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  1. Yesterday
  2. You'd have so many more likes in the comments if I wasn't cut off 2-3 hours ago Have a great weekend.
  3. BGG is by far the best place to sell. They only bill you for 3% of the sell price. If you price it competitively things sell fast. They have a price history button so you can see what things have sold for recently too.
  4. My mouse low-battery just started blinking, so I shall say cherry-o. I'm off to paint!
  5. It's Oak-ay though @Barb Bliss, this has been a brilliant log of puns that I heartily support.
  6. I think if I were to connifer with the others they o-pine that you would be barking up the wrong tree
  7. I'll have to think on this. I may be out of puns unless I sink to bringing up his crotch.
  8. It's because he has such acorn-y sense of humor and he's trying to appear poplar to the mosses.
  9. Especially the way he needles people when they just want him to leaf them alone.
  10. You have to look for the root cause of all these puns.
  11. It's your fault for not having a drop today. We have to entertain ourselves somehow
  12. Wow. Just wow. You all really are board....I mean bored.
  13. And here I would have thought that @tgpumpkin would have been root-ing for the puns
  14. or should I have said "unless you are boring holes in pieces?"
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