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  1. Last week
  2. Windy here still. Though I suppose that means we don't have to deal with the gnats or mosquitos.
  3. Well, the konas killer I couldn't stop looking at it is waiting in @Anne's office... Also the extra boco in case the crack couldn't get fixed in my boco.
  4. No doubles!?!!?!?!! Impressive.
  5. Macassar Ebony, Chechen, Redheart, Maple, Mora, Cocobolo, Katalox, Chakte Viga, Spalted Tamerand, and Bocote.
  6. I had no idea you had this many. Nicely done. I am very proud of this as you were one of the more reluctant ones at the launch of these.
  7. This looks like a beautiful forest of minis!
  8. Wow. Amazing. The best work you have ever done. Love the Sorcerer with the magic circle thingy.
  9. And then there were 10... Note: my buddy thinks I have a problem. I'm inclined to believe him.
  10. Vindication!! Note: photobomb by Mrs. Fisher's sister...
  11. Ugh. Gnats are out here, but nothing on an apocalyptic level. Hotter than crazy for here. Noon and it's mid 90s.
  12. "Hey Zoxe, how's the weather?" "Bugs, lots of bugs...." "That's ... not weather??" "Obviously you've never been to Indiana in July." We've had a fairly mild and dry June. Almost "normal" compared to the weather I remember as a kid (recent years have ... not been normal.). So, no complaints. But in the past 2 weeks, the deer flies have come up. A truly brutal crop of them this year. Having them is nothing new for us, but when they're this thick there's enough "pressure" that they'll continue to try to get to you through a thick cloud of bug spray, looking for gaps in coverage. The past few trips outside, they've gone for my nose, mouth, and eyes since I don't spray those. If they get you, they leave a welt the size of a quarter.
  13. Earlier
  14. Me too. Last thing I wanted to do was slop paint over my redheart.
  15. Being the wood lover that you are, this was one of your biggest concerns about this product. I am very pleased that it worked out this way.
  16. I'll second not getting paint on them. And I'm kind of a slob (spastic smh) when it comes to painting. They all look as good as the day I received them in the mail.
  17. Thanks for answering these questions everyone. For some reason, I am not getting alerts to new posts in this thread. I agree with all the answers. I paint minis often and am very pleased with the design of these, which is funny because I was leery at first when Leather Mike was prototyping them. One of the unexpected things is how little paint gets on them as you work. If I do get any paint on the holder it is always on the cork and that is pretty rare. Its a cool little feature.
  18. There are some stunning Cocobolo mini painters on the stock page. Mine showed up yesterday, and it's drop dead gorgeous in person.
  19. I get that - ebony is very pretty in person - but it doesn't show up quite as well in photographs because the grain is so subtle. Cocobolo shows off very well.
  20. Yes it is, but I thought of you when I saw the ebony
  21. Even though Cocobolo gives me the hives, I do love it so! 😋
  22. My new mini painters arrived. Macassar Ebony and Cocobolo.
  23. Send the bard in first. 😈
  24. Went through death house. I went unconscious multiple times. I also triggered all the traps. I no longer lead lol.
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