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  2. I am working on a light weight (Bones mini) that is large sized with my paint holder. I bought some Loctite Fun Tak and after a bit of working around with it, its sticky enough to keep the dracolisk mini in place (at first it did try to move a bit but now its not). I have only worked for about an hour so far - so no real feedback yet on length of time. But I have smallish hands and it feels really good to hang onto with my left hand. I have not had a chance to use the hand rest yet, but it moves around easy to get out of the way for big sweeping strokes (I am doing base paint so no details yet ). The wood I am using is black walnut and its not heavy at all. I haven't tried the katalox one yet.
  3. Hey there. Nice to "see you" again. I have 2 now and another 2 waiting for DMG to be able to get back to work and ship. So you can see from that that I really like them. I tend to work on a "block" of minis at the same time so I can use up paint/wash on multiple minis at a given time, and don't get stopped because I have to wait for something to dry. The shaft is 4.5" and the middle of the ridge near the bottom is about an inch higher off the bottom. I don't have a tape measure, but my ruler shows 1" across at the widest spot. If they had a female version that was about .5-.75" shorter, I would buy that instead, but I don't think the size is too big for my hands. I have relatively medium female sized hands. Definitely smaller than any of the guys in my gaming groups. I've got some arthritis starting to settle into my top knuckles, and for me, the the width around is perfect for me. I can paint all day, and my hands don't bug me at all. I usually have my pinkie riding in the ridge near the bottom, but sometimes I feel the need to move my hand higher and drape my index finger over the wire. I'd been used to using pill bottles, and this is an easier grip for me, but the biggest adjustment was remembering that you want to put the handle back on the base, and not just set it down on the table. I'm used to it now, but it took a while. Kind of like when I had lasik on my eyes, and was still reaching for my glasses in the morning for a while. Finding the base is nothing compared to how often I dumped over a pill bottle (even with change in it). The minis I'm painting are not large, but I have no problem with the wire being in the way. You can spin the handle around. The top of the cork is the same size as my dungeons doggies (most of them) and cats in the catacombs minis. I have free access to the bottom parts of the mini (unless the mini would have no access regardless of what holder you used). I've painted about 5 minis on each handle, and the corks look as good as the day I got them. They arrived with an extra cork. I'm sure you would be able to get replacements if needed. (@konas said as much to me when I shared that concern with him when I tried it out as a beta) The biggest surprise is that I haven't slopped any paint on them yet. I can be kind of a spaz with the paint brush. I'm digging using the top part of the wire support when doing real detailed work on the top half of the mini. When I'm working on the bottom half, I do the drape over the bottom of the wire trick. As far as weight, it's pretty light. I have a Mora one and a Redheart one. About the same weight as 2 empty pill bottles with lids, but lighter than 1 pill bottle full of change. I haven't done any medal minis, but I've found the cork holds just as good or better than my pill bottle lids did with the blue or orange mounting stuff. Maybe someone else can speak to using them with metal minis. This bad boy is pretty big, and I had no problems with him.
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  5. Hi everyone, hope you're all safe and well! For those who have mini painters, I have a few questions: 1. What are the exact dimensions, and how does it feel in your hand after a few hours of painting? I am an extremely small woman and am wondering if the handles might be too big for me to hold comfortably over long periods. 2. Have you had any issues accessing the parts of the mini that are slightly obscured by the finger rest? 3. If you needed to replace the cork eventually, would that be possible? 4. Any issues with sticky tack holding heavy metal minis securely to the cork? I usually use hot glue on a tiny terracotta pot, but I doubt that would be good for cork's long term health. 5. How do you feel about the weight of yours? As we all know, different woods have different weights and I was wondering if anyone had preferences for heavier/lighter woods for longer painting sessions. Thanks for any info you can chip in!
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  7. Probably not for me then. I pretty much stopped anything involving beading. My hands just don't work like they used to.
  8. You have little rhinestone like "diamonds" that you attach to a sticky surface kind of like a paint with numbers.
  9. What's a diamond painting? A painting of a diamond or is it a technique or type of paint?
  10. I still haven't progressed from base painting my dracolisk. I got side tracked with a diamond painting I am trying to get done for my sister's birthday. It's in June, but this thing is not small either. I am halfway done (started in December).
  11. I ended up 3d printing organizers for mansions of madness there was just to much stuff to have piles sitting around. They all have covers too so clean up is easy and still all fits in the box.
  12. My partner and I played The Isle of Cats today! We absolutely love it. I did, however, comment that I’d sell my soul right now to have a Token Shield on the table 😂 . We made do with the top of my Sentinel
  13. Frosthaven (separate follow on from Gloomhaven) just went live. I just broke my new year's pledge to not pledge any new games.
  14. I've been struggling with this one, but leaning towards Mrs @tgpumpkin Another one very much in progress.
  15. Still very much in progress. First up: @RomyCat
  16. Hey all! I'm still around, albeit hunkered down at home during these crazy times. Last night my CoCo helped in a solo game of Chocolate Factory.
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  18. Looking forward to pictures...
  19. I've cleaned and did some green stuff on the next mini I plan to paint (a dracolisk Bones mini). Still contemplating what color to make him.
  20. That is a cool mimic. I really need to get some painting done.
  21. Barrels, bed, and mimic are now complete. I didn't take take anymore pictures except for the completed mimic. I kinda like how the floor turned out.
  22. Stay home... time to create meme or play game... both.
  23. That D20 is really sexy. Without any other intent, I have to say that you have a real nice set.
  24. For their 20 the anniversary green ronin grabbed is giving the basic rulebook PDF for Fantasy AGE for free. https://greenroninstore.com/collections/fantasy-age/products/fantasy-age-basic-rulebook-pdf?mc_cid=268ef899d7&mc_eid=1100db775f
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