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Smart bonus features can remove ads, trackers and social media buttons, or randomly rotate your user agent to help stop sites recognising you. If any of these cause problems on a favorite site, add it to Windscribe's whitelist and normal service will be resumed. Nifty.

Whether you're using the free or commercial plans, you'll have access to the same seriously speedy network. In our performance testing, UK to UK connections gave us 35Mbps or better download speeds, the US server managed 30 to 35Mbps, and even going long-distance to Australia still got us 10Mbps; that's way better than most of the competition.

Google collects your history whenever you’re logged in to Chrome, Google Docs, Google Search, YouTube, or any Google apps. Google combines your web app activity with the other data that it has about you to create a profile, which it then uses to target ads.

Using this VPN really couldn't be any easier. Clicking a big button connects you to the best server for your location, and you can start browsing right away. Click the button again to disconnect. Who needs a manual?


If you do opt for a commercial offering, there’s a limited selection. Signing up for the Pro plan gets you unlimited bandwidth and access to the full 100 locations. At the time of writing the price was $4.08 (£2.90) a month paid annually (or $3.70 a month paid biennially), but there are loads of apps and you can install it on as many devices as you need – another uncommon bonus there.


One major convenience is the fact that you don't need to sign up – just choosing a username gets you 2GB of data allowance a month for free. Handing over an email address gets you an impressive 10GB a month, though, way better than some use us proxy chrome of the competition.

The company's Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser extensions give you basic access to the VPN for free. You must sign up with your email address to get started, and also bear in mind that the VPN may include ads and there are only four locations (Germany, Romania, US, Hong Kong). But there are no annoying data transfer limits, and you're able to use the service as much and as often as you like.


Whatever you're using, you get the same fast performance as the commercial plans. In our tests that meant 30Mbps and higher download speeds from our local UK server, 25-30Mbps from Europe, and 15-20Mbps when connecting to our nearest US server.

VPN and proxy browser extensions are a simpler, more lightweight alternative to a full VPN client. They're not as secure and they only protect your browser traffic, but you can get some of the same benefits – an encrypted connection, plus a site unblocking new IP – and they're an easy way to explore what each VPN has to offer.

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