gloss over (pun intended). I had so much to do, and to try to do all that AND still maintain the level of quality I wanted was going to be hard to get done before I needed to have things packed for Gencon. I actually lost sleep about it that Sunday night. I took Monday off from painting. Tuesday I made the decision to drop the DFC event but wasn't ready to say it out loud. Then my week went wonky and I didn't actually get back to the painting table until yesterday. I intended to do some quick touch-up of the frigates and then move on to other ships but spent 3+ hrs fixing shortcuts and stopped there. Anyway, that was the confirmation I needed to know that I'd made the right call to punt. I can still hit the demo table and get some DFC dice rolling in, and Gencon Saturday is going to be much more relaxed, and I think I'll enjoy the ramp-up to the "best 4 days in gaming" now a lot better.
  11. I already reacted but I have to reply and say: That picture made me laugh!
  12. Under the heading of "Never say never" I'll share that Magic: the Gathering was on our table last night. Totally horrible decks that we built out of the minimal cards offered in one of the bundle packs (Core 2019). But we had fun, and each of us won a game.
  13. We'd also like to do Origins. Gencon is rapidly approaching. So far I've avoided the work travel that the office keeps trying to send me on; but I'm not going to be able to avoid the trip the week after (I was hoping to take the Monday after Gencon off but alas, I'll need to be en route). I hit a point last weekend with the Dropfleet fleet that I was trying to decide what corners to cut to have the models on the table at Gencon. After a year of scheming about how I wanted that Fleet, and the $$ and time I have invested, I decided I didn't want to sacrifice quality to hit an arbitrary date. So I'm going to drop out of that event and free up most of Gencon Saturday and allow me to spend more time with friends I only see once a year or so. It hurts, because I wanted to PLAY, and I don't like to "fail" but the pressure was all self-imposed.
  14. Iceskating's closed, good to be informed before to use my new skates.
  15. No Gencon for me this year but maybe next. We’ll see. I want to do origins next. grandcon is likely with it being fairly close.
  16. Tonight tore out some Roll Player. Still hits the table and has a good deal of strategy without overstaying it’s welcome. How you liking it @Barb Bliss
  17. Last week
  18. I'm sort of approaching retirement, and even I don't know if I'm old enough to paint this monster.
  19. Thanks to Zoe's post, I got another look at this fine collection. Still stunning.
  20. @Zoe, Beautiful wood, and a good example why occluded/battle scared woods should probably just remain engraved.
  21. Zoe

    Wooden Dice!

    Posting this to share with a curious customer! 😁 VID_20180720_094115752.mp4
  22. You can definitely put those in the will for me! Can't do a trade though...I already have 5 personal Cocos and 3 are xl. They don't get enough attention between them as it stands with having so many. I do love your bolder especially!
  23. YAYAYAYAAAAAAA!!! Congratulations! Quartermaster Logistics has shipped your order on behalf of Cephalofair Games for the Founders of Gloomhaven Kickstarter! Your shipment contains the following items: 1x Founders of Gloomhaven
  24. Sleeping in a barn? How dare the innkeeper turn them out. Mossbloom was upset but hid it smoothly. She gave Gnarly a smile. "Yes, a soft bed of hay will be most welcoming. Keeps my purse from getting lighter." She grabbed her knapsack which was under a table. "I'm ready to go. This inn's service is as delightful as its food. I will remember to mention that to any who ask about the Sapphire Stag."
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