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  2. I didn't notice them being particularly big, lol. May be slightly bigger than chessex but smaller than Kraken's standard d20.
  3. Those are cool. And big! Doubt there is a dice tower for those...
  4. Thanks. The monthly speedpaints have been really good about finding ways to speed up and reducing my anxiety of "screwing up."
  5. I can't do a quarter of that in a whole day of painting lol
  6. Last week
  7. Untamed Dice from Die Hard Dice. We went in for a Trove and I got half and my husband got half. Also my DMG Dragon Glass :).
  8. The rest of the Gingerbread Gang.
  9. Speed paint today via Discord with Miniature Monthly. Started with a primed mini and when time was called here was my guy. (Veteran Priest from Shadows of Brimstone). I'll clean him up, push some of the shadows back down in the robe and then do some airbrush shading to even out some of the blends, but pretty happy with him.
  10. Earlier
  11. These are great. Thanks so much.
  12. I know it may take a while, as you guys carve each story teller screen. Since there are 12 Tribes of the Garou Nation (Since the Stargazers left to go East.) I was thinking that Each screen could represent the different tribes. With the Tribal Symbol being in the center. And the Breed symbols on one Panel and the Auspices on the other. Another idea, would be again with the Tribal Symbol in the Center, and the garou on each panel, shifting between the 5 forms, Left would go from Homid to Lupus and Right would go from Lupus to Homid. With the Crinos Howling towards Luna, at the Top.
  13. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  14. These look amazing! Great work. The faces kinda remind me of Mister Bill from SNL
  15. Mrs. Zoxe has those models. I showed her your result. She may pull them out of the pile of shame soon.
  16. I'm out of reactions! But thanks. That was my thought when I saw them on Kickstarter.
  17. They smell like ginger, nutmeg, and malice... (I "burned" their backsides...)
  18. This seemed apropos for a group of Viking lumberjacks
  19. Good question. Anything that we do for the WoD games has to be approved by White Wolf. I am hoping that we can do something for Werewolf in the future. Feel free to share any ideas you have, we'd love to hear them!
  20. Yes, but not this year. I plan to use the phrase: They smell like ginger, nutmeg, and malice. I got the first 8 painted.
  21. Nice. Do you have pans for another one shot? I am guessing it would be for next holiday season...
  22. Yes and no. I still have the expansion to do. A whole nother set of characters and monsters. I'm going to let them sit a little bit so I can do something different for a while. The Gingerbread Gang showed up, so I'm switching gears to War in Christmas Village.
  23. So cool to see them all together. That queen is the shit. Nice work. Doesn't it feel good to have them all lined up like that?
  24. @Konas, Here's the closest I'll be getting to seeing them on the board.
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