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  • Wooden Dice: The weight of wood

    Welcome to Dog Might’s short series of articles on Wooden Dice. We are extremely pumped to bring these to the gaming world!

    So, our the first topic: How do these dice feel in your hand compared to plastic polys.


    How to Measure the Weight of a Die

    At Dog Might we play a lot of games, which means we roll a lot of dice. We understand that there’s something special about having a favorite pair of dice in hand. When you shake them in your hand, you’re experiencing a sensation that has been shared across time and cultures from all over the globe. All that history and potential energy becomes keyed up as you prepare to roll, and just like the millions of humans that rolled before you, these dice become something incredibly special to you. Because of this, how dice feel in your hand is very important. It’s the same reason my War Hammer is a little heavier than most.


    During the testing for Wooden Dice, our Underdogs (a group of 15 of the most incredible people we have ever been associated with), told us that hand feel was one of the most important factors in choosing the right set of dice. They, like a lot of people, assumed that wooden dice would be substantially lighter than plastic dice. After tons of research and testing we found they were half right. Some of the more common, domestic woods are a bit lighter than plastic polymers, but a lot of the exotic hard woods we use often are very close to the weight of plastics and many are heavier. Since we began creating dice, we have tried to focus on woods that weigh the same or heavier than their plastic counterparts. To demonstrate how our dice feel compared to plastic dice, we have created a “Weight Meter” which delineates how our wooden dice compare, by species, to plastics.


     A set of 7 standard polys weighs in at 1.0 to 1.1 ounces. We have used that measure as the baseline for our “Weight Meter”. The lightest dice that we have made, Maple, come in at 0.7 oz and the heaviest, the Ebonies, come in around 1.4 oz.

    For instance, African Blackwood is the 3rd heaviest wood in the world after Itin and Black Ironwood. Keep in mind, though, that woods vary from tree to tree and board to board. So, one set of dice made from Blackwood could be heavier than another of the same species. Because of this fact, we weigh every set of dice then post the appropriate Weight Meter.


    If weight is an important factor in your dice selection choose a set that comes in at Medium, Heavy, or Very Heavy. These will feel just like your set of plastics or heavier.

    Little known fact: Heavy D took his name because of his love of heavy dice.

    Little known fact: Heavy D took his name due to his love of heavy dice.

    I hope this new Weight Meter helps when choosing your perfect set of dice. Feel free to email info@dogmight.com if you ever have any concerns or questions!

    Next Topic: Balance in wooden dice.

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